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  1. A version that takes place on a single layer of blocks would be an appropriate subset. Like Flatland-you can't see or go outside your plane. There would still be a lot of hidden things, and features that are not 3D like crafting. I was thinking of that in 10-liner 49er (aka 99craft) in the contest this year. Only up-and-down and side-to-side like the original Miner from 99er magazine. Or Lost Ruins.
  2. I received this in the mail from Diode Milliampere. It is the first time I have ever seen a jewel case for a floppy disk! Floppy in front, CD is in the back. Both have snap-in holders. Retro goodness!
  3. The top circuit follows the V9938 data book example. The bottom circuit changes the NPN transistor to PNP and adds an LS04 inverter. The effect is a double inverter. But the output is now at TTL levels. It's changed to a digital sync, not analog. So this was probably for a specific RGB monitor that required digital sync.
  4. globeron, this is what you need. It does the things.
  5. If somebody has already solved GBS8200, great, I'm just jumping in here. I have been experimenting without one. I probably want to buy one. I think you need a VSYNC. The 9938 doesn't output one, but CSYNC (VSYNC+HSYNC+Important Stuff) was accepted by some RGB monitors. Try connecting CSYNC into VSYNC? Then definitely do the essential GBS Control fixes (on the page you quoted) including the 75 ohm impedance match fix. I don't see how it could ever work at all without the VSYNC, unless it is very, very clever. Shift838 built the SCART Genie which splits VSYNC off of CSYNC. On the gbs-control wiki it mentions Sync-Strike, which is the same idea: an LM1881 chip to get VSYNC out of CSYNC (or CVIDEO). 9938 does not output Sync-on-Green (just one of several RGB monitor standards) so never mind the SOG fix. (SOG puts CSYNC into the gaps in the Green signal. You have just 3 coax RGB then.) The above is my amateur opinion - I have not gotten any of my experiments to sync with the 15kHz Acer 276g, either.
  6. I doubt the problem is the crystal (or nothing would work). But the clock crystal of 21.477 mHz is out there. It is 6 times the 3.57954 NTSC color burst frequency. (Your 9918 has 3 times NTSC.) So, odd at first, but understandable. I tested these two with a 9958: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/520-HCU2147-SX https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/695-HC49US-214-U 59 - 69 cents. Not here, but I found Tayda had an oscillator for 4 times NTSC, 14.318180 MHz, for some other Yamaha chip. Also, I loaded up on 75 and 100 ohm resistors Tayda has amazing customer service and fast shipping from US (they are focused on hobbyist electronics). They looked for the 21.477 for me. https://www.taydaelectronics.com/crystals-resonators-oscilliators/crystals.html
  7. The only time I used LOGO (other than for shows recently) was when there was an adventure game published in 99er. It was the October 1983 issue with the wizard on the cover. (There was an XB wizard maze game that I must have typed in twice.) https://archive.org/details/99er8310 It still seems magical. (We didn't know what was coming in the next month.)
  8. I too, am highly unlikely to travel. I am going to put my energy into the weekly Zoom meetings.
  9. Oh that's a good idea. I thought about GenLink being able to do that, but this works on a 4A.
  10. Here is mine, SuperSave. It works on the typical relocatable code. It allows you to put some or all of the E/A utilities into high RAM next to the files you load. Otherwise you can try GenLink...
  11. Alright, YEAH! I've heard artrag's results and liked them. Yours is really intelligible once you know what it's supposed to be saying. The intonation and slope at the ends of words comes through, its a big hint to the brain. And, this style would be pretty fun as robot or boss voices in a game. Again, WOW!
  12. Enormous fun I've had laughing along with a chiptune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk3peGy1v60&feature=share
  13. Oh wow. I finally saw that turkey in the modern era. When it was first advertised in the TEX-Comp catalog, 3 of us (8th graders) pooled our money to buy it. They didn't ship it. TEX-Comp refunded our money. I thought the game had gotten cancelled.
  14. I wasn't the one paying the money, for a lot of things BITD. Thinking back, I don't think I got any disappointments when I spent my own money (Blasto, for instance, or the Markus Weiand Adventure Editor.) All considering, I think $200 for a used CC9900 expansion and 2 DSDD drives, in 1984, had incalculable returns. I still have one of those puppies, reading 100s of disks into Kryoflux. I worked for the summer of 1987 , at minimum wage, straightening pins on salvaged ICs ,and keeping inventory in Wordstar and Lotus 123. That money went toward a new Geneve 9640. Since I used the heck out of it until 1992, I consider it good value. Last night, I found out I can buy a pin straightener for $7. If only I had one back then, I could have asked for a raise.
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