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  1. I have a Japanese MSX computer with a busted VDP to be a loving home for a Mk2. It's with a friend who fixes retro computers, he's having some difficulty procuring the VDP. I'll have to check the pinout, I think there are variants with different pinouts, is that right?
  2. Precisely. To my continued astonishment, they managed to invent a web community format that's unlike anything that existed previously. Its usefulness doesn't mirror that of anything else, really. And it case that sounded like shilling (yeah... it does, I admit it) I have no relation whatsoever to the people responsible (Joel Spolsky and his business). I just think they're ridiculously awesome.
  3. (Not sure if this is the correct forum for this topic; if not, please advise.) http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/74814/retrocomputing I'll bet lots of people reading this have used Stack Overflow or one of its sister sites. It's a network of communities in a Q&A format, divided by subject. It's incredibly useful, and its power to retain useful information and Darwinianly separate it from fluff is astounding. When a subject proposal gains critical mass (measured by followers and a cache of meaningful questions) it gains its own site. Let me assure you beforehand that this is a unique format that is in no way a competition to web forums like this, mailing list, newsgroups, social networks etc. The retrocomputing proposal is there (see link above), but until a few days ago it was spinning wheels. This state of affairs greatly disappointed me. I ask you to log in there and help it happen. You can login with your Google or FB account. And, if mamory doesn't fail me, Yahoo!. As of now, what I need is a pool of meaningful questions, with 10 or more upvotes. Each login can upvote 5 questions at most. Cheers, Juan
  4. Yeah, I'm the guy in white. Repair (had a busted cap that was shorting the +12V line): https://plus.google.com/photos/+DanielCampos/albums/6105297657130285409 So, looks like a fun machine, but finding information about it has been a PITA. I can't even find the cassette pinout. Is it that DIN-8 at the back? I found a bunch of pages about it but only in Japanese. It'd be nice to find a mailing list or web forum, then even if it was in Japanese I could communicate via Google Translator. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
  5. It may be fun, but it isn't Man-Fun. (Disclaimer: yes, I know, there's plenty of women who enjoy Man-Fun.)
  6. Ahhh, the dreaded, hyper-sentitive Man-Fun Remote Detector. (Children have that installed too.)
  7. I like it that you call things what they are. A subversive habit, that.
  8. When I got my TI and started dabbling in its BASIC, I wondered why the **** they called the LOAD command "OLD". Then I learned about Dartmouth BASIC...
  9. The same thing applies to the Z80 TRS-80's (not the CoCos, those only had float), CP/M's MBASIC and probably quite a few others.
  10. I can help you if I can clone myself. I'll leave my clone doing all the drudgery and just fudge with retro stuff all day.
  11. Exactly, people, chill out! I was bummed because I lost the first batch, so I simply logged here, followed the topic and kept an eye to my e-mail. And if snafu happens, RELAX! IT'S JUST A HOBBY!
  12. But wait, will that mod work on a CoCo 2 or only a CoCo 1? Their video circuits are very different.
  13. Welcome to the Blind Club. There are TWO groups, one has a hyphen between TI and 99, the other doesn't. That's why I missed the first batch. But don't worry, there will be a third batch. (See above.)
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