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  1. Added 1 card. I also found one that I received from a retiring 99er, and I want to replace the clock battery (the card has a Richard Bell sticker on it from 2006)
  2. I only spent a little time with free/student Eagle. Only used it to make some home-made PCBs. I didn't like the interface then, but the Manhattan auto-router was ok. Kicad doesn't even have an auto-router. Looking back, I'm not sure Eagle was any worse in the interface department. Then there was their licensing change. I had access to UltiBoard ($$$) after that, and it had a few issues importing Eagle files from the net, but excelled at visualizing Gerbers. I wanted to get open-source and somewhat future-proof by switching to Kicad. Now Kicad is what I have put all my learning effort into. It's accepted natively at OSHPark, but then I had no trouble sending them Gerbers (read one tutorial, go.) But eevblog is always talking about free Altium Designer, which I think is now their free CircuitMaker offering. (love how he says ăl-tee-um.) I too got bit by the parts libraries upgrade from Kicad 4 to 5. In Kicad, I keep all my favorite custom or downloaded parts in one global library. Including copies of the SOIC footprints I use from the library, because I am afraid of getting bitten by part renames again! (The SO and SOIC footprints are very confusing and I stick to the names TI calls them. I translate some NXP names.) It's a pain to sync custom libraries between machines, because part schematics aren't separate files, but I'm managing. Kicad sucks at importing. Even from Kicad 4, it it tough to resolve missing parts from other people's schematics. I have not tried Eagle (the only sch and brd import format supported.) Importing Gerbers, it doesn't know XLN (Excellon drill files?). And I have not been able to import to a PCB from Gerbers--it crashes PCBNew. (Example: your 32k Gerbers) I'm not sure what it would even do with an imported Gerber because there would be no schematic or netlist.
  3. I know it came out on Apr 1, but, the IRS has no sense of humor, amiright? Verified Source: https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm967
  4. The FAQ is saying: folks on SS or low income, who typically do not file any return, can use a free-filing website to file a 2019 return. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/economic-impact-payments-what-you-need-to-know https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus
  5. I haven't looked at this yet. But it is great to see someone (you) working on new programming tools in assembly! Have you considered trying an approach that works directly on object files?
  6. Hey! You bought TI-Net BBS software from me (Erik Olson) (and Matt Storm.) TI-Net never achieved the goal of connecting to FidoNet. Later, I ran an Opus node at my high school that carried TI-Echo. I don't remember if I ever posted on it.
  7. I had a hunch this was out there. The fortuitously, or unfortunately, branded Covidien ventilator. Covidien was spun off from HP. I like how they echoed the old logo.
  8. I don't know. It has been much higher among the elderly, and those with other risk factors for pneumonia.
  9. On the contrary, the mortality rate will rise, because as long as the number of patients is increasing exponentially, you do not know whether your patients will be dead or alive in 20 days. Yes, a broadening of the people tested can bring the rate down as you find asymptomatic cases. But, we have at least one solid report from South Korea, where they have done the tests on asymptomatic people. The mortality rate is very high. I do not think the math will be comforting: I compared US and South Korea data so far. Because 30% of all US tests are positive, it's apparent that the US is testing people who are already suspected of carrying the virus (the very sick, or those who came in contact.) South Korea has had 3% test positive. It is apparent South Korea has tested large numbers of people with mild symptoms or none at all. The US is at the early end of the exponential curve: an unknown but large number of people certainly became infected in the past week or two. In the US, 1.6% of cases have already died. From their testing strategy, which includes follow-up and isolation, South Korea has "bent the curve" and their daily new cases are far below their peak. You can see this on this report: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 South Korea US Of the cases already found, South Korea has reported 1.5% have died. 50% are known to have recovered. That leaves half the sick people in S. Korea to either recover or die in the coming days and weeks. In the worst case, then, the final mortality rate will be 3% for COVID-19. Experts are putting at it back at 1.5% based on the denominator eventually being found to be higher. We'll see. The mortality rate can become much higher when hospitals are overwhelmed. In Italy, roughly 10% of known cases have died already. People have been left to die, who could have been saved. It's becoming a grim reality in New York. Data. 0-4 days old as of Mar 28 South Korea US Population 51,500,000 327,000,000 Tests 338,000 359,000 Cases 9478 112468 Recovered 4811 918 Deaths 144 1841 Tests (per MM) 6,563 1,098 Tested Negative 97.2% 68.7% Tested Positive 2.8% 31.3% Confirmed (per MM) 184 344 Recovered (per case) 50.8% 0.8% Mortality (per case) 1.5% 1.6% Unknown (per case) 47.7% 97.5% Test mean 2.804% 31.328% Test stderr 0.005% 0.052% Mortality rate 1.519% 1.637% Mortality stderr 0.016% 0.005% A bunch of data comes from disparate sources and different calendar dates between Mar 24 and Mar 28. Most of it is from this Johns Hopkins web page Number of tests from this article Another discussion about South Korea reporting 1.6% mortality: https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/03/27/821958435/why-death-rates-from-coronavirus-can-be-deceiving Disclaimer: I'm just an engineer who posts on the Internet Really, working out the math explained by Adam Kucharski, who thinks a 1% mortality rate is likely. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/05/health/coronavirus-deaths-rates.html
  10. I've lasered a DB9 screw-mounting plate out of acrylic/wood. It has worked well for my arcade controller. Though my F18A mk1 was kind of messy (melted holes with soldering iron, filed, cut down the VGA back plate, screwed it in) Next time I will make a nice acrylic plate that can go inside or outside of a rectangle opening. I will use acrylic cement, though super glue should work. We have plenty of the self-drilling screws used in the console itself , I wonder if those are too big to use. When the time comes I'll give my plate away for free (though Greg is welcome to sell them)
  11. Try this map. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 And today's interactive pandemic model for the US shows you the number of cases vs how long we isolate ourselves: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/03/25/opinion/coronavirus-trump-reopen-america.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage And here's some funny: Ask a 6-year old: Q. Why is school closed? A. Because they're out of toilet paper!
  12. Righto. The Bourns equivalent for $0.60 is in SOM14 . But its leads extend out to 7.62 mm while the SOIC14 leads extend out to 6 mm. https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/54/4800P-777115.pdf It might not fit on the pad. I guess you have the best price on the original chip.
  13. Is that a 220 ohm array? I’m looking at Mouser now. Does it match pinout with a new one? https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Bourns/4608X-101-221LF?qs=%2Fha2pyFadujGrwpxGSma51gvPokZCwAar6UktZ%2FCb%2Fnq5CFgv9kryg%3D%3D I was in need of the 220-330 ohm dual terminator. They’re very cheap new.
  14. After a week of WFH, My family helped clean out my corner completely, organizing everything thoroughly. We joined (circular saw, drill) two IKEA desks (with backs) together. Plus installing two monitor arms for work. So now my personal stuff and monitor goes on one end, and I really like my corner behind the desks still. we have a not very big 1954 house, extra room added in the 80s, so “corner” is what I get. Outside of my walled off corner are the kids’ desks. School is closed through Apr 13 or longer, so I put on headphones a lot! Last night I got electronics set up on the personal end, and began testing the 9958 card.
  15. I rely on Ninerpedia for Geneve hardware details whilst I wander through the MDOS source.
  16. I think the March 1983 99er reported it from the CES. Find the BYTE article too. It was intended as a low cost computer for teaching Basic, while the 99/8 would fill the high end. However the 4A price was cut to where there was no market position for the 99/2.
  17. Same boat. Working from home. But I have more new stuff to do for the house, and I'm getting maybe one evening a week for personal computing.
  18. I'm posting this here for the eBay seller. Please, add your own knowledge. To open the 99/2: First observe the bottom, metal side. In the left and right edges, you should see metal clips engaging under some plastic tabs. There appear to be 4 metal clips on each side. On mine though, on each side, only two of the metal clips are engaged. Now I flip the machine upright. I raise it about an inch off the table, grasping it with a hand on the left and a hand on the right. I bend one edge of the plastic case outward and put pressure on a key. Do this where each of the four metal clips are. Do it gently! If you succeed, the bottom will begin to fall out. Move to the other edge and repeat there. Here it is when the last clip is disengaged. The rubber keyboard will stay put, but the plastic keyboard cover is loose. Lift the plastic case (and keyboard cover). It's not necessary to remove the rubber keys. If you do, you will see a film underneath-- it's all guided into place by holes and pegs, not too complicated. But you don't have to disturb the keyboard. Above all, don't mess with the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the electronics. Just take pictures of the electronics. Here are my inside photos: To reassemble: Notice that the keyboard cover has a lot of plastic pins. These will fit into holes. Place the top plastic cover lightly in place but don't press down yet. Make sure the keyboard cover is correctly placed and flush with the larger plastic at all edges. Making sure the pins are going into their holes. Now press down and the metal clips should lock in place.
  19. I messaged the seller. Roma does not have the power brick. Can someone who knows exactly, send the seller details on the transformer? I would hate to see the buyer damage the 99/2 by guessing. I've tried to measure my power brick, but apparently I suck at measuring AC. I also asked Roma to open the case and take photos. -Erik 3 days left and it's over $1000.
  20. Yes let’s move F18A discussion over to your thread. One note: I2S is a different serial protocol, SPI like, used in PC audio. It’s always on, clocking stereo channels up to 256Ksps (I’m using 44.1 kHz)
  21. In the future, do you think the HDL could include an I2S block taking digital input on IO pins? This would be 3.3V of course. The Geneve2020 FPGA (ICE40HX4K) is using a CS4344 (or similar) for stereo D/A with I2S inputs. My Verilog mixes a final I2S stream from digital emulated 76489, other sound chips and (untested) TMS5220C speech. it’s exciting that the Mk2 will have audio processing. I’d like to figure out how to integrate that.
  22. just hearing about the V9938 core, I think it’s nice, because I still have warm fuzzies from the late 80s programming it. But: Geneve2020 is intended to use real chips wherever feasible. I just got the complete soldered 9958 board back from my technician (Amanda.) But Geneve2020 will also have an option to plug in an F18A, because that’s the new coolness and I want it to ship with an F18A only game. It will support at least two VDPs (I’m reserving 4x 8-bit bus ids for VDP) I’m using the FPGA only for memory mapping for MDOS and GPL, and it will be Verilog because open source IceStorm. . Oh, also the DRAM controller., and 16 to 8 bit bus interfaces (speech, VDP, sound) and I already did digital audio mixing to the stereo DAC. ok, a few more things. Thanks for sharing the HDL. and also I’m always recalling your TIM and SOB (though I’ve never seen one.)
  23. I would be interested in one or maybe three kits. What are those empty pads next to the clock chip? Are they for alternate clock chips? What happens with a dead battery? Is it just the timestamp feature that stops working, or does it lock up?
  24. Hmm. Kansas governor just ordered no gatherings of 50 people or more, for the next two months. Odds are not good for KansasFest (July). I cancelled my trip to Midwest Gaming Classic (Milwaukee, April 2) just before the show itself was cancelled by the mayor's orders. (10,000 people in the city convention center.)
  25. This alternative is also back-ordered. We got one a long time ago. https://www.amazon.com/Luxe-Bidet-Neo-320-Non-Electric/dp/B00JG3NVG2/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=bidet&qid=1584456988&sr=8-3 I went to Costco on Friday. Quite orderly. For the first 45 minutes anyone could get 1 TP. It ran out. Tons of food though - filled up my whole freezer. HEB grocery stores now close at 8pm for restocking. We love HEB in Texas. Stock up on Tylenol, Guaifenesin, cold relief. You may be caring for your neighbors, loved ones, or yourself.
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