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  1. Are there any modders installing this board?
  2. Incredible! Definitely want this if you watch a sensible chuckle
  3. Bwahahha at that $25 raised for Game Gavel. Amazing.
  4. No need to do that! I appreciate you checking, this just made it a must buy for me
  5. Hi, Thanks for checking. You will be able to get to the menu without holding the B button. You will not be able to navigate the menu, though. Are you able to navigate the menu?
  6. My PVM indeed does handle 32kjz. Thanks for the help! Pretty tempted to get this
  7. Is it possible to wire the Lynx video out mod for Scart?
  8. When using the Harmony cart with a Genesis controller, normally the B button has to be held when powering on. Does anyone know if the Seagull 78 adapter from Edladdin would allow the Genesis controller to be properly recognized by the flash cart?
  9. Does anyone know if the Seagull 78 adapter will allow the Genesis controller to be properly recognized on the Harmony flash cart (without having to hold the B button on startup)? Pretty specific question, I knowm
  10. If I can piggy back onto this, my 2600 joystick and Sega controller does not work on my 7800 for the menu (but does so on the 2600) I'll try holding B, but if that doesn't work, any ideas? I'm truly confused by the 2600 joystick not working at all on the 7800. I've tested 2600 and 7800 games on the system and joystick works with it
  11. I am noticing jailbars, at leaat in 2600 mode. Don't have any 7800 carts at the moment. I'm going to try a different s-video cable, but assuming that doesn't work, any ideas on what that could be?
  12. I received the board from Magic Knight last year, and my talented friend did a great job with install. I love how he handled the jacks-- they are in the back, and look awesome. I checked it out on his monitor, and it looked great, but I need to try a few games out and see how it looks on my PVM 20L5. I'm stoked! Thanks Magic Knight
  13. Any impressions on this? Trying to decide between LHE and this board (assuming it is still available)
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