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  1. pmartin252

    Matchie, again

    Wow, I hadn't seen this before, very addictive! Just scored 6305 (1 square remained) - feeling very please with myself Congratulations on a great game, Martin
  2. It's the Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 Op. 46: Morning Mood , by Grieg. Who'd have thought that this info would appear on the Atariage forum! Regards Martin
  3. Wow , this is fantastic! A couple of suggestions?... It seems a bit frantic at the moment, how about a slight pause when the a goal is scored- perhaps you could flash up the word GOAL! getting bigger and bigger like they have on the displays at football (soccer) games. Great game though, well done! regards Martin
  4. Feeling very frustrated! Am I the only person around here who is unable to unzip the game. I've tried WinZip which is what I use to unzip everything that I download (without problems) and have just downloaded PKZIP and tried with that and again I get error messages. WinZip tells me that the file is part of a group and to retry with the first disk. Which unzip program are you all using? I used to love the hunchback arcade game and have even dabbled at an attempt of the game on the 2600. If anyone is interested in my flickery amateurish attempt I can always post it! regards Martin
  5. Well done Maciej! Just found this thread- congratulations on your first game attempt. This really gives the rest of us *potential* homebrewers the motivation to continue. Do you plan any enhancements to the game? and what will be your next project? BTW the game seemed to work OK in Stella, except for not displaying the score (top of screen cut off) but this always seems to be a problem with Stella.
  6. What a great idea!, I used to love this game as a child too. Can't seem to understand the black and white peg markings, but as you explained this part is still a bit buggy. looking forward to the next version (and later the design a label contest!)
  7. I read a few months ago that plasma screens are particularly prone to this. Resulting in the channel idents from cable TV channels being burnt into the screen. Some more expensive models slowly move the image around a few pixels at a time to try to reduce this.
  8. Andrew, Thanks for the great tutorial, it has certainly inspired me, and I'm sure lots of other people to try to create something for the 2600. It's a pity you have to take a break from it, but hopefully everthing is Ok and you will be able to come back to it in the future... Thanks one again
  9. If I'm not too late, I'd like to included!
  10. Why not change the game to use the joystick, ie. down to 'climb' instead of using the fire button. Could this be added as an option using the game select switch without making the game more than 1K? For increasing difficulty how about making the walls thicker as the game progresses - though again this may increase the size? (I'll resist the temptation to suggest a name - mainly because I can't think of one!)
  11. I don't think you should make the game too much harder at the start as that can get frustrating, and if you introduced forward/backward movement it would spoil the basic 'fun' of the simplicity of the game (IMO) Levels, possibly with a password would be great too, but I suppose that if you wanted to keep it limited to it's current size this would not possible. Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to the developments! Regards Martin
  12. Thomas, this is fantastic! I know that there were posts a few days ago about the java(?) version of this game, but just out of interest, how long did it take you create this masterpiece? Was it based on some code you had already created or was it done from scratch? I've been ploughing my way (very) slowly through the tutorials in the Newbies Homebrew section, but these now seem to have stopped, hopefully someone will contniue with more info about precise sprite positioning etc At the moment I can only dream about creating anything close to this. Once again - Well done!
  13. This game sounds and looks great! - The main problem (I believe) would probably be the use of so many colours horizontally across the screen. If I understand it correctly you cannot change the background colour easily in this direction, only vertically (unless you use Andrew's Chronocolour) which I believe may use up processing time/power. Also the shadow blocking effect is an excellent idea but is probably very difficult to implement on the 2600 Despite all my doom and gloom, I'm sure it can be manipulated into something that can be achieved on the VCS! Good luck with it!
  14. Well done Earl, a deserved winner, your label really looks professional!
  15. Just spent a bit of time trying to do some screen mockups for Hunchback on the 2600. Who knows, If Andrew continues with his tutorial, I might even be able to start on the real thing! :wink: Any way, here are the mockups...
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