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  1. Are you sure she stays to pay off the karma and not to try and figure out how to make off with your computer/gaming collection? 😂
  2. I try to keep the list edited and up to date so if its listed it should be available I've removed those 2 from the list now and will PM ya the codes in a moment
  3. Even MORE Codes!! I posted the older codes on a Facebook group I'm in too so if anyone wants any of those better hurry lol. anything listed under new codes remains AA exclusive for now
  4. It’s a 8mhz 8088 with 640k RAM and 20mb Hard Drive. I swapped the 5 1/4” floppy for a Lotherak HxC Floppy Emulator. Running DOS 3.2 and GEM OS
  5. Looking forward to being able to throw money at this 😉
  6. Any word on a 3rd US run? Maybe after the overseas copy’s? Not for me as I have one but a buddy of mine saw my FB post and wants one now 😂
  7. Mine arrived today Haven’t had a chance to play yet tho
  8. I have been meaning to work on setting up a Multirom.odf for mine but haven’t gotten to it yet lol, I need to add more games to mine first though lol
  9. I have a MSX2 and the MegaflashROM SSC+ SD cart, fun machine I need to spend more time with
  10. Over a year old post good luck getting a answer 😂
  11. Sold most what I got until I sort more
  12. I actually bought this at the beginning of the month, but it just arrived and somehow actually survived the trip from Europe to US in a garbage bag!! 😳 If the person I bought this from is on here (doubtful) please never do this again lol
  13. I think the full box release ones are ones he can acquire the rights/ok from developer to release
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