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  1. In my experience the quickest way to test that your found 9995 is working, in wire wrap, is to add 1 EPROM, a LS138 decoder, and the SN76489 sound chip. Take some 99/4A sound or music-playing code - change the WS pointer and the >8400 pointer and it should run. (Oops, I forgot that I used the 60Hz VDP interrupt and INT1.. you could use a simple delay loop at least. Or test the internal timer.) I felt more confident after executing a program that writes sound list bytes to one address. Then move on to 9902 since you know that code executes correctly. Plenty of sample code is out there. Here's Thierrys documentation and sample code. If you need a new 2x20 wire wrap socket, I got this batch from eBay shipped from Canada, about $3 each. (I can share these and 9902.)
  2. Could it be a modem? Can you see if any of the 18-pin ICs are a TMS99532 modem chip? Other possibilities I can think of: a door entry panel, a radio tower remote controller. It seems to interface to a backplane through buffer chips.
  3. I have China 9902s from polida2008 (eBay). I can send you some. I have not tested them yet. You can follow Stuart Connor's design to use any MAX232 (TI even makes them) to make the signal EIA-RS232 levels. Or just get a TTL serial cable ("FTDI") to hook up to the RX/TX/CTS pins. Another idea, which I have not got to yet, is to divide down a 8.192 MHz oscillator and match 115,200 baud exactly. The 9902 with a 3Mhz input can't quite get it. Probably safer though, going with the TMS9995 3 MHz clock out and 9600 baud.
  4. Thanks for doing this. You have vivid memories of all of these? I'm glad you're here.
  5. Here is another diskful, found one by one on music disks from the MATIUG library (searching volumes 1-180) SAMMOORE3 : 419 used 301 free 180 KB 2S/1D 40T 9 S/T ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOG-GONE 38 PROGRAM 9315 B MAINSCREEN 17 PROGRAM 3925 B MOM_GOOSE 37 PROGRAM 9140 B MOONLIGHT 49 INT/VAR 254 12141 B 48 recs MORNING 40 PROGRAM 9879 B ORGAN 38 PROGRAM 9405 B PIANO 30 PROGRAM 7240 B R-BOOGIE 17 PROGRAM 4027 B ROBOT_JOKE 27 PROGRAM 6551 B SPACEGEM 11 PROGRAM 2379 B TRUCKER 23 PROGRAM 5598 B VENUS 26 PROGRAM 6297 B W-BOOGIE 26 PROGRAM 6257 B WAY-YOU-R 38 PROGRAM 9437 B Not all are music. Trucker is pretty funny. sammoore3.dsk
  6. I just found a disk of Bill Knecht music in the MATIUG library (because grep MOORE matched his comments). I was not aware of any of his stuff.
  7. Here is another disk that I pulled together SAMMOORE2 : 315 used 45 free 90 KB 1S/1D 40T 9 S/T ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMAZGRACE 11 PROGRAM 2418 B 2020-02-10 19:34:24 BEETHOVEN5 47 PROGRAM 11732 B 2020-02-10 19:06:06 BOAT-SONG 27 PROGRAM 6454 B 2020-02-10 19:34:24 BOOGOOG 34 PROGRAM 8332 B 2020-02-10 19:09:24 BUMBLEBOOG 45 PROGRAM 11144 B 2020-02-10 19:34:24 CHURCHDATA 11 PROGRAM 2352 B 2020-02-10 19:57:14 FLOWER 27 PROGRAM 6630 B 2020-02-10 19:34:24 MILL 38 PROGRAM 9253 B 2020-02-10 19:50:24 OPUS23 30 PROGRAM 7257 B 2020-02-10 19:49:00 YESTERDAY 43 PROGRAM 10589 B 2020-02-10 19:54:16 sammoore2.dsk
  8. Here is one disk I found in my box. MOORE#1 : 343 used 17 free 90 KB 1S/1D 40T 9 S/T ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMAZEFILE 11 INT/VAR 80 2454 B 122 recs AMAZEGRACE 10 PROGRAM 2254 B BERCEUSE/X 35 PROGRAM 8655 B BUGLEBOOGX 31 PROGRAM 7557 B BUMBLBOOGB 45 PROGRAM 11116 B DOGBOOGIEX 38 PROGRAM 9340 B FORESTROSX 31 PROGRAM 7653 B LOAD 7 PROGRAM 1410 B MAINSCRX 17 PROGRAM 3925 B ODEPUPPYX 34 PROGRAM 8326 B VARTHEMEX 30 PROGRAM 7181 B VENUSRHAPX 26 PROGRAM 6297 B WESTBOOGX 26 PROGRAM 6257 B sammoore.dsk
  9. Just from memory. Some of these may be by others. I look forward to revisiting these. Moonlight Sonata Killing Me Softly Yesterday Yes We Have No Bananas A 5th of Beethoven Bumble Boogie You're So Vain Come to think of it, another programmer Stephen Foster was prolific.. I wonder if I have some of his in there.
  10. I'm very much interested in this. I enjoyed a lot of the "music videos" when I was a kid. He also wrote a game called "Swords" which I adapted for online play on TI-Net BBS. It was a simple RPG where you were prompted to make choices. A modern equivalent is "Reigns" on the iPhone.
  11. Best web page not found, ever. https://www.emberintherain.com/community/index.php?/store/product/5-pxg-planet/
  12. I assume you have a LIMI 2, LIMI 0 near the keyboard loop? For debugging, how about in your keyboard loop: on the screen: display the current value of the user ISR pointer >83C4. Is this being cleared? display the current value of the interrupt mask (1 digit). display how many times it was executed (add a counter)
  13. This is a puppy in my dining room. There were seven adorable puppies in my dining room for 9 weeks. Now there are only two. I get lots of hours of free time back. But I miss the puppies already.
  14. I haven't gotten to the joystick ports, but I'm leaning toward just 2 Atari 2600/C-64 ports with translation. The two button kind would not be a hardware problem, but it could be a software issue. Though it would be possible to choose a key to map the 2nd button to.
  15. I'm really looking forward to seeing the two BASIC documents.
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