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  1. Hi all Intellivision fans. All I need is Learning Fun 2 to complete the 125 club. If anyone has a spare or would like to sell let me know please. Thanx, Zamp
  2. Is Spiker Super Pro Volley Ball still considered the Holy Grail for the Intellivision?

    1. retrorussell


      Most of those INTV sports titles were pretty darn impressive.

    2. eddhell


      pretty much...yes

      also Learning Fun I & II, Stadium Mud Buggies, the wrestling game, Mountain Madness Skiing, Super Cobra, Tutankham

      Even Diner and River Raid have risen in price since a few years ago (i'm still looking for these at a decent cost)

  3. The Graphics on this look AWESOME. Bravo guys! Sign me up!
  4. Will this be released in cart form?
  5. This game would bring back old and make new memories!
  6. Paid. Order #2622. Any serial is fine please. Thank you!
  7. Sign me up for one please. Any number is fine!
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