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  1. My solution to the Robotron dual controller question/issue: Buy 2 Amiga Powersticks - one for each hand. They fit in the palm of your hand and can be easily operated with your thumb. I use the Powerstick with the Atari 7800 version of Robotron, and it works like a champ!
  2. Super Pac-Man is extremely well made. I consider one of the best arcade ports for the system - too bad it was never released. Yes, it is worth adding to your collection. Unlike a lot of unreleased Atari games, it plays flawlessly.
  3. AtariKid81


  4. Thanks for referring me to Atarimania - matches mine perfectly! Anyway, I am fairly certain the Atari Inc. labeled Stargate cartridge is quite rare - or at least, hard to find. Ive seen many silver label copies of Gravitar and Quadrun, but zero copies (until now) of Stargate. Thanks again!
  5. Hi, I have long pondered, whether Stargate, made it out of Atari Incs door, before the sale to Tramiel Technology. All of the copies, that I have seen, were produced by Atari Corp. - first as Stargate - later as Defender II. Well, after many, many years, of combing through the pages of eBay, I finally found an Atari Inc. copy of Stargate! Now before I jump for joy...can anyone out there verify that this is(or is not) a great find? Funny thing too - the box, cartridge label and instructions booklet are all labeled as Atari inc. but inside the box, also, is an Atari Corp. warranty card! I will attempt to send pics (if anyone wants to see) Thanks, Danny V.
  6. I played this late last night - showed my XBox teenage son, who isnt exactly impressed with anything Atari. He stated that this is the best- looking Atari game hes ever seen. Believe me - theres a big compliment! I own a 5200 Multicart, but I am going to immediately purchase this cartridge when it becomes available. Thanks again for sharing your work!
  7. Spectacular!! Thank you for contributing this! I love how you personalized the graphics, instead of directly "copying" the original graphics. Normally I'm not a big fan of customized old-school games - but you nailed it!!!
  8. I made a suggestion, several years ago, to post a "milestone icon" next to big seller's. This would be an immediate indicator of popularity. For instance, if a game sells 300 copies, the game could be rewarded with a bronze Atariage symbol. 400 copies - silver, 500 - gold. I will admit, that I have no idea "how many" constitutes a "big seller" - maybe start at 100? Anyway, this would supplement the written review system.
  9. What's going on with this? This is too cool!
  10. Dodge'em is a classic - I play it often. The "bad" Third-party game, that is in my "best-of" collection, is "Airlock" by Data Age. As a kid, who spent a fair amount of time in the Arcade(early 80's), I would've puked at the sight of it. Nowadays I love it! And for whatever reason, I kinda enjoy "Snake", another Data Age game. I don't know why - let's face it..."Snake" is pathetic.
  11. I love the CX-40 - always have! I grew up in the early Atari era. I can't remember anyone who didn't like it - parents included. As far as durability goes, I've never seen one broken(as a kid). Only after 20 some-odd years, did one of mine finally give up the ghost. I think, for the most part, you'd have to be rather forceful to break one(back in the day). Personally, I never liked controller pads, like used with the NES or Sega. To me, a joystick is the only way to go.
  12. I am sure I am a day late - but never a dollar short - Any left?
  13. Donkey Kong J.R. and Mario Bros are great also, imo. As far as homebrew games go, Super Pac-man is outstanding! Have fun!
  14. Personally, I don't mind paying $80.00, or more, as long as the console delivers on quality and embodies the spirit of the original VCS. Besides, I paid much more to have Atari and Colecovision consoles modded to output composite video.
  15. Othello - outstanding strategy game. I recommend game 3 (you vs. the computer, hard difficulty) Game lasts 10 to 20 minutes - is easy to learn, fun as sh*t to play! Checkers would be my second pic.
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