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  1. All my 68K Macs are stored. ][ on a Mac crashes Classic on my 10.4.11 G4 laptop. -Ed
  2. Almost there! Looks like it got to come inside from the garage too.
  3. You won't get any grief from me. I could be your enabler, lol. At least it's a compact addiction. Got my first one in '84. After typing in do-nothing graphic displays titled Wow Star and such and a bunch of games from the books and magazines, I wrote a timer program for my darkroom. That became an essential tool which meant I had to have backup machines so I wouldn't be without my Timex Timer. If one died, just grab another one. I kept the program running on two TS-1000s in case one crashed mid-process. I have a 16k Memotech too! My most recent fling was to buy a non-working TS-1500 and make it functional. Probably my only Timex I tried to restore as you do, keeping original appearance and function. All my others were total hack jobs. The 1500 is what the original should have been, better keyboard and 16k built-in. -Ed
  4. Almost there! After ruining countless plastic screw posts, I learned a tip not too long ago. Someone posted to turn the screw in reverse till you feel a small clunk. That's where it aligns with the original threads. Now tighten and you'll notice how much smoother it goes in and tightens. Don't overdo the torque. Works a treat! -Ed
  5. Nice to know! If we can't cut the cord, extending it is the next best thing. The male connector looks identical to the one on mine that's been in use thirty years, give or take.
  6. It's a switching supply. No iron transformer, so it's small and light. Volts times Amps = Watts, 15V X 1.2A = 18 Watts. That flimsy-looking power wire might be hard-pressed to deliver an amp's worth of current though.
  7. A quote mark is Function P on the real iron. You can also type OLD DSK1.GALAXY <enter> RUN <enter> with no need for quotes.
  8. Thanks for the peek inside your 400. I owned one briefly years ago. I donated it to a school as I didn't have the BASIC cart for it, and only a couple games. Oddly, it's one of the few computers I've owned that I didn't take apart to see how it ticked!
  9. Excellent work Dr. Venkman! I'm enjoying following your Timex restoration project. -Ed
  10. You should both give a general location as that may help in locating someone close-by. I'd think shipping a TI monitor would be expensive and also a bit risky due to automated conveyor belt package handling not to mention truck gorillas. A power switch is a simple repair electrically if a suitable replacement can be found, but installing it would depend on how much disassembly is required to access it. A recap would of course be a bigger project. Not sure what else a "refurb" might entail, if say, the CRT is weak and/or other parts have drifted too far in value. -Ed
  11. Thanks much for that! I was just about to try again so you saved me the inevitable fail. The PP Utility programs do have good error trapping, that could be worked around with parsing the inputs. But the IR/IF file type is indeed a deal breaker, since that's the native file format for PagePro itself and as such is set in stone. That likely shoots down the other utilities too, since they're all manipulating PP fonts or images in one way or another. I really didn't read too deeply in the docs, just dove in for trial by fire. To your credit, it was pretty painless with the automated prompts taking me by the hand. -Ed
  12. I downloaded Juwel and took a shot at Headliner. I got it to compile no errors with minor changes to remove decimals in the Call Wait routine. The resulting program did not run, just a blue screen. I'll take another shot at it. Been wanting to try out Senior Falcon's excellent program for awhile and this was a good excuse to dive in. Your Utility disk didn't include any of the fonts shown in the program defaults. I know zip about Page Pro and so grabbed a few downloads and did quick some reading. It's not an easy program to figure out in a slapdash method. Then I decided to just try to compile something without being able to do much beyond making it run. -Ed
  13. I take it you included PreScanIt and XBasher not so much to be compiled, but to show the programs you typically use to speed up other XB programs. The programs you hoped to compile would be the Pape Pro utilities, correct? Or am I wrong about that? It didn't look to me that the PP utilities you included had been run through PSI or XBasher. Doing so might make a couple of them get to the main menu quicker at least. They might do their tasks a little faster too. Compiling them would probably get the most bang for the effort. I use Compress, similar to your XBasher/PSI with a few differences. I've never run Page Pro though, nor have I tried the compiler yet. I'm just checking to see which of the programs you hope could be compiled.
  14. Haven't tried it yet? Should work fine, looks more robust than mine. 18 inches seems restrictive though. The generous 5-foot length on mine lets the PEB go anywhere, even on the floor beside the desk, with the firehose hidden beneath. The flat ribbon cable (no intertwined conductors) folds easily to run right along the console. Just being free of the klunky firehose is worth it. Reclaim your desk!
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