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  1. Super Pac-Man is extremely well made. I consider one of the best arcade ports for the system - too bad it was never released. Yes, it is worth adding to your collection. Unlike a lot of unreleased Atari games, it plays flawlessly.
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  3. Thanks for referring me to Atarimania - matches mine perfectly! Anyway, I am fairly certain the Atari Inc. labeled Stargate cartridge is quite rare - or at least, hard to find. Ive seen many silver label copies of Gravitar and Quadrun, but zero copies (until now) of Stargate. Thanks again!
  4. Hi, I have long pondered, whether Stargate, made it out of Atari Incs door, before the sale to Tramiel Technology. All of the copies, that I have seen, were produced by Atari Corp. - first as Stargate - later as Defender II. Well, after many, many years, of combing through the pages of eBay, I finally found an Atari Inc. copy of Stargate! Now before I jump for joy...can anyone out there verify that this is(or is not) a great find? Funny thing too - the box, cartridge label and instructions booklet are all labeled as Atari inc. but inside the box, also, is an Atari Corp. warranty card! I will attempt to send pics (if anyone wants to see) Thanks, Danny V.
  5. I played this late last night - showed my XBox teenage son, who isnt exactly impressed with anything Atari. He stated that this is the best- looking Atari game hes ever seen. Believe me - theres a big compliment! I own a 5200 Multicart, but I am going to immediately purchase this cartridge when it becomes available. Thanks again for sharing your work!
  6. Spectacular!! Thank you for contributing this! I love how you personalized the graphics, instead of directly "copying" the original graphics. Normally I'm not a big fan of customized old-school games - but you nailed it!!!
  7. I made a suggestion, several years ago, to post a "milestone icon" next to big seller's. This would be an immediate indicator of popularity. For instance, if a game sells 300 copies, the game could be rewarded with a bronze Atariage symbol. 400 copies - silver, 500 - gold. I will admit, that I have no idea "how many" constitutes a "big seller" - maybe start at 100? Anyway, this would supplement the written review system.
  8. What's going on with this? This is too cool!
  9. Dodge'em is a classic - I play it often. The "bad" Third-party game, that is in my "best-of" collection, is "Airlock" by Data Age. As a kid, who spent a fair amount of time in the Arcade(early 80's), I would've puked at the sight of it. Nowadays I love it! And for whatever reason, I kinda enjoy "Snake", another Data Age game. I don't know why - let's face it..."Snake" is pathetic.
  10. I love the CX-40 - always have! I grew up in the early Atari era. I can't remember anyone who didn't like it - parents included. As far as durability goes, I've never seen one broken(as a kid). Only after 20 some-odd years, did one of mine finally give up the ghost. I think, for the most part, you'd have to be rather forceful to break one(back in the day). Personally, I never liked controller pads, like used with the NES or Sega. To me, a joystick is the only way to go.
  11. I am sure I am a day late - but never a dollar short - Any left?
  12. Donkey Kong J.R. and Mario Bros are great also, imo. As far as homebrew games go, Super Pac-man is outstanding! Have fun!
  13. Personally, I don't mind paying $80.00, or more, as long as the console delivers on quality and embodies the spirit of the original VCS. Besides, I paid much more to have Atari and Colecovision consoles modded to output composite video.
  14. Othello - outstanding strategy game. I recommend game 3 (you vs. the computer, hard difficulty) Game lasts 10 to 20 minutes - is easy to learn, fun as sh*t to play! Checkers would be my second pic.
  15. The VCS(2600) was the high tide that raised all boats - rather, the entire video game and home computer industry. Everyone and their sister owned a VCS. The biggest sales years, for the VCS, was 1981 and 1982. No matter how awesome the 5200 games looked, there is no way, the average family was going to buy one anytime soon - why? Because, they just bought a VCS. To most parents, most of whom, grew up in the shadow of the Great Depression, the VCS was a hugh expense and good enough. Understand though, there was a good-sized, market of people, who were unimpressed with the VCS, and holding-out for a more arcade-like system. Unfortunately, for Atari, Coleco blind-sided Atari(and the 5200) with their amazing Colecovision and its market introduction 4 months prior. From what I've read, Coleco sold up to 6 million consoles from 1982 thru early '85. This number may actually be exaggerated, regardless, they sold a lot of console's and games - business Atari could've used! Now for this generally false history, that the 5200, being a repackaged Atari 400, somehow bothered people - it didn't! I knew one kid in school who owned an Atari home computer. Most average people, knew little about Atari home computer's, let alone associated video games. My friends and I, were blown-away by games showcased in 5200 commercials. On to the controller issue. I had a friend, who received a 5200, early on, who told me the controllers were terrible. I really don't believe this was a huge factor contributing to lack of sales. Again, I think it boils down more to everyone owning a VCS - and, once again, for most families, this was good enough.
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