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  1. I bought about $30 worth of items from this fella. Conscientious and friendly to deal with. Thanks, man.
  2. BrandonJ33


    I sure do love me some Shanghai Hmm, think I'll play a couple games before wrasslin' comes on
  3. :thumbsup: Bought a Dreamcast from ax and it was sent very quickly after payment. Arrived, works, I'm happy. Thanks.
  4. Bought four Lynx games and they were mailed out the same day
  5. I'm trading recently obtained duplicates of Klax and Roadblasters for Lynx. Carts only, no box/book. Tested on my Lynx II and work. I'd really like to add a game or two to my collection that I don't have. PM me with offers, please I have no feedback here on AA so I'd send my part of the trade first in an exchange with someone who does, naturally. I'm in the US. Below is a list of Games I already own (not for trade) *edit* went on a spending spree today, added more titles to "already own" list Awesome Golf, Baseball Heroes, Basketbrawl, Batman Returns, Battlewheels, Blue Lightning California Games, Checkered Flag, Chip's Challenge, Crystal Mines II, Dracula, Euro Soccer Challenge Gates of Zendocon, Hockey, Hydra, Ishido, Jimmy Connors Tennis, Joust, Klax, Kung Food, Lynx Casino Malibu VB, Ms. Pac-Man, NFL Football, Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden III, Paperboy, Qix, Rampage, Rampart, Roadblasters, Rygar, Scrapyard Dog, Shanghai, Steel Talons, S.T.U.N. Runner, Super Squeek, Switchblade II Toki, Tournament Cyberball, Warbirds, World Class Fussball/Soccer, Xenophobe, Xybots, Zarlor Mercenary
  6. Haven't seen a Lynx cart since in a store or flea market since I got Rygar for $1 at KB Toys in 1993. When I found vglq's website 10+ years ago with a bunch of $10 game I was like, " Mom you must call these people over the phone and give them your credit card number and order me these Lynx games." Loading their site on archive.org = memorieeeeees Sorry, tangent
  7. hi2u oldthread mcgee Would definitely preorder a Relief Pitcher.
  8. I don't think this looks better than anything, to be honest.
  9. Ew, DSI Games. I have their Spy Hunter / Super Sprint cart for GBA and they are absolutely terrible conversions. I imagine Checkered Flag, being a similarly simple game would have gotten the same treatment - something that seems like it was slapped together in a couple of weeks. Definitely not any sort of port. Allowing stuff like Spy Hunter / Super Sprint to be published, it makes sense that Nintendo removed the phrase "of Quality" from their "Nintendo Seal of Quality" graphic. Still, this would have been interesting to see and thanks for sharing the link.
  10. Copies of the game were pulled as part of a temporary injunction. Retailers pulled the product and were able to resume selling it after the injuction expired (the entry on the ever-reliable Wikipedia says this usually takes about 10 days). I guess the suit went nowhere and that's why you're seeing copies on the shelves. Your conspiracy theory is retarded, norkusa. You think Take Two is going to conspire to create a fake news story with media outlets to get publicity for their game and name Microsoft and Sony as defendants in a lawsuit? You're just grasping for straws and assuming things. Also, the game itself is terrible. I bought a couple copies of it from Blockbuster last year to make money off of.
  11. I wanted to correct myself for thinking it was "a little devious" for Duranik to be naming a collection of demos the "Alpine Games Bonus Cart" when it doesn't included the Alpine Games game itself. I found out the other day this was originally given as a prize to the top three scorers in a contest. In fact, I don't know what else Duranik could call it and people still know what it is. Also, I'd like to say I bought Alpine Games last week and it's probably better than 80% of Lynx games that were commercially released at retail. Consider me impressed! It reminds me a lot of Lillehammer '94 for SNES and Genesis. That's a good thing. I'm a bit of an olympic video game whore (in addition to being a Lynx one), so it was right up my alley. I also <3 me some Track & Field NES/Arcade, Winter Heat (Saturn), and ESPN International Track and Field (PS1). Alpine Games is now part of the Fab Five!
  12. It's back in stock as of today. Note that the Alpines Game Bonus is completely different content than Alpine Games (just for reference). I'm still waiting on more Lynx Reloaded carts, but they should be here in a week or so... Haha, thanks for the warning. I guess it's a little devious of Duranik to be calling it the Alpine Games Bonus Cart then. I was thinking it contained the full Alpine Games game plus the all the demos which was silly to think considering how large Alpine Games is by itself.
  13. I now have 25 different Lynx games. Starting with when I got my Lynx in 1992 at Age 9: Baseball Heroes Blue Lightning California Games (one with dimples, one curved lip) Hockey Ninja Gaiden Roadblasters Warbirds Zarlor Mercenary (last gift from my grandmother <3) I had a pretty good mix of games, I think. Those are all quality games, except for Baseball Heroes. Within a year I wanted more, but the associate at EB said they were no longer carrying Lynx software and Atari had stopped making Lynxes. I took this as a hint to search for whatever Lynx games were left at stores in the area. I found a single game I didn't own, but at least it was only a dollar at Kay-Bee. Rygar It wasn't until our household got AOL in late 1996 that the thought occured to me to find more Lynx games. In either 1997 or 1998 I stumbled upon Video Game Liquidators' website and got the following $10 games: Awesome Golf Batman Returns Basketbrawl Jimmy Connors Tennis Ms. Pac-Man NFL Football Qix World Class Fussball/Soccer At least Awesome Golf, Qix, and Ms. Pac-Man are really good from that bunch. Basketbrawl, NFL, and World Class Soccer are some true stinkers... Shortly after I got these games, my Lynx sat in its case mostly untouched for six years. Starting with Playstation, video games had become my number one hobby and I had plenty to distract me from ol' Lynxie Pie. I won't list all the junk I bought (5 different handhelds alone). In '04 I stopped neglecting my Lynx and took it to college with me. I bought a batch of the cheapest games available on eBay: Crystal Mines II Gates of Zendocon Hydra Kung Food Steel Talons Tournament Cyberball Xybots After that, I added my most current Lynx game. I read an article about this game somewhere, which mentioned it as a precursor to the Twisted Metal types. Having both in-, and out-of-car combat appealed to me. I bought a new copy on ebay of: Battlewheels ... Over the past couple of weeks I've been playing my Lynx again (mostly Qix and Jimmy Connors Tennis) and pining for more software, reading many of Robert Jung's Lynx game reviews. I'm waiting for the following Lynx stuff to arrive: A used Lynx II! Checkered Flag Chip's Challenge European Soccer Challenge Ishido Klax Shanghai Super Squeek Ultimate Chess My Lynx has a lot of sentimental value and I look forward to spending the time with it I feel I should have a long time ago. I especially need to go back and beat some of the games that handed my ass to me as a kid: Blue Lightning, Ninja Gaiden, Warbirds, Zarlor Mercenary... I'm looking at you. Once Songbird (re?)stocks the Alpine Games Bonus Cart, I'll get that, too.
  14. Would you please, please learn how to format your damn posts, Chris?
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