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  1. .I do know it has composite & like I said, I am counting on that to work, but what I was really wanting to know is if there were any higher quality options involving the RGB out to an HDMI port on my TV or something...Im guessing I could do the RGB to VGA cable & run that to a VGA to HDMI upscaler if no such thing as a RGB to HDMI exists....


    I recently bought a Commodore monitor and cables from cloud9 for the Coco3. Surprisingly my newish 27inch Asus monitor displays the Coco3 perfectly with only the cloud9 RGB to VGA cable. ....and as discussed above, I can't recommend cloud9 enough.


    I recently got a twin disk drive system as apparently some software only works when that hardware is present. I'm glad I forked out for the drives and controller, something satisfying about hearing the drive tick away loading software!

  2. I'm in the same boat as you. eBay is the only place I can find originals but they're few and far between. I was in the Coco camp during the Coco 2 and 3 days and when I wanted to sell my gear, I found I couldn't off load it.

    Ended up giving away what I could and throwing away the rest....yeah, I know!

    Here in Australia it had a loyal following so I'd imagine many original users just held on to their software.


    Just got back in to the Coco 3 and completely regret getting rid of all my gear.

  3. Thanks Official Ninja. That grey seems quite hard to view for any length of time. I'll still give one a go but at least now know what I could expect.


    I'm not really keen on finding an old monitor at this stage. Long story short, had a triple screen setup for Forza4 on the xbox and when it was realised my $900 wheel setup wasn't going to be compatible with Xbox One, I gave up on it and got rid of it all except for the screens.


    Would like to make use of those 27 inch Asus monitors :)

  4. Hello all.....


    Have done some reading up on why older systems look rubbish on new monitors, like the photo I've attached of my Coco 3 hooked up to my old Bravia. That pic isnt too bad but text is horrible especially in 80 column mode. Been reading up on the VGA adaptor made by Roy Justus and it looks like a great piece of equipment. He was good enough to reply to my email letting me know he's not making them at the moment but will in future (This was last month).


    When he decides to build them again, I'm still going to buy one but is there something else I can use in the meantime?


    (Didn't realise how much I missed that old machine....emulators are great but much prefer the real thing!)




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