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  1. It really is great seeing doubledown around these parts again. I'd be interested as well. I'm sure I am in the minority here but a Buck Rodgers or Zaxxon themed controller would be nice.
  2. I love threads like these. Thanks for sharing.
  3. In case anyone is looking for some coleco adam dust covers. 3 pieces ColecoVision Dust Cover ADAM Computer Keyboard smartwriter memory https://ebay.us/HskL2V
  4. I really do love the new updates to the site. I always love change when it's for the better. The dark theme is perfect too for these older eyes.
  5. Anyone else getting a ton of email notifications from here? I had to shut off any kind email notifications because I received over 30 emails in the last 5 minutes.
  6. I'm so impressed with you guys and sadden I haven't been able to be a part of any of this. Sean,John and Milli have been phenomenal for this community.
  7. I've always hated FB and still do but gave in around 2016 because I was missing out on the coleco groups and the retro pages.
  8. Keep in mind that there will be some who sell their SGM after they purchase the SGM2.
  9. Was very happy to see this. I always planned on doing a selection menu for the SD Drive when I bought the parts I needed a few years back. Looks like there's not much of anything else to come up with,just build it. Sean you the man!
  10. I did this awhile back. Here's my post in another thread, hope it helps. I did use a coleco controller cable because I believe the sms one is missing a pin. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/222610-happy-friday-colecovision-fans/?p=3024411
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