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  1. Missed this the first time around. Just played it a bunch - great game. It’s one of those dangerous ‘just one more try’ games.
  2. Played this last night off an AVG Cart. Very impressive work and quite a bit of fun!
  3. The Fujinet is probably the single most fun modern accessory I’ve gotten for any of my retro systems. Also, I highly recommend checking out Atariprojects.org and browse around for fun ideas of things to do with your new A8.
  4. Keep in mind it an XEGS keyboard isn’t going to have the Start/Select/Reset/Option buttons either.
  5. Thanks scorpio-ny. Great photos. I hope my attempt comes out half as well. I was planning on using a dremel on the case. What happened to your 800XL when you used a dremel, although the manual cut you did is certainly good enough.
  6. Can you post those photos? I'm planning on doing the UAV with the DIN connector along with a U1MB on a 600XL this week.
  7. Just tried it with my Ultimate Cartridge. Now to send over to Hard Work for use with the Pokey Enhanced Knight Rider 2600. Knight Rider Theme Song (Intro Instrumental-Original) - Stu Phillips pdm16_14_0 mono 31200Hz xegs pal.car
  8. Well the theme song for the game is now ready. You can listen to it in glorious Pokey sound on an A8. The actual 2600 cart of course will contain a Pokey chip to play it on the 2600. Knight Rider Theme Song xegs.car
  9. This hits close to home as my father passed away this summer. There were of course some hobbies we shared in common of which I'll continue to enjoy those things we both did, and some family heirlooms, but there are some hobbies he had that no one in the family has any interest in which I suspect we'll just eventually sell off. I think one thing that would be interesting with the old computer systems would be if we wrote up a bit of our personnel histories and tucked them with our machines - where we bought it, what we liked using it for, interesting stories, a sort of provenance if you will. Maybe some later owner down the river of time will get some enjoyment out of the tales of what we used our gear for. Or maybe it just ends up like Ozymandias' legs in the desert...
  10. David_P - That worked perfectly! Wrathchild - I had tried that earlier and got the same error. I was resorting to manually assigning variable values to each of the array locations. David_P's way works the way I was trying to build the table. Thank you both for the help.
  11. Can Atari BASIC READ DATA statements into a 2-Dimensional Array? 10 DIM A(5,5) 20 FOR B = 1 to 5 30 FOR C = 1 to 5 40 READ A(B,C) 50 NEXT C 60 NEXT B 70 DATA 1,2,0,4,3... etc It gives me an error message on the ( in line 40
  12. Consider what kind of resources are available for the platform too. I have an 800XL as my only in use retro computer, and between stores like Best Electronics still selling replacement parts and new old stock, Atarimania with an exhaustive library, Antic Podcast, and all the information on the system here, I've had a blast with it despite never having owned one or even used one in the 80s. Other computers may certainly have similar resources, so I'd suggest seeing what there is to support the system you're leaning too - it certainly increases the fun factor. For what it's worth, I had a C128 in the 80s. The Atari still captures enough of the period nostalgia to scratch that itch too.
  13. My understanding of the intent of the original 8-bit was to have internal expansion like the Apple II line, but the FCC regs resulted in it being encased in aluminum and using the SIO port being developed. After the FCC regs were changed, why didn't Atari design the XL line with that internal expansion? Did the priority change to cost cutting, or was that the intent of the 1090XL?
  14. Thanks for clearing that up Nezgar. That memory card was in the middle slot. Now hopefully the system works when I get a power supply!
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