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  1. Kieren is a bit of a twat isn't he? There was a member on Retro gamer and Retro Canteen called clarence who was a bit of a prickly character, and did not get on with a few people, especially Kieren. Cue a few nasty private messages from K and then all of a sudden there were rumours that Clarence had smacked his wife around at a retro event. Despite claims from people who were there that they did not recall anything happening, the rumours gained traction and after a few subtle digs and a bit of banter, Clarence blew his top on retro canteen in a spectacular fashion. Including offering to meet other members of the Forum in Motorway car parks for a fight. Guess who made the story up, yep, Kieren. He sent the messages to the people who already had issues with clarence, knowing that they would wind him up about it. Seems his standard M.O.
  2. proper necro bump. But was just wondering whether the red circle on the box was an actual sticker or printed on.
  3. Who said it would have saved them, and who said it would have made the jaguar a success. You are projecting. I simply asked why not? everything was there and while not going to save anything it would have likely clawed back some money for Atari. What a strange and bitter response.
  4. The multi language ones are usually for europe. seeing as European countries are all PAL region it means they can knock up one version of the game and sell it in every european coubtry. With Japanese its NTSC so they have to maje a different version anyway so would not make sense to use all that paper for loads of european languages.
  5. In regards to the Lynx and Jag. I wonder why Atari never thought about doing a similar adaptor the the super gameboy. ( maybe they did consider it, I don't know ) Hardware was already developed, software was already done, and manufacturing Lynx carts was already done. All the elements were just about there, it would have been extra revenue for the adaptor, and with the slow releases of Jag software, they would have probably shifted a few extra lynx carts. Whether its true Or not I remember reading about a possible issue with resolution, not sure though.
  6. weren't PS1 owners already playing the likes of resident Evil when BL/WN got cancelled.
  7. I think the link is there because its Fallout from here and other Jaguar related sites. Seems a small little UK retro forum has had the madness descend on them. Some familiar names popping up. Laird for example seems to have appeared. the thread seems to have been locked down pretty quick.
  8. With all the stories about interference from Atari and the rushed development time, I wonder if after the games were released on The jag, the developers got a bit more development time to polish some of the games up and maybe add a few features before releasing on PS1 or Saturn.
  9. I see a lot of " Could Atari Jaguar do this " or " would this game have run on Jaguar " and " what would have happened if this released on Jaguar " But what about the reverse. Its all speculation and wishful thinking and I get some people don't like it, but after the Jag bombed, what games do you think would have been good games to port to PS1, Saturn, and N64. When 3DO struggled, the likes of Return fire, and need for speed made the move abd did well, and need for speed become a huge franchise. do you think there were Any Atari Jag games that had the potential to do this. I know Rayman was originally going to be a Jaguar exclusive and it then hit PS as well and has become a big franchise, any others?
  10. Looks like that thread had the regulars over there a little confused. a very entertaining read though. Had a look at the rest of the forum. looks like its uk based, Some interesting characters on there.
  11. Just caught up with this thread. With all the amazing homebrew stuff being done on the Jag due to a pretty passionate fanbase I always wondered why no-one ever did something like this and also new controllers. Seems like both could be happening soon.
  12. Not so much my favourite games or anything but just games I think would have fit the Jaguar well/ STUN runner A Hard drivin/race Drivin double pack. and maybe not the exact originals but updates of Cyberball A 3d version of Xbots. the Aliens vs predator engine could have maybe been used for this due to the corridor like nature of the game And considering Atari seemed desperate for a MK clone then they could have done a follow up to pitfighter. Also Klax and Rampart could have been decent games with quick turnaround in terms of development time. Rampage wiith the multitap supported Funny thing is that most of these came out for the Lynx, it seemed like the IPs chosen for that system was far better thought out, and speaking of the Lynx, a Jaguar version of Electrocop could have been decent if treat the same way as I mentioned Xybots above.
  13. Sorry, but all I see is a load of hypothetical guesswork with nothing at all to back it up.
  14. Are we going to ignore the fact that a) Nintendo did not give a shit about Europe at the time, and ) B never really put much effort into the Region.
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