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  1. Just wanted to say if anyone debating getting a figure made, customclassictoys is great! I just received my first one today and wow! Pictures don't do her justice! Amazing high quality product! Highly recommended, I'll be a return customer for sure
  2. If only I was good at art I could could make a full on Assembloids Arcade....ah well this works well enough
  3. Assembloids works well on the Arcade1up too (and yes I'm missing some buttons on there lol I forgot to order the third set of controls lol, they should be in Friday )
  4. I believe also a supervision version was/is in development as well Edit: yes I found the Facebook post announcement
  5. This one is quite nice. I didn't understand that all I needed to do was make a clear path across at first so didn't know why the game kept abruptly ending lol. I'm not good at reading instructions lol and thought it was like minesweeper where you have to find all the bombs
  6. Played a bunch of Atari Lynx homebrews this week also a bit of PC. Atari Lynx 4ttude - 10min Assembloids - 450min Find a way to my Heart - 30min Growing Ties - 20min Lynx Quest - 45min Nutmeg - 15min On Duty - 60min Sky Raider - 20min The Inside World - 10min Undergrounders - 20min YNXA - 45min Windows 98 Postal 2 - 200min
  7. Definitely still overly excited to play this
  8. great game! I played about 5hrs yesterday to get those scores lol.
  9. Not sure what happened, I played 7 rounds after no issue. I have the McWill mod and Agacart. Played on A/C adapter Played again no issues, maybe my ac adapter dropped voltage for a moment that one time? Idk😕
  10. Dunno how I did it but somehow I broke the game 😕 VID_20190913_054724907.mp4
  11. For me first place was hardest to pick as I really like both my 1st & 2nd picks but ultimately I gave the edge to Assembloids as I find it more addictive All the entries are great tho!
  12. I have a version of this on my Roku device (did you also make that one?) And really like it but I must say the Lynx version is superior in my opinion. Gfx, sound and gameplay are excellent! Great work!!
  13. 2 new game O_o Unfortunately I can't attend but anxiously awaiting news of these!!
  14. That definitely helps, thank you! Now I just need to figure out where they are hooking the composite wire up to on there. I know one wire goes to ground, I would assume the other is replacing video out but not 100%? It's this little adapter between the system and the monitor cable that I need to create.
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