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  1. Hey guys! So I was digging through my garage for some Atari games and found a wooden box full of carts. Two of which were very interesting. The first being an Activision Red Labeled Prototype of River Raid (prototype number is 163) and a sweet double ender cart with Chuck Norris' Superkicks and Ghost Manor: Just curious if anyone here has any more information about these Atari games. If anyone can share some info or educated guesses on what they think the worth of these carts may be I'd greatly appreciate it. I did some google searches and found a post about the prototype but that post is a little old. Not sure if much has changed in the atari collecting game. And I couldn't find anything on the Superkicks/Ghost Manor carts. There's another Superkicks/Artillery Duel on ebay but not a Ghost Manor cart. Thanks! - Hugo
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