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  1. I got it to work, needed to use the bin file and found it under Intv Party 2017 and not sequencer.rom. I had to search through all the game listings on the left column of the LTO Transfer Program.
  2. How do I use the BIN+CFG files with the LTO Flash? When I just tried the bin file I could not find it in the Windows Transfer Program that transfers games to the LTO Flash Cart, only when I select the ROM file does it show up. When I tried the add folder option and transferred sequencer to the LTO Flash it still just keeps resetting my Intellivision 2.
  3. Could not get it to run on my Intellivision 2. It kept resetting back to the LTO Flash Cartridges Game Select Menu no matter what settings I used under Config (Pressing the 1 key on the keypad)
  4. No, the Maximum of $35 These games should be available to the most amount of people, not everyone can afford to pay 60 plus a pop for one game. What harm is there in making games affordable?
  5. Yes, I'm requesting that these games be available in LOT Flash Format and would be willing to pay no more than $35 each but $20 would be a very reasonable cost. In LTO Flash Format they can copy protect the file to help prevent pirating of the games since the ROMs are locked to your LTO Flashes Unique Device ID or DRUID so it won't play on another LTO Flash or other Flash Cartridge like Cuttle Cart 3 and won't play on emulators.
  6. I hate it when they only release games on Cartridge and not LTO Flash format as well. I'll NEVER be able to buy the Home Brew of Donkey Kong JR because 60 plus bucks is too much for one game wit blocky graphics, nostalgic or not 60 bucks is too much for one game. Why do they only make some games available in cartridge only format and then just discontinue it forever? If it's a issue of making back the production costs of the cartridge, no longer selling it won't remedy that. The cost to produce a ROM file is far less if none at all than a physical cartridge. With a ROM file you simply E-mail it to the person who purchased it, no shipping costs, no need to pay someone to box it and pay a shipping company to ship it out. Also what happened to Jr Pac Man being made available for free ROM download after they make up the production costs of producing the cartridge? Why is Sea Adventure and Chopper Command available for free and it's from the same company Intellivision Revolution. Also you can get TNT Cowboy, Hover Bover,Steamroller,Ninja Odyssey, Miner 2049er and Anthropomrphic Force in LTO Flash Format for 20 bucks each because they do it the right way, sell games in ROM Format to build up the funds to produce the games on Cartridge. Same thing is true with Carl Mueller Jr, you can buy his DK Arcade games in LTO Flash Format for a donation of $20 or more and Ms Pac Man for $10. I also got Jaw Crusher for 15 bucks in ROM Format. I buy video games to play them, not to collect them and put them on a shelf un opened just to look at them and brag about how many games I've collected but don't play because I but them just to collect them like people who buy Star Wars Figures just for the act of collecting them and maybe later selling them for big profit when they become rare and valuable.
  7. Carl, are you still selling the DK Arcade Special Edition ROM and is it a LTO Flash only ROM?
  8. Are the sharks in Sea Adventure from Dr Evil with "Fricken Laser Beams on their Friken Heads", because how can normal wimpy sharks kill a big metal Sub?
  9. So where is the Manual for Sea Adventure? All I see is the ROM
  10. I found a bug in it. I played a 2 player game and when player 1's game was over it switched to player 2 who had more than just one extra guy and when he died it went back to player 1 with a screen full of yellow submarine images that cleared once the round started and a light blue background making it impossible to see the divers. It kept doing this until it crashed and reset the Intellivison making it go back to the LTO Flash Game List Screen. I was on a new high score run when this happened, 71k plus and level 11.
  11. Why did you remove the Save High Scores Option? Why not have one version with High Score Saving for LTO Flash owners and another version with the High Scores saving feature removed for people using emulators? Just ask people to state which version they want.
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