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  1. I populated the 2nd prototype PCB of FORTI-2 a week ago. I have not made a thread for that yet.
  2. I'm taking your cue and using a USB battery pack to power the TiPi or nanoPEB. For the Pi itself, I use a trusted iPad 1.5A power cable. (eevblog did a teardown showing the isolation in Apple's phone charger, vs the lack of isolation in a clone.)
  3. This is not exactly a gadget, but, it's in my toolbox now. I found this new tool for circuit simulation on iPhone: EveryCircuit. I was away from my computer and had a burning desire to do SPICE. It is a totally candy-coated SPICE simulator, but, I'm not complaining. Here are some screenshots of a driver with capacitive coupling. The circuit mocks up (badly) a video output of the V9958, in the range 2V-3V, being coupled to a next-stage (anything: encoder, amplifier, switch) requiring 1V peak to peak input. The app lets you play with all the parameters in real-time.
  4. On the other hand, MBX Baseball was pretty good. Still not as much joy as Intellivision Baseball, the only great sports game on that system. Atari 2600 Basketball was ok. That much could have been viable on the TI-99/4A. For whats its worth, Indoor Soccer and Football were produced in the earliest days of the 99/4.
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