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  1. I think the only problem with a setup like that would be getting it up and going. Installing software that you'd need and having to manually find and download then transfer required software libraries (.NET version hell and the like). I would like to have something like that though.
  2. Sounds like it. Interesting. I would've just chalked it up to a bad a/v cable and chucked it. I'll have to try this if one of my Genesises(Genesi?) starts buzzing.
  3. TenFourFox seems to be the best OSX browser for PowerPCs. http://www.floodgap.com/software/tenfourfox/ There's also the Mac OS 9 - it's still alive group on Facebook that talks a lot about PowerPC OSX software as well. That might be worth joining. People post their iMac G3's there all the time and the group is really friendly and helpful. You should post the system specs. I've got 2 iMac G3s. One is a rev B Bondi Blue 200mhz with OS 9 and the other is a Clear 700mhz with Panther.
  4. I absolutely love arcade 1942 and 1943 but the low health beeping is the worst sound ever. It ruins otherwise great sound effects and music. However, maybe I got so good at the game because I didn't want to hear it anymore.
  5. I don't think they could translate the type of games Xbox is known for over to a decently priced handheld. I shudder at the thought of someone trying to translate the controls for Halo or Gears of War onto a DS or PSP like handheld. Also people really like Xbox Live and I think that it would've been hard to do something like it for a handheld and be reliable until recently.
  6. "Quick! Install a SNES Mini into the shell! They won't suspect the same trick twice!"
  7. Yeah. I kinda like having the original discs but I would rather have a burned disc or an ISO in an emulator if I have the option. It seems nice, but pretty stupid.
  8. Dang, I got 2 iMac G3s but I might have to get me a G4 Cube. That thing looks super sexy. I wish Apple would make something nice and compact like the Cube. I know they got the current Mac Pros but they haven't updated the hardware in them for a while I think.
  9. I don't understand why people still think burned discs are bad for the drive. I've been using burned backups on both my Dreamcasts and havent had a single problem. Funnily enough, the only time I ever did have a drive problem was with an original, unopened copy of Destruction Derby. It would not boot at all without a boot disc. The drive made the most awful screeching when it loaded a level. Really fun game though.
  10. If it is a later model, you might be able to run Halo if you upgrade to OS X. I think it doesnt work in OS 9. I love MacintoshGarden but they have a lot of install CD isos that never seem to work for me on either of my G3s.
  11. The FAQ only mentions Minecraft. I wonder if it will have any other games on. Definitely feels written for kids. It also mentions backups for Minecraft world files so maybe it will have some kind of cloud backup support?
  12. You might try asking around on Vogons if someone has the specific drivers you need. I usually just google the manufacturer and model numbers for the part and start clicking away. I can't find any one site that has all the drivers I need or at least most of them. Getting my old Gateway Solo 9300 up with ME required drivers from 3-4 different sites. One of which was an old faculty tech support page for some university that no one bothered to take down I guess. Searching for drivers is easily the worst part of collecting old PC hardware.
  13. True. But why doesn't Nintendo just hire them and publish the fan game? Do something like Sega did with Sonic Mania?
  14. Maybe this is a sign (probably not) that Nintendo has some upcoming Metroid game in the works and doesn't want a fan project to compete with it? Nintendo seems to really hate their old school fans. Or just really hate free marketing.
  15. I'm surprised there isn't any Vita in this thread. So I will recommend TxK and Luftrausers on there. The Sega 3D Classics Collection on 3DS is also pretty fun if you're gonna be a while.
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