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  1. Finished Vanishing Grace on Oculus Quest 2 tonight. Not as good as I’d hoped. Not terrible but I wish I’d waited for a sale 😂
  2. Removed claimed keys and added some more new ones!
  3. Hey sorry I don’t always remember to look at this thread, I do still have it. I’ll PM you
  4. Just finished Warhammer 40k: Battle Sister on Oculus Quest 2. A few minor issues, inconsistencies in texture quality and some clipping issues, but overall a very fun game
  5. Not sure if this would be considered modern or not but I finished Half-Life today. Originally released in 1998 but I played a modded version on the Oculus Quest 2 which makes the whole game VR ❤️
  6. Just finished I Expect You To Die on Oculus Rift tonight. Not to long (finished in one sitting) but really fun puzzles.
  7. Finished Edge of Nowhere on Oculus Rift. Really liked this one, in my favorite VR games list for sure
  8. Just finished Walking Dead Onslaught on Oculus Rift. Not quite as good as I’d hoped, the knife and axe are a bit overpowered so once you figure that out you can pretty easily get past most walkers and never have to worry about ammo. Still it was fun and head stabbing a walker or chopping their heads off in VR never really gets old
  9. I just picked this up myself so hopefully try it soon I finished Silicon Rising on Oculus Rift last night. Great fun, a bit short but not bad.
  10. Wife bought me the Quest 2, just gotta wait for it to ship now
  11. Ive has one of these for years, barely use it anymore but still fires right up. Good machine.
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