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  1. @RetroAvisoryBoard, that was really amazing. Well thought out, researched, edited and produced, "Summoning Salt" level (youtube).
  2. I wonder why this guy was too embarrassed to show his face on a live internet chat? Probably does not want to lose his job or something over his pathetic and immature behavior. I thought it was kind of a lose-lose situation, going into the snake pit and wrestling your way out. I have to give Tommy a lot of credit for that. Anyhow I am a supporter of this project and Tommy and of the intended mission objectives. Who would not want to have their favorite games retro re-imagined? Along with a whole slew of improvements to the system and games, many of which we are not even privy to at this point. The ability to sit down, quickly learn how to play any of the games available, play with your entire family or friends, should appeal to all. Looking forward to the Amico!
  3. Yeah, so they did not say that there would not be a North American release, just that right now there is not one... If you go to the official website and check the retailers, I have seen it going for as low as about 110 pounds which, don't get me wrong is still a lot.
  4. When I inquired on the Indiegogo campaign if my unit was the North American one this was their response: "There is currently only one version of THEC64 and it is identical across all regions. There is currently no official North American version, and we are in the hands of our distribution company with regards to an official retail release in North America. We will update people when the current situation changes. Regards, Retro Games Ltd."
  5. Might just be a "feature", does same thing in Vice on my PC.
  6. I was playing Boulder Dash (selected from carousel menu) and I noticed when the screen scrolls, the background darkens slightly, when the scrolling stops it lightens back up. Did same in PAL or NTSC. Seems more pronounced in pixel perfect mode. It is a little bit distracting. Curious to know if anyone else noticed this or if it is just my TV/HDMI cable issue.
  7. That's great news. Glad you figured it out!
  8. I downloaded both games last night. My unit was powered on for about an hour and gave them a go. I tried the disk and prg formats of both games and I played them in C64 PAL mode. My unit is configured NTSC 60hz. Needless to say I was unable to duplicate your issue. I had ZERO freezes. Now there are a lot of variables at play so it is hard to tell what exactly might be triggering a freeze. I am not that good at these games. I got to the third boss once. For what it's worth I like the Santron (hack) version better than Neutron which I know were both put out by Sarah Jane Avory.. As for the emulation, I think it's great, but some people have noticed speed/sound differences in the game "Impossible Mission" for example. Check out the terrific video by "8 bit show and tell" at about 14 minutes in. I probably would not have noticed what was pointed out.
  9. Yes, will do. You/we are not the first people to run into these issues. I forgot where I was reading some others are asking for replacement units, which right now I am not ready to do. Mostly my testing has been for functionality, how things work, tinkering. I haven't really put it to a good play test. I will say as for the power adapter the fact that it is a common micro USB makes it pretty easy to find an spare power adapter as most people, these days have one around the house.
  10. Thanks for your review. I agree with your assessment of the keyboard. Feels a little bit cheap as compared to the breadbox C64. The "micro switch" joystick is clicky (which I like) and for me not as responsive on games that require fast reflexes/corning. As far as having to rename ROMs for compatibility, I agree it is tedious but at least there is a way to make those configurations work. Hopefully they will add that kind of support directly in the menus someday. I did have it freeze on me one time during my testing. It also corrupted a save state when it happened. It was when I exited the classic mode back to the menus. Nothing would respond, had to unplug. This prompted me to download the latest firmware. So far so good after that, though I have not tried the games you mentioned. I will test it more when time permits...
  11. The box came with US/Europe adapters that click or snap into the USB power thingy... Sorry I don't know what they are called...
  12. Yes, interesting. After waiting all this time, I thought for sure they would have sent out the US version to US backers, especially with all of the people in Europe receiving their units months ago, but I was wrong in this case. Thanks,..
  13. Okay so European version shipped to US.
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