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  1. Did anyone ever draw a conclusion on this topic? Has anyone been able to fix one?
  2. Hi everyone, So today I managed to get this working so I thought I would post the fix I used. I have attached a picture of a small converter I purchased online (see link below) for £2.20 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Scart-Adapter-Switchable-Plug-Socket/dp/B00077DC6A/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1398555191&sr=8-8&keywords=SCART+to+RCA I am sure that ZERO/sh3-rg fix would have fixed this, however, not being experienced with a soldering iron, I am to scared too damaged my original Atari SCART. I may well still carry out the fix at some point in the future once I have had a bit of practice with the iron as I know RGB will provide a better picture. But for now, this does at least mean I can play! Thanks for everyone for their help on this!
  3. If this is the case, would the SCART fix suggested by Zero still work or would I still see the same problem?
  4. Thanks Zero That was exactly the clarification that I was hoping for. When the soldering iron arrives, ill report back on my success. Ali
  5. sh3-rgThat would be great. It's really great to see how helpful people are on this forum. As for the serial, mine is a K15200xxxx Having checked the box. I have found a label stuck on by the shop which is French health warning. So the French unit logic seems to adds up. Good Knowledge! Thanks again
  6. It seems to be a UK Jag, but I don't really know how to check? As for the Zero thread, I have read it, but currently a bit scared to start opening up and re-soldering SCART cables. I haven't done any soldering since I was in school 12 years ago. I've gone and purchased a soldering iron for the job when i pluck up the courage. Just to check I understand correctly, I believe it implies that i need to unsolder pin 16 and 8. Then solder the wire from pin 8 to pin 16. But having added a 150 ohm series resistor between the wire and the pin. Does that sound correct?
  7. As you can see, no RF video out...rare it may be, but frustrating more than anything. It has indented plastic on the right where it should be. It is solid, does not fold or slide or anything...I imagine it is just a later model or something.
  8. Oh, and Neo It isn't the hardwired one. No idea why it has no RF out. Very frustrating. I can only assume it was a later model Jag where it comes with a SCART. the plastic case doesn't even have space for a RF out. It's complete plastic! Covered over...
  9. Update I have tired the Jag on a Samsung and it worked fine. So it has to be something to do with my telly and the way it receives SCART...I will probably try getting a SCART to Composite convert from amazon or something to see if that helps. Thanks TXG for your post. Let me know how the Svideo works out and I may end up buying one my self. Anyone know why it happens with some TV's and not others? is it something to do with pin 16 in the SCART? if so I'm going to try unsoldering it and see if it works, but dont want to if its nothing to do with it? Thanks again everyone.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts Neo. I suspect you're correct which is why I will be trying this with a number of different "tellys" today. It is just a little strange as there are plenty of examples of the Jaguar working on most LCD/Plasma/LED made a year or 3 ago using a PAL unit running at 50Hz, through that SCART lead through a modern TV set-up. I just wonder what is unique about my LG? frustrating that it has not RF out I am confident that this would work. As before, I will report back the results of my test on a number of different televisions.
  11. Not as of yet. It is on the agenda for the bank holiday weekend (I only have one telly here so will visit the in-laws to see how it goes on their tellys). I will report back.
  12. sh3-rgThanks for your responce. I have just finished reading the thread and it seems to point to a cheap extendor cable. However, I am using the original offical Attari cable, so you would expect this to work. I am in contact with the chap who sold it and he assuers me it was working the day he sent this without any flicker. I am going directly from the jaguar to the TV. Whent the image is up, it seems to work fine. It just seems to flicker on and off. If this is a sync issue, what is the work around? it has not RF out so I cant even try that... The topic you posted a link to is a little A level for me, but at one point, they reference pin 16 can be disconnected. is this easy to do?
  13. Hi everyone I've recently purchased a Jaguar off Ebay that is in great condition. Came with many games and extra contorler. However, the picture does not work properly. The sound works fine but when it is turned on, the picture flashes on and off. I have uploaded a video to youtube to demonstrate. It came with a standard scart output not RF. This model of Jaguar does not even have the RF out... At the end of the video, I show the telly using the same scart to display a Wii working perfectly just to prove it is not the telly. There are also some pictures at the bottom... Does anyone have any idea what is causing this issue, and how I can reslove it? Thanks Ali
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