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  1. Heya! So since it's been a couple months, how close is he to finishing up that SNES game? Summer? Fall? Looking forward to that clock fix, and the Atari 2600 core adjustments myself! Loving the machine in the meantime in an alternate location. Looking forward to playing it on my Sony in my game room.
  2. I'm extremely pleased to hear this update, it's been so long.. I'm looking forward to the clock fix the most, followed by the Atari 2600 fixes relating to screensize and other issues others have already reported. Please stick with it! Love my unit!
  3. There were some units that needed an ethernet connection for the first firmware update, then did wireless just fine after that... Mine was one of those units, but I got mine in October of 2020. Mine was the same unit from Sam's Club. I was lucky I had ethernet in the room it was going in.
  4. No chance on dropping an image of the disc somewhere for download?
  5. Get well soon! Hope it stays mild!
  6. Red with both audio chips! Pre-order request! Thanks!
  7. I hope this is being addressed.. I'd like to have a better experience playing the Atari 2600 games...
  8. The power and current are less in spec on the ColUSB? Hadn't heard that before...
  9. Just an update.. While I had no luck getting the unit to work with my Sony Bravia TV using a powered hdmi switch, I am happy that I was able to get the system to work using the hdmi in on my Framemeister. I’ll use that until the direct method is fixed with that clock change coming in the future.
  10. I've seen similar graphical anomalies like that go away after upgrading the firmware of the Atarimax Colecovision multicart...
  11. Are there any discounts if you want most or all of these overlays?
  12. Sure, these are the original files directly posted into the first post of the thread until this recent update... Of course it doesn't have any of the new enhancements made, but it doesn't have the audio issues either. CORE01.PHX CORE02.PHX
  13. I hope the new core version isn't based on the one that arrived in many of our Phoenix units which I had significant problems with... The one that FIXED 90% all my issues (except for my Sony Bravia incompatibility) was the one in the first post a few days ago (before the update). If this new one is based on the one that shipped that caused an issue in many units that was fixed by the older core, please make sure that's available. I'm backing my known working one up right now!
  14. Yeah, I updated the bug report just now. Apparently since I used this in a TV input I don't usually use, I still had the default "SRS TruSound" feature turned on, which was attempting to normalize the balance of the sound. Turned it off completely and it fixed the music balance issue. Now tomorrow I'm going to have my first day of total enjoyment with my Phoenix! If I run into other issues, I'll certainly report them!
  15. So after using the core that was attached on the first post of this thread, every one of my audio bugs went away though I did notice one other.. Certain music in certain games have an issue with volume level.. Like start quiet, then get louder at times during the level. Two games I've noticed this on was Donkey Kong (level 2), and Smurf (the first area).. Music starts quiet, then gets louder and louder, then quiet again. I'll update my github reports now.
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