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    I enjoy my Atari 2600/5200/7800, Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, and classic arcade games. When I am not playing I enjoy bowling, mountain biking, IE 66ers baseball, and watching films.
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    Galaga, Atari 2600, Ninja Odyssey, Intellivision, L'Abbaye Des Morts, C64

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  1. Truly an amazing score by an amazing guy! Congratulations...
  2. One Shiny Gold if available please. Thank you Bob!
  3. John was kind enough to let me do a video preview of Galaga:
  4. For the classic games, I enjoyed One on One and the Ultima series. I also enjoyed below the root, alice in wonderland and Lode Runner. For the homebrews, the game for me that stands above many is Planet Golf by Antonio Savona. It's so much fun..
  5. Love it. On my emulator (retroarch), it plays the music but the graphics stop at about 1:25 in for some reason. I was using the .a78 version...
  6. Hi, I don't know if it's the best but I use the vice emulator. http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/ And gamebase64 is a pretty good image repository.. http://gamebase64.com/
  7. Incredible! Make me think triple digits are within reach...
  8. You have touched the stars my friend... Amazing!!!
  9. By the way when I scored 23, I was just concentrating on the game, relaxing, and had no idea my score was that good until game over. I thought maybe 16 or 17...
  10. Thank you, was just plain ol CX40. I cannot imagine playing with paddle controllers...
  11. Thank you guys I appreciate it. What a neat and challenging game this is...
  12. Finally had a good game after many hours of plugging along... Not nearly as good as Steves amazing game! Sorry original image is not sideways!! I uploaded a quick video of my gameplay, in case anyone is interested: (not a perfect game by any stretch..)
  13. 28 points wow, thats more than double my best so far!!! Amazing feat...
  14. Probably just needs to be formatted with FAT32. This is from thec64.com website: "Ensure that your USB memory stick is formatted using FAT32 (with MBR), else your upgrade file will not be detected. See the FAQ for further details."
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