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  1. I don't collect Atari, I want to sell, and I have more. I believe Asterix is PAL.
  2. Apparently this game is rare??? I don't know (I collect for NES and newer) but I found this at a second hand store. Never been opened. PM me.
  3. Springer, Espial, and Polaris still have the tape. Out of Control got water damaged, but I'm told has never been taken out of the box. I'm not sure if I should open it to check the condition of the manual (if there is one) and the cart. Frogger II isn't shrunk wrapped, but the box has never been opened and is in pretty good shape. Asterix is even better shape than Frogger. And this one kinda sticks out of the bunch too.
  4. How much is quite a bit? I had no idea about them not being originally wrapped. The guy said they've never been opened.
  5. I'm not interested in collecting for Atari (no offense) but I came across well over 50 CIB 2600 games last weekend. Most of them are still in the original shrink wrap. I poked around the rarity guide, but I'm wondering what these are worth.
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