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  1. Years ago, my mom in her trailer would trickle the water in cold spells. Great idea, except for the time when the cold snap was prolonged and her main drain froze at ground level instead! The trickle of water was too slow to stay liquid in the drain till it exited and made an ice dam in the sewer pipe instead. Eventually it backfilled the drain and began finding other outlets. Meanwhile there was leakage due to ice swelling at the pipe junction at ground level, which created a nice little glacier of ice beneath the trailer. What fun I had getting the drain unthawed and back in order and mopping up the backflows inside. Yes, the toilet had been used too. Whee!
  2. After posting, I thought it might be only heatsink compound drips. Good the MB is working at least. Easier to sub a different PS or repair yours, than to troubleshoot/replace all the RAM, for example. You could test the MB end for key response by shorting pins in the motherboard's kbd connector. Jumping pins 1 and 15 would get you a U, and so on. See attachment below. TI's membrane keyboards were a great idea at the time, but their best-if-used-by date came all too soon. There's a couple recent threads on fixing them, or rather trying to, or rebuilding. Good replacement TI keyboards used to be common, sold by many of the surplus outlets BITD, even Radio Shack sold them. Same for the power supply boards. Now I think you either have to get lucky and find one in somebody's stash they're willing to part with or get a whole 'nother console to rob one from. Arcadeshopper may have replacement membrane kbds, which are a dice roll themselves, I'd guess, unless tested first. There are a few kbd alternatives using USB or other methods. Check the FAQ. All of those are outboard to the console which can be good or bad, depending on your desk space versus preference for originality. The FAQ also0 gives details on the various good/bad original keyboards TI used. Attached a few schems to help confuse inform ya! -Ed TI Circuit Diagrams and Schematics.pdf
  3. Ok. Luck! Or better yet, Good Luck! (It comes in two flavors) Can the PS handle a load? Try reading current from the supply or check voltage with a load of a 12v light bulb or a resistor of a few hundred Ohms. The -5 line is low current, but the +5 and 12v can handle a few hundred mA. Enough to verify they work till connected to the motherboard at least. Nice pic! I spotted something that looks like a couple stray solder bits near the top right of the VPD chip, it's the one covered in dried thermal compound. This chip runs hot and needs fresh compound and a heatsink to last in service. It's ok as-is for brief tests. It also fails frequently. Next is the RAM, which can short if one of the supply voltages quit or just because they're feelin' ornery. Shorts on chips can be resistance metered on the voltage to ground pins. -Ed
  4. Maybe try DSKA045.dsk? Drop the extra zero.
  5. I used to run The Attack and listen to the intro music on "loop" before playing a round or two. Mancala too. Bass line with a beat.
  6. Yes, it is! I think V9T9 for DOS, the old version, would also work for this. The MacV9T9 port for Mac Classic/PPC has good sound and speech emulation. It uses the same GROM/ROM files as V9T9 DOS.
  7. Thanks guys, looking into that avenue.
  8. Sorry, missed seeing this back in November. What are you using to format a new disk or reformat an old one? The TI Disk Manager I or II cart is needed unless you have software on floppy and either of the Extended Basic or editor/Assembler carts. Your earlier replies sound like you have something that should work. If you have a working floppy to experiment on, you could try loading one of the programs with OLD DSK1.NAME and using SAVE DSK1.NAME to save it back. Replace NAME in my example to whichever program you tried. I read above a ways that you adjusted the stepper motor, this may be having an effect on things. And inspect the cable as Kasurl suggests.
  9. Cool, but 3 to 4 grand for small double-sided boards limits the market. Neat for quick and clean prototyping and easily supporting SMC, but you could do just as much as quick with a perfboard or breadboard. In as many layers as needed, just add more jumper wires. Or use traditional PCB methods of photoresist and etching. If you're going into production after prototyping, create a Gerber/whatever flavor file -also needed to run the Voltera- and outsource the pcb-making. Fabrice's creation far outstrips the Voltera's ability.
  10. Thanks. I didn't spot the answer to my one question in a quick read of the TIPI threads here as well as on your site. I'm glad it provides support for floppies as well as portability to PC and back. Myself though, I'm still leaning mostly towards emulation rather than playing on the iron. While I know the TIPI offers a lot more, I'm really just aiming at porting over my old floppies. For accomplishing that, the Gotek remains my first choice.
  11. Wow instant gratification! Thanks!
  12. One question, does the TIPI allow using a TI disk controller and physical floppy drive? My primary goal is to streamline porting my floppy collection to a PC for emulation. Sounds like it's mostly geared to go the other way; simplify getting PC TI disk images onto real iron. The Gotek or Lotharek integrate floppies with their solid state equivalent.
  13. All manual typewriters in my typing class in junior high. One Selectric reserved for the top student. About the time I graduated 4-banger pocket calculators were just becoming affordable, under $100. In my 1973 senior year, having one might've helped improve my final grade of D in math. A few years later, I'd bought myself a fancy TI-30! Didn't get an actual computer (a Timex TS1000, if that qualifies as a computer), till I was 29 in 1984.
  14. Late update: Card arrived pre-formatted and readable on my PC with TI-Dir. Who knows if the ebay IDE to CF adapter is compatible or not. The nano does not work however, makes the TI screen go black and that's all I can get.
  15. When the TI was my only computer, used for everything, I had a few floppies set up with all my most-used programs that used all three drives on my TI disk controller. Still wanting more space, I added another drive responding as DISK1. Using a DPDT switch, power was sent to whichever drive I wanted to be active. MicroPendium published my little hack as a User Note in the April 1990 issue. I wonder if the Gotek could be used this way, allowing both a physical disk and Gotek's solid state disk to "share" the same drive number.
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