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  1. Switch (grey version, which I preferred) Atari Flashback 8, base model Day after spent money received on Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2 and a pro controller.
  2. How are the chain chomps hard? You pull away then shoot off where the arrows point. The Tyrannosaurus is harder mainly because he runs out too quick.
  3. The Wonderboy III remake looks pretty good
  4. The whole gen thing is just OR on wikipedia, so by "current gen" I just mean something currently available new in stores and still supported.
  5. Priced too high. I'd been thinking of getting an Xbone this year, waiting for the "upgraded" version, but I decide to go for a switch instead and save a lot of money.
  6. You've never watched guys like Classic Game Room! The joysticks certainly seem to work, which is most important, but man, I remember that rubbery feel and they definitely don't live up to that...
  7. Since Wooly World and Mario Maker (which should have been packed in, you're right) got 3ds ports, I dunno if they'l bother again. And of course there's already plans for the Bayonetta games.
  8. Gameboy had a huge advantage in battery life. You could play it for a week while Lynx or GameGear you'd get a few hours if you were lucky.
  9. if you haven't decided yet, and have any other system, I'd go with XBC2 on Switch and Skyrim on your other system (particularly if it's currrent gen or jazzed up version like PS4pro or XboneX) I already had it on PS4, and didn't feel like buying it twice so got XBC2.
  10. i remember when you had to use a tiny even outdated at the time card like that to hack a Wii back around 10 years ago. I had to pull the card out of an old camera my mom borrowed from my grandpa, because all of the cards I had (mainly mean for DS flashcarts when I got them) were too darn big...
  11. PC gameport joysticks are pretty much the ONLY gaming thing I ever see at goodwill. Hey, look at that both the Flighsticks I have right there in the middle of that lower shelf. I also have an aforementioned Gravis pad, and an original sidewinder pad.
  12. The fancier HDMI ones probably would have been a waste of money on me. Haven't hooked it up yet, but did open it to look it over. Pretty cool, but the joysticks seem too cheap and plasticy compared to real ones (which I probably haven't used in 30+ years) that I remember feeling nice and rubbery instead. Oh well, I'll probably use Genesis controllers anyway. Not a huge gripe, just something I noticed. I know real vintage sticks are compatible, I just wish these had the old rubbery feel I remember playing at friends. And no paddles... Any good options for those other than used or mail order from the company? Any other system's controllers good for those other than the obvious (like the Gemini ones)? Any Sega controllers good for paddle games? What about Flashback INTV/Colecovision pads, do they work? Merry Christmas (or Happy Channukah if you're a Jew) Hope you got stuff you wanted too.
  13. Seems if they were worth much, they'd be rife for counterfeiting, just too CIB games (probably the hardest step, a shrinkwrapping machine and some stickers.
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