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  1. Working all week on Geneve 2020 -- No kids! Semiconductor shortage update: The dev kit for Lattice ECP5 was delivered today. This isn't related to Geneve 2020. It was for resume building. It is the only inexpensive FPGA development board with PCIe (and it is 3 years old "obsolete"). It is perfect if you want to learn to write a Linux device driver for PCIe. Use any of the peripherals onboard, or attached to the prototyping area. The available stock vanished in May, with backorder time 8 weeks, but I got mine after 5 weeks. Lattice ICE40HX4K-TQFP144 are still listed in August, and in quite small quantities too. (LM and LP don't come in hobbyist-friendly TQFP-144, only ball-grid.) I received 10 of the 1K parts, which are probably adequate. The VGA up-scaler fits in it, so far. I can use a 1K in each place that FPGA is needed, instead of sharing one big 4K part. Which was always going to be awkward, since 3 cards needed the FPGA: dynamic RAM controller/memory mapper, audio (digital mixing, I2S bus to DAC), video (to support VGA output and new video mode). Using 3 chips will add $10 to the bill. OPA1688ID, TI audio amplifier: Digi-Key has none, Mouser has a stub end of a reel of SOIC-8, and lots of unfriendly SON-8. Some 2,000 coming in June/July, but past stock levels were 10,000. CS4334 audio DAC. Available at Mouser, for now. Restock, including automotive grades, not til December! CS5343 audio ADC. Very little stock. Expected 2022. An ADC function is not designed yet anyhow. OK enough shopping (and I'm not being considered for the Linux device driver job.) Back to work, I've got 5 glorious days alone. Articles on the semiconductor shortage: https://semiengineering.com/shortages-challenges-engulf-packaging-supply-chain/ https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/06/chip-shortages-lead-to-more-counterfeit-chips-and-devices/
  2. I seem to recall it searches for DSK1.UTIL1 If not E/A, then TI-Writer does that?
  3. @OLD CS1 stayed in a hotel by the airport, last time. Ideas? Austin has lots of hotels near the airport. Microtel is a budget option by the airport (Austin-Bergstrom airport, code AUS. Sample flight) There are good options close to ASMBLY in North Austin. I checked Aug 13-15 vs Aug 20-22 (UT move-in weekend, seems to make a big difference.) I will look into more venues. Such as a meeting room at a hotel, or the banquet room at the IHOP (which will entertain groups soon.)
  4. Huh? You mean restrictions like "Aug 14, but TI employees and their distant relatives are not eligible for raffle"? Note: Aug 21 is University of Texas dorm move-in weekend, a downside for anyone traveling. Aug 13-15 is more viable for a hotel, or even driving in general.
  5. I think was a neatly balanced article. It didn't say much about the last 35 years though.
  6. I've been VAX-inated. https://curiousmarcs-store.creator-spring.com/listing/VAXinated?product=2
  7. Not decided yet. This poll was about the location.
  8. Sample agenda: Friday Meet and greet for early arrivals Saturday 8-10 Open. Breakfast tacos. 10-12 Presentations, demos, tutorials 12-2 Open. Lunch, delivered 2-4 Presentations, demos, tutorials 5-7 Go to restaurant for dinner Possibly open til late night. Sunday 10-4 Open. Tutorials. Features: Demos Lots of conversation Soldering Hardware displays Raffle Fun!
  9. Hello, We had a good weekend TI fest in August 2019. The venue was the air-conditioned classroom at ATX Hackerspace, now known as Asmbly. I'm gauging interest in two possible venues for 2021. Option 1. Use the same venue as 2019, that is, if it is open for group meetings: Asmbly (was ATX Hackerspace). The classroom was just the right size for 12 people. Asmbly has not yet changed its policy: no in-person meetups for now. Option 2. I can ask to schedule the outdoors pavilion at Articulture Designs (family connection). They have outdoor classes, mask required inside. Inside they have restrooms and drinking fountain. Outside we can have food. A rain-check plan might be covering things with canvas and running inside. Both venues are 14 minutes from the airport, but Articulture is closer to more stuff. Here is a photo of the covered deck at 4pm. It is rather nice in the shade. There is a pull-down movie screen, so we could use a projector. There are plenty of electrical power outlets on the deck. There are also many outdoor tables: Here is a place to relax: (not shown: a big tree with hammock.)
  10. I’ve gotten good chips from polida2008. starting with 99105 and 9995. He was stung by fake 2612’s, which appeared in a video about finding fake chips... polida2008 handled it and now has good 2612s. They stopped being cheap. Points for that. -sorry, polida2008 was eBay.
  11. I am not familiar with floating point routines, didn't know they used some VDP. But I can think of a workaround. Since floating point clobbers your pattern table entries at >3C0 - 3DF, (patterns 120-123) you can prevent those from appearing in the screen image table. The downside is you would not be able to graph or show anything in that spot. Nice looking Lissajous!
  12. The stylus is still buried in there, but it only plays 1 millimeter LPs. It's a secret of the AC'97 committee. They didn't want to talk too publicly about it in the 90s. But now phono is cool...
  13. Audio Block Diagrams I was checking chip availability today, and found an intriguing possibility. So far, this is the current model for the audio card: Today, I saw that ic_detective has AD1888 chips for $5. This is a full PC AC'97 audio codec, made in 2005. AD1888 could replace a bunch of chips and result in input/outputs like this: With or without putting in all the extra features, the AD1888 saves a lot of hassle. I omitted my extra analog-out patch jacks, which had been a fun idea.
  14. Wait, you prefer machine pin sockets? Those drive me crazy! I broke pins on an EEPROM, while trying to put it back into a machine pin socket. Still, bring your own sockets! Not an issue for me.
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