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    Playing Arcade games: I have a BAS Jamma cab that is currently loaded with a Gyruss Board and I have a Taito Trimline being delivered in the next few days which I'm converting into a dedicated Phoenix.
    I also love classic cars and I'm always working on my Morris Minor.
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  1. Hi there folks. My good friend Sarj (SILVERFOX) pointed this out to me last night on our atari facebook page (UKVCSC). We both have multiple copies of Asteroids, all on the same label variation and all PAL. All carts play the same but Sarj has 1 cart and I have 2 carts that have a start up screen. When you turn the game on it comes up with '1981 Atari Inc' somthing Ive never noticed before... Does anyone elses carts do this with Asteroids? I was under the impression that they all booted straight to the game.... I was just curious as to why some carts had start up screens and others did not. Any information on this? Cheers folks
  2. Highly recommended, sorted international shipping with great communications all the way. Cheers Buddy
  3. Hi there, I'm having trouble getting info on this River Raid II cart. I know its PAL as it fully working on my system but apart from that I cant seem to find this label variation. Any Ideas? Is it some sort of boot?
  4. Gyruss board thats stuck in a BAS Jamma cab and a Taito Trimline on the way thats being restored into a dedicated Phoenix.
  5. UKVCSC United Kingdom VCS Collectors Hi there everyone, as I’m yet to find a dedicated Atari collectors and enthusiast’s group in the UK I thought I’d take it upon myself to set up a thread for us to post on. Are there any dedicated groups of collectors in the UK? If not, it’s about time we did!!! This is just a quick hello to see if there’s interest out there. Please post up if you’re in the UK and are interested in setting up a sub group to discuss all things Atari in out corner of the world. Otto
  6. Hi folks, just a quick hello and to show you a couple of my toys. I have a BAS Jamma cab that is currently playing a high score modded Konami Gyruss board. I also have a Taito Trimline project on the way that I'm going to build up as a dedicated Phoenix cab.
  7. I also have another 6 switch woodie that is in the post coming back to me that my friend Sarj has done the composite mod on, cant wait to play that!!! My main reason to get that done is so I can run a feed direct to my PC so I can record gameplay...... does anyone else do this? was wondering on what software to use.....
  8. This is the cab I'll be converting into a Phoenix, should be turning up in a week or so....
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