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  1. Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. Thanks for the caps kit link! I might just order one to keep one on hand just in case
  3. Where were these sold back in the day, KayBee toys or Hills or something ? Thanks
  4. I've always found it interesting to see the lengths that people will go to obtain 2600 protos, half finished demos, hacks and the like. Yet there were thousands of Atari / Commodore computer games produced in low numbers, some even just a handful made by amateurs, and don't forget the international scene as well. Many of the playability of these would far exceed some of the 2600 stuff. Has anyone wondered why this facet of the hobby seems to get much less attention. Is it only chips and circuit boards we want That said, is there some sort of master databank out there for every 8-bit game, commercial or PD released. I'd love to know the link. I know this post has both elements of the 8-bit computer forum and this one , but I thought I'd post it here since it asks a basic gaming premise....... Thanks for your comments.
  5. Is Montezumas Return any good? Is it at all like the classic Montezuma's Revenge game? s?q=tbn:ZQ4ZJe_2USzD8M:http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j153/Daniel-Jackson/boxart/B00004TNJ0.jpg
  6. Yep quite a few Amiga games. One I can think of was Quadralien Then of course there were all the cool Psygnosis ones!
  7. Wizard of Wor- 2 player competitive/co-operative game - funky "retro" droning sound effects........flickery as all hell but a great two player game
  8. When I think of FMV, I think of the 90's buzzword "Multi-media", and of course the 3DO system. The novelty value was OK, I think the problem was in the repeat play value.......how many times can see see the same "cut scene" without wanting to click/push through it?
  9. Actually,I don't think I've played mine more than a couple of times ever. Which is probably a shame because I managed o find a complete PowerLords in the wild a few summers back. With so many other consoles and MAME I just never really got around to checking out the O2. I'll have to put it on the "to do"list I do agree that the voice add on is a great novelty
  10. Yes, these are excellent. However, you have to be careful with it as its fairly easy to break the fold up plastic parts where they hinge. Of all the GBA's (and even the DS) I prefer the ergonomics of the original. Good luck though finding one of these fold up lights
  11. Having watched the video, I can't believe how different this version is from the ColecoVision version, and how much is added
  12. There a good chance that this topic has been explored before, but I'm wondering what year was the best for you. I'm talking about finding games at fleas, thrifts, yard sales, etc. Both quantity and quality. For me, surprisingly I'd have to say 2006, followed maybe by 1997 or 1998. For 2006 it was for just the sheer number of classic titles, especially SNES, NES, and dare I say PSX..... I'd have to say 1997/1998 for the number of Atari 2600/ColecoVision finds, including several lots that were close to one hundred games each, with many rarities,....and incredibly cheap... What were your stellar years (....and I'm hoping that 2008 is the best yet for everyone )
  13. yeah the future ...I forgot about that At the risk of being off topic in this thread, here's a youtube link of Yoshi in action Here's one of Wild Bill in a PPV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hwmm8PlPpU
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