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  1. Me too, I'm still doing it. There's atleast 5 really strong teams in this years tourney so we're aiming for 7th place or so. Please join in, and if you do: Nominate a few games. /o/
  2. Nice to see continued support for VJ. About the emulator closing itseld: I have the same problem with 2.1.0 from time to time using Win 7, X64. Another thing i've noticed is that if i have X-Split (streaming/recording software) running it refuse to run at all. Off to play some homebrews!
  3. I'm a man with many names. Hahaha..
  4. Lucky BAZ showed me this, i'm in on whatever. Missions sounds fun, but could be a nightmare if you get really stuck on something or simple hate the game(s). Ladders: Those darn people over at RU and DKF are too good. Knockout and Single IGBY sounds nice. I'll vote on RU. I'm "TBE" there.
  5. JacobZu7zu7: "Contest Ends Sunday, August 10th at 10:00PM EST" Am i missing something here? EDIT: Aha, game 9 bonus.. thingy..
  6. Will there be a ROM released for us poor fella's that don't own a Coleco?
  7. Geez, this is one hard game.. I'll only aim for 100k for this one.
  8. From what i read Loderunner is a unreleased game from the 80's. It was featured in magazines at the time, maybe it was finished but never released due to poor Atari 7800 sales?
  9. Frenzy: 10,198 Berzerk: 6,600 Edit: Posted here 23:30 Central European Time. Posted on HighScore.Com 23:40. Hope that's OK? Edit 2: Played on WolfMESS 0.153 and recorded with X-Split.
  10. Frenzy: 8028 Berzerk: 4910 I'm gonna try the EMU7800 emulator, which seems to support the Atari 7800 highscore cart. Prosystem for Wii supports it, heck.. It even asks you if you wanna use it the first time you run the emulator, but no support for the Windows version unfortunately. =/
  11. First scores. I will change emulator from Prosystem Wii to Prosystem PC due to the fact i can't see the enemy fire from the blue enemys on my CRT. Edit: Oh, and i'm 'Sixx' aka TBE on highscore.com. http://highscore.com/profile/?u=372
  12. Yeah, nice scores Don Pedro. Note: Do! Run Run is now 5 men.
  13. With the "last minute" addition of another team, and 4 more games i think we need better organization. I have a hard to seeing everyone on the team submitting scores for every game, right? RIGHT? Some are better at shooters, some like driving games and some only play the "real" classics from the early 80's. Some need ROMs even. I suggest a mailinglist for those that want to participate on a more serious level, sharing tips and strategy's, having a discussion who's more likely to score high on game X etc etc. Send a mail to genesisproject86 [at] g m a i l .c o m (without the spaces )
  14. Wofman: Team Highscore.Com so far: Sixx, S.BAZ, BarryBloso. Looking forward to the compo!
  15. I mostly play classics which are meant to be played for score so for me it's always been natural to keep track of my highscores. I find it fun to compete for scores, it brings an extra element of excitment to the game. If i wanna relax i play some modern crap.
  16. Forgot to take notes this week. =/ Been a slow week, a little C64, a little PSX, mostly A2600 (Space Invaders, Q'Bert (what a great port, even i can beat a couple levels on B setting), Asteroids) and various MAME games and i've spent some time on various shooters for the X68K.. .. And Frogger for various systems. Still sucks, still wanna rule.
  17. Slaytanic

    PAL60 ROMS

    Thanks for the clarification. I got 25 games when i bought my 2600, now when i've looked up these in the database it seems all are actually NTSC carts which explains why some display wrong colours (like a purple background in Pac-Man instead of blue). As my TV support 60hz (i'm very happy to own a late 4:3 28" CRT TV with 60hz support) i assume my Space Invaders NTSC cart plays at the same speed as my US friend. Coming from the C64 scene i know alot of games and crack intros / demos is a bitch to either PAL och NTSC fix. Kudos to all making these PAL 60 ROMs available to us PAL land peeps!
  18. Slaytanic

    PAL60 ROMS

    Super sweet, great work! I have a noob question. Wont my PAL console run NTSC ROMs off the Harmony card even tho my TV support 60hz? Are some games running at the same speed on both PAL and NTSC consoles? Sorry to hijack the thread but it suddenly striked me when i beat a US friends highscore on Space Invaders.
  19. I've read up on the first post and will post accordingly next sunday.
  20. Geez, this is gonna be a long post. Sorry, i game alot at the moment. EDIT: Some explainations added. Atari 5200 (Emulated) Centipede = 1 hour (record on highscore.com) Berzerk = 15 mins (never tried it before) Windows Titan Attacks = 30 mins Pinball Arcade = 5 hours (Wicked good, got all tables so far..) SNES (Emulated) Final Fight 3 = 45 mins (Record on highscore.com. Nice game, probably my favorite in the series.) Frogger = 2 hours (Record on highscore.com... And it's FROGGER!) AMIGA (Emulated) Gravity Force = 3,5 hours (Oh boy, what a masterpiece. Record on highscore.com) Atari 7800 (Emulated) Centipede = 15 mins (Centipede is one of my favs so i had to try it out) MAME: Frogger = 30 mins (What can i say? It's Frogger.) Pinball Action = 20 mins Armed Formation F = 5 mins Puzz Loop = 20 mins Shao Lin's Road = 1 hour (Record on highscore.com. Old favorite since the 80's. Put on a 1 millions score something. Looking for the PCB so i can do a marathon in the future.) Atari 2600 (Emulated) J.Ö.R.G.E.N = 30 mins (HARD but oh so addictive, got the real hardware record on highscore.com) Galaxian = 10 mins (Neat port, will put more time into this when my 2600 arrives) Astar SP = 20 mins (Great homebrew!) Space Rocks 20 mins (^) Assault = 30 mins (Record on highscore.com) Gameboy Advance (Emulated) Bubble Bobble - OLD = 25 mins (record on highscore.com) Bubble Bobble - NEW = 45 mins (^) Namco Museum: Galaxian = 15 mins (Galaxian. <3) Mega Drive (Genesis) (Emulated) Space Invaders '91 = 25 mins (Record on highscore.com. Sweet game, hope someone beats my record so i'll spend more time with it) Battle Squadron = 20 mins (Don't like it compared to the AMIGA version) Thunderforce II = 30 mins Thunderforce III = 5 mins Paperboy 2 = 15 mins (record on highscore.com) Crue Ball = 3 mins (Had to try it. Meh) NES (Emulated) Baltron = 5 mins Burai Fighter = 2 hours (Record on highscore.com) Commodore 64 River Raid = 2 hours (Superb version, record on highscore.com) Kung Fu Master = 15 mins (Record on highscore.com) Kickman = 10 mins (Record on highscore.com) Dragons Den = 30 mins Gridder = 30 mins (Nice Amidar clone, record on highscore.com) Galaxian = 30 mins (Not the best Atarisoft port) Save New York = 30 mins (Classic!) Battle Through Time = 20 mins Buggy Boy = 15 mins (Record on highscore.com) Hard And Heavy = 5 mins (Didn't know this was "Giana Sisters II". Will maybe give it another try..) Minestorm = 10 mins (Vectrex port, record on highscore.com) Mollusk Redux = 20 mins (New commercial game, record on highscore.com) The Impossible Game = 5 mins (record on highscore.com, game is meh.) Thrust = 1 hour (What can i say? One of the best games ever.) Gameboy Color Tetris DX = 3 hours (Tetris flu) Frogger = 25 mins (FROGGER!) Gameboy Color Emulated Rainbow Island = 30 mins (This was a surprise, great port for the GBC. Put up a record on highscore.com) Frogger = 30 mins (...) Wii Gradius Rebirth = 1,5 hours (Great game like all in the series) Contra Rebirth = 20 mins (Great game, need to spend more time on this) SEGA Master System (Emulated) Bubble Bobble = 30 mins (record on highscore.com, not as good port as people say) Colecovision Emulated Galaxian = 30 mins (Lovely) Frogger =10 mins (Wicked) Xbox 360 Earth Defence Force 2025 = 2 hours (BUY THIS GAME.. And EDF 2017 (also on Xbox 360). 2025 is available on the PS3 as well. Japanense third person shooter "B-game". Fantastic! Playstation 3 Super Stardust HD = 30 mins (Epic) Playstation VITA Lumines = 15 mins (Have to atleast play a little..) Wipeout = 15 mins Frogger = 30 mins (!) FACEBOOK 0 mins (Thanks god) It's totally OK for me not to contribute to this thread anymore, but it sure was fun tracking what, and HOW MUCH you play. Sunday to Sunday, cheers!
  21. Aight, then i make a summery of the week on sunday, so exclude the current times and games.. If i'm not making it a hard time for you by doing so.
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