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  1. You sure about that? What I read says v1 is for system 1-5 on a Mac Plus or earlier. Though it might work on an SE with system 4 or 5 installed? V1 came out in '86, a year before the SE launched, system 4 was current then. Myself, I used FS v4.0 that I purchased new bitd (shared a few posts above) on my own SE, probably system 6 or 7x more likely. Read the fine print in this image from v1 on Macintosh Garden. Says it must run from the Master Disk, can't copy it to a hard drive. Also the catalog cover image showing the latest/greatest from MS, features a pic of a Mac Plus. And the most recent comment on MG: "I wish there was a way to extract from the emulator or mount a usb floppy to transfer to. This works great for mini vmac but I just wish it worked on a real mac like my SE or ibook." But if v1 is what you think you need, you must know something I don't! <egads!> Anyway, I wish you success in your quest.
  2. Hmm, I purchased F.S. bitd. Get info says v4.0, the folder is 1.2meg. As a sit, only 476k. flight.sit
  3. Ed in SoDak

    WTB Apple 2c

    I have a IIc with second drive, mouse and a couple of commercial apps with manuals plus original Apple disks and manuals. It's been boxed since I got it. I set it up once to acquaint myself with the Apple II family. Got ATDT going and hit Asimov's site for some games to try it out. After a week or two of play it went back in the box and has been stored since. I'd entertain an offer for the works shown in these two pics. I may also have a monitor, but that's stored in my electro-shed and might take a bit of a hunt to track it down. My recollection is it's not as clean, so I'd want to have it out for a look-over before selling it. Got the Apple dot-matrix printer too. Shipping is a bit of an unknown till I get it all out for weight and size, proper packing, etc. But it's here and "was working when parked." At the time of my testing, all the disks seemed alright and the internal/external drives worked, as well as the IIc itself. According to the file date on the pics, that was in September of 2014. Send a PM and I'll get some shipping numbers and other pics if needed. Thanks! -Ed
  4. That card is for the LC, the SE has it's own version of the PDS port. If you had such a card for the SE, you could link it to another Mac or PC and trade files over your own ethernet network. I just tossed ethernet at you as a laugh since you had just said you didn't want to put more money into it. I had no idea they were that high. But sky's the limit, right? Makes me wonder now what that card is I pulled from one of my SEs that I always guessed was ethernet but apparently is not... Appletalk/Localtalk would also work, but it's really slow using the serial port on the rear. It would need only the cable and Appleshare which you select using the Chooser. Best for single files or sharing a printer among a few connected computers. Copying a disk over it would seem like back in dial-up days.
  5. Set up an Appletalk network. Better yet, install Ethernet in the SE!
  6. I found these on my drives. Both run under Classic 9.2.2 on my G4 mirror door. Deluxe 1.0 is playable on slow, Plus v2.0 is so fast on any speed setting the ball is invisible till it stops when I miss. Both are color but there's settings for that too. Edit: Had to delete the first try, this one is a self-extracting archive. brickles.sea
  7. So, was it worth it? Gotta admire your determination! Good you finally got to try the batwing with Arkanoid. What system did you use?
  8. My bad, thanks for the correction!
  9. Note that CD drive's front says it's CD-R, which is read only, while the auction title says it's a CD burner, i.e. he thinks it can also write a CD. I believe he is in error.
  10. Frankly, all I ever tried to do was electrically insulate it if needed. Keep an eye towards potentially having to reopen it at some point. Epoxy putty would be fine, except if you had to later carve it off or remove it in the future.
  11. One tactic with internal transformer fuses is to have temperature as well as current protection. These fuses usually come in a small wrapped package. They need to be next to the windings or you don't get the over-temp protection. Replacements should be of the same type. Good luck with that! They could also be glass, but it probably wouldn't be as fast-acting. I have no idea what TI has done in the transformer of the PEB. An outboard fuse would be better than nothing. Here's what I do, take with a huge grain of salt and do-your-own-diligence. Since I don't have any special fuses, I just use a short length of light-gauge wire and solder it in place of the original fuse. Presumably it'll blow before the winding does! <Ducking the Flames> For the wrapping, I try to slice it and peel it back, then tape the slice back as best I can, usually with masking tape since it's thinner than electrical tape. Doesn't always work as planned. Inspect the windings for darkening or signs of a heavy load. Might be just a surge took out the fuse, but there's a chance it could be the transformer was over-stressed and damaged. If it runs warm, but not hot, you're "probably" alright. But I'd monitor things for awhile to be sure it's ok to button it up.
  12. That dude was dedicated to the task! This guy is too. Here's some SE links where he does a recap and other stuff and another where he installs the SCSI2SD adapter, so you can see what's involved with that. http://appletothecore.me/files/category-mac-se.php Possible your SE has some old caps. I'd also check your PRAM battery for leakage, even if the SE might keep time when unplugged. You haven't mentioned needing to reset the time if it's been unplugged. I don't have the 80meg any longer. I had it on its side in a cabinet, my dog came by to say Hi with his tail wagging and his tail knocked the drive over. GRRRINNND! And that was the end of the 80 meg, LOL. I saved the magnets. In other news, the 658 meg drive reformatted fine (OS Standard format, not Extended. I don't know if Extended format would work on an SE.) I made two equal size partitions. Copied a 9.1 folder to one partition and an 8.1 system folder to the other and either will boot my Powerbook G3 Kanga. I would just need to dig out my 6 and 7 install floppies. Most all those auctions you're linking seem to be untested. Your call of course! -Ed
  13. Well, the drive enclosure in that auction it's nice and clean, pretty much. That's all we know though. No info on HD size or if there even is one installed. "Untested." I'm asking about same price, verified working with 658 meg Quantum lighting drive. Maybe not as clean but I used 'em. I've copied a System 8.1 folder to it to see if it'll boot. So far, it's hanging with no boot. Next step is a reformat and fresh os install. Not sure what's up with that as Disk First Aid reports no problems and other files on it are fine. Worst scenario, install a different drive. Meanwhile feel free to continue the hunt. I won't sell this without it fully working and tested. Right now the power and in-use LEDs aren't connected, nor is the SCSI ID selector. Maybe this drive's connectors for those was in a different place than the original drive it came with. Doesn't affect operation. It's currently set as SCSI ID 4.
  14. It's made to match the look. I'll get a pic tomorrow. I think it had an 80 meg in it when I bought it.
  15. Did blessing the blessed thing help? Poking around on Macintosh Garden for Mac os 6, I found all the incremental updates to system from 6.00, 6.01, ... on up to 6.08. Small files of individual disks in 800k or 1.4m. Here's all of the above in an 8.46 meg sit file: http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/macintosh-system-6x There's another page for system 6 with a single large file containing the whole gamut, including all the languages, so not as helpful as just grabbing the specific English version of 6 you want. You'll find similar archives for the other Mac systems as well.
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