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  1. The source code for the game is available as well as all movie files. Whether the game itself is absolutely error free(. Bug free), I can not say of course. Why the game has not yet been released? There are the legal problems.??
  2. Another 8 Bit Games .----- aaa P... of s..
  3. Since the source code and all movie files are available, you could make a real gamefilm of it relatively easy. You only need someone who wants to. American Hero is the only game film where it was actually finished.
  4. Great ! , ok ok its a Bad ugly Game, ok ok it is a Alpha Demo not a finish Game.
  5. I'll take one. Put me on the list, please!!!!! (email send for two weeks).
  6. If there IS a List, put me on it !
  7. One Cover package, that would be cool.
  8. Add me to the pre Order List. Thanks
  9. The 3DO is slower than the Jaguar, but the Jaguar hardware is bugged without end!. In addition there were very few "good" programmer for the Jaguar. What the Jaguar everything can and can not do, we will never know. But you have to indulge in any illusions, the Saturn and PS1, N64 are much much faster. Whether at the end of the Jaguar 20% faster, or the 3DO is faster. If you never learn. I think for the 3DO there are many more better games!. (Yeah Super Wing Commander, Wing Commander 3, The Need for Speed, Road Rash, Gex, and so much more )
  10. Road Rash is a 2D / 3D Game, yeah i think it is possible on the Jaguar. The game consists of many 2D elements and only the track and houses are 3D. The game has very few polys.
  11. The packing looks "interesting", I will build me another self.
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