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  1. Wikipedia has an article on Prestel, also check www.archive.org which has a few videos and other documents.
  2. Whatever you install to replace it, I wouldn't trust it to last nearly as long!
  3. Currently, that's concurrent with current.
  4. I use Telco. Info on the HDX is above your post in this thread, also look for the New to the Group FAQ here.
  5. Already had my ColonRobotomy, thanks anyway!
  6. Like EXB's CALL VERSION perhaps? EXB returns 100(early version?) or 110 while SXB returns 120.
  7. Maybe - if they loved me back. Somehow, I don't think that's in their programming.
  8. 1560 Sorry, no screenshot, I don't think I could reproduce that if pressed for proof. I suck at ladder/jumper games in general. Must be my joystick. Yeah, I'm sure of it! The manual states Difficulty 1 is wicked fast, while 9 is naptime slow. Wicked sense of humor there.
  9. In 1958, EICO offered the model 425. I spotted the EICO 460 o'scope, same model as your second photo, in the 1962 Burnstein-Applebee catalog. Might or might not be what Jack actually used, but at least it's close to period-correct.
  10. Learn something every day. I didn't know the index mark was only used when formatting. One time I had troubles with the write protect. I was testing after changing the drive belt, with the drive still out of its enclosure and getting random write or format fails. I finally figured out that bright room light was confusing the sensor! I turned off the ceiling light and/or laid a cardboard cover over it and all was well. I'd think if the hot glue fix works, I'd leave it that way. Chances are the only way you'll score a holder bit is to snag a whole same model drive. I still have my drive stash with several SSSD TI drives from before I upgraded to double-sided, but I think they all still work. "Ran when parked" anyway.
  11. I'd call that type of thought a "What if?" scenario. We probably all have such thoughts at some point in our lives. It might be "What if I had moved to the city and got a big-paying job?" or "What if I'd learned a computer (or other) skill which might have led to a different career path?" It's only a mental exercise, lacking a time machine there's no "do-over" in real life, but I bet many of us have had such thoughts and simply wonder how things in our lives may have played out differently. When I was a kid in the 1960's, I wanted to be an astronaut. Could I have? What if I'd at least tried? In maturity, I know it was unlikely to have happened for many reasons. But I perhaps could have been part of the team on the ground. First off, I'm lousy at math and a bit of a rebel who doesn't like taking orders. Still, What if...?
  12. If you end up needing to buy packing material, Dollar General sells a cheap squishy-foam pillow for $2. I leave them in the plastic bag they're sold in, keeps them clean. Super-easy to pack things between. The recipient gets the undamaged goods plus a brand-new pillow or two.
  13. Another big Thank You. I give YN a Ten!
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