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  1. I'd love to see some Dungeon Crawlers like Knightmare
  2. Flavored tabacco is completely banned here where I live now. My wife works at a gas station where they threw out tons of flavored tabacco products
  3. Midnight Resistance is the Arcade music. The ST only had music on the Title screen and not as good as what’s in the Jag port
  4. Can’t wait for Last Strike and ReBOOTed!!
  5. I actually bought the Sanyo MBC-775 and the C-64 games the other day but just got the Apple IIC
  6. It is on The Early Years Cartridge from Songbird
  7. I have a 512k coco 3 no fan and never had any issues in the 2 years I've had it
  8. I think a port of Flimbo's Quest would have been cool, as far as I know it never came to any game consoles only computers
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