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  1. The first is not correct, has wrong game cart, box is ripped & has tape, console dirty. The 2nd one is closer (I still see a wrong game manual), the console is way fadded, but it prolly went for a fair price. Look, most people would want these going for more so theirs is worth more. Why the fight that I'm asking too much? If I get it great! Stop worrying.
  2. I listed it there first where I am a more active member. I only listed it here because I saw allot of other NES ads in the classifieds, otherwise I would not have.
  3. Find me a 1st edition action set with the grey zapper cib with all CORRECT paperwork for the same price as mine or lower. All I see are trashed boxes, 2nd edition sets with orange zappers, and mis-matched paperwork, wrong Mario/Duck Hunt cart w/wrong manual, etc. It's not really up for debate, this is a sale ad, not a commentary. My total takes into average values of everything and what I want for them. It's not like I need to sell it, I'm not having a fire sale.
  4. Fair enough, I saw one listed for $299 so that's what I based my estimate on. Lowered estimates and price a bit. Listed on eBay.
  5. You guys lol, there is such a thing as Google. Here is my eBay profile: http://www.ebay.com/usr/92gta If you were serious I'm sure you would have searched my username, email, and done a Google image search of my pics. I've been a member on eBay for like 15yrs and a member here for 1 year. Vintage gaming is just fun for me because I'm 35 and it takes me back to being a kid and all my activity has been on NintendoAge. A Google search of my username will reveal I'm a user on allot of forums with significant all 100% positive feedback, mostly on car forums. Now leave the n00b alone
  6. ***I'm looking to sell everything all together. This would be a great start to someone wanting to dive right into NES collecting*** VGC CiB 1988 Nintendo "Action Set", NTSC, 1st Release w/Grey Zapper, serial N13211244. This is a complete original box set just as it came complete from Nintendo, not a cobbled together set. You can tell because everything has the correct new for 1988 Nintendo seal. The console and everything is original to this exact box and contents. *Correct matching 1988 manuals and warranty pamphlets. *Correct original Mario/Duck hunt game (no line across the middle of the label) w/correct original manual (correct NES seal). *There are only 2 things missing, a Nintendo Power ad/subscription insert and the poster* The ad got sent in for the subscription and the poster was hung on my wall. Everything is in mint to very good condition. All of the hardware and contents is mint including the paperwork but the box and styrofoam I would only call very good, not mint. The exception being it looks like the power cord got crushed in the middle by something. It's not broken and works just fine tho, just a tiny section of the insulation show surface damage. $200 est. NiB, factory wrapped/sealed, NES Cleaning Kit $75 est. VGC CiB (NES sleeve, manual, foam, some have mini poster and ads) Black Box games: (All are in new video game box protectors) $50 - Tennis $55 - Kung Fu $70 - Mario Bros. $40 - Hogan's Alley $40 - Pinball $60 - Excitebike $100 - Popeye $30 - Golf $15 - Also have Tetris VGC CiB. $735 estimated total. - All the values I put next to everything individually is to show where I got my asking price from based on what everything is currently selling for. If you want to make me an offer, it must be realistic. Everything has been keep put away in my walk in closet with dehumidifier so they are away from UV exposure. I plugged everything in and tested it before listing for old times sake so I guarantee everything is working perfectly. No slamming of the carts into the console, perfect audio and video, it's just like new. This stuff has allot of sentimental value to me, it's what I got for xmas as a kid when it was new. I doubt you will find many other sellers as OCD about the condition of everything and as forth coming as I am about it. *The PowerPak in the pictures with the Black Box games is NOT included. I'm asking $650 plus shipping. [email protected]
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