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  1. Yep I’d bid on that lemmings but if he gonna flip people off when he put his post in the wrong section, I’d rather take my business elsewhere
  2. Croteam VR bundle is 92% off. Regular 199.99 now 15.99
  3. Just got Total Chaos Directors Cut working in VR For those who don't know its a super awesome Doom II mod. Some of you may have already got it working in VR but I just thought I'd share for those who may not know it works. the controls aren't perfect but it does work with oculus touch (keyboard as well if you prefer) and the inventory is a bit finicky but hey its free lol you can download it free https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xD6evZaY9t_btHXYGDPx3Dqoc4N5Yvhj
  4. Unfortunately it looks like TP shortages won’t be getting better for a bit 😞 paper mill in Jay Maine where my brother works just exploded. Among the items they produce is TP 😞

    Luckily everyone made it out safely ❤️

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    2. CPUWIZ
    3. carlsson


      Hm, so one sensational news source first tweeted about several injuries, then a slightly more reputable source tweeted about no injuries. #fakenews much?

    4. Iwantgames:)


      No one was injured. It’s a part of the mill that’s not normally occupied. Still no word on what caused it yet. 

  5. Bought a ngage and oculus setup from him, well packaged and quick shipping. Highly recommended seller!
  6. Bought a Coleco Steering module expansion from him, great seller excellent and quick shipping
  7. If we have a choice I actually like the graphics one in the picture 😊
  8. If you get the C4CPC cart this is a fun machine. I’m in the US and already have one or I’d buy it
  9. I don’t have any extras but I’ve bought from Stupus in the past, great seller!
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