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  1. I'm definitely interested in one of these!
  2. I received the two Colecovision USB Plugs, and tested them both. I spent several hours with each, and both fit well and worked great (*). I used the exact same 17 watt 3.4 amp USB-C power supply previously mentioned by HDTV1080P, and the exact same 5A USB-C cable as well so I can confirm that the combination has been awesome so far. It worked with any peripherals I threw at it, but I do not yet have an Adam to test. Kudos for a great quality product! (*) I did have a few graphical glitches at first, but its the same glitches I had with the original power supply because when I wiggle the power port at all it occasionally happens. Most likely fixed with some solder, as that happens frequently with Colecovisions. Am I right to check that first? The power switch had previously been cleaned and seems solid.
  3. To order two of these for shipping to the US, its $47... Wow.
  4. Can't wait! Still in for the 2 when ready!
  5. Unfortunately CANDLE hasn't been on in 7 months, and hasn't posted on the site in over 18 months so I don't have much hope? Bummer, I was hoping to pick up a couple of these...
  6. Sounds good. I'm in for the 1+1+shipping for sure. Looking forward to that CE/FCC certification and a photo of the finished product/case! I'm so stoked!
  7. I thank you for that, much appreciated... Great news on the testing, that's wonderful and a testament to the quality and engineering behind it. Since I planned on ordering two with the cases once they're ready/certified, how about I pick up the price of 1 and the overall shipping cost and if you wish to include a second one as stated I'll be quite pleased. That is very kind of you. Regards, -Jason
  8. Hey, Totally not trying to be a dick here.. I did offer you genuine help, and was excited to assist. Is there a particular reason my private conversation follow ups on the promised and shipped, then “lost” unit for beta testing have been ignored? You were looking into this ages ago and never followed up to my replies and left me in the dark?
  9. Have two of these... 1) Atari 2600 Jr. / Long Rainbow / NTSC / Made In Taiwan Atari Corporation #A1851632304 2) Atari 2600 Jr. / Long Rainbow / NTSC / Made In China Atari Corporation #X1061937263
  10. Looking forward to this, I am so stoked to order! Good luck with the remaining challenges!
  11. I hope an image of the disc can be posted, it would be really appreciated by the community! Thanks!
  12. I'm very late to the party on this one.. Do you have these still available? If so, at what cost and size(s)? I'd like a few... Thanks!
  13. I can't wait to purchase one of these! Excellent work!
  14. I'm in for one of these as well, looking forward to production!
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