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  1. I have a frontlit WSC and the flashmasta flashcart. Love the little thing but don't play it much lately
  2. Added this Apple IIe to the collection yesterday
  3. Those are pretty cool! Do you make them yourself?
  4. Check your local Goodwill's too. I've gotten 6 HDMI TVs at Goodwill for under $15 each!
  5. Depends what someone has to trade lol
  6. I've aquired a extra boxed VG5000. This is slightly less common Schneider version (white instead of Philips black model) boxed with power supply and controller interface. I have a video cable I can throw in as well but its flaky. (A new cable is only like $15 on eBay) To use this in the US you'll need a 220v to 110v converter and a Scart to HDMI adapter. I also have a couple loose game tapes I'll send along. You can use any Cassette deck just needs a MSX compatible cable. $100 + shipping
  7. I'll take it if nobody else has claimed it yet. I'm in Florida too. 32177
  8. No gaming for me this week. All my free time has been spent on a much needed reorganization of the game room. Probably get some gaming in next week hopefully
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