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  1. Hi. Well i also have 4 astrocades.. 2 work.. 3rd powers onto a black screen.. (this is an early units cpu in this one is socketed! Has plastic rf shield. And gray reset button and red cart holder.Swapped all custom chips..still black screen. Swapped power brick..still black screen ..and yes chips and brick was swapped from a working unit. 4th, used to power up and play..then power switch does nothing..screen stays static.. No power at all..also swapped power brick with a goodone and chips with a good one...nothing..any idea's?
  2. Is it released as of yet?
  3. Aaron, a super clean build. You can put me down for one as my build would have for sure NOT come out this clean
  4. Thanks for the reply Robin,. I am willing to give a shot on my 48K ATARI 400 but what is that signal you said was different? what was its function? Glen
  5. Hi, will this also work in an ATARI 400 48k computer? Thank you
  6. is this for the ATARI 400/800 computers? if so where did you get it? Thanks!
  7. Ok, here is my Game Gear McWill Mod .. no VGA yet, and he is helping me with getting scan lines to work.. I also have a programmer so if we can update out Atari Lynx displays, I am game to try it.. Thanks McWill .. your work is super!!!!! Glen
  8. I received my Lynx I, Lynx II and GG McWill screen mods,.. Took some time, but the GG mod is in...Will post Pic's tonight.. and Pic's REALLY DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE .. in person the pic is unreal and McWill should be made a saint ,...
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