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  1. I'm just not sure where this fits in the gaming eco-system. Who is it for? What competitive advantage does it offer? My prediction, Ouya part two. Dead shortly after arrival, if not before.
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  3. I prefer the Apple II originals. Nothing like switching floppy disks every few seconds.
  4. Neat! To bad this was never finished back then. As a Garfield uber fan back in the 80's, I would have been all over it. I also recall an old Apple II Garfield comic strip maker, that included a bunch of clip art of the characters in various poses and you could add your own words. I used to play with it in the school library when I wasn't playing Oregon Trail or Print Shop.
  5. No. Never sell your stuff to Gamestop. They give the basement prices as far as trades go. I always regret selling off my old consoles, even if the new console is BC. But, if you are serious about selling, you would probably get better return using EBay or Craigs.
  6. There really is not much THIS YEAR that is going to get me pumped up on the Wii U. But, assuming N survives this drought, fall 2015 may well be a new golden age for Nintendo. Until then, it is very VERY meh. I say this because, I've never been much of a SSB fan. The only game coming this year (maybe) is the Toad one. Mario Kart 8, and SMB3DW will not hold me out until late 2015. N really needs to get things out THIS year. That said, an open world Zelda is just what N needs. Too bad we probably will not see it until 2016 knowing how slow development moves over there.
  7. They talked about it, but it is still very fuzzy on the details. Would it be DOS only? And if so, what level of performance are they targeting. Not to mention, what would it even look like. Still, I will be keeping an eye on it.
  8. Nah, VirtualBox devs have thus far shown no interest in Windows 98 and lower. I have a Win98 VM setup in VBox already, but it does not work well. It lacks the drivers for true integration. That and it is missing one of my big points, 3d hardware emulation. You can get 3D in a VBox WinXP VM, and it works well enough. I tried 3Dmark 2001 in it not that long ago. Perhaps, with a glide wrapper, and a bit of Tweaking, an XP VM would work for some games, but not all of them.
  9. I've seen this. It is a very handy quick reference. There is a few games on there I have never heard of, mostly RPG's. DOSBox is hardly a compromise. It completely rocks! Honestly, I mostly run DOS titles in DOSBox on my Linux rig. I keep my MT-32 connected to my Linux box for that purpose. My Win98 rig is for just that, running Win98 games. If there was a reliable Win98 emulator that supported hardware 3D acceleration (and VooDoo emulation), I would retire the real box. I don't see that happening. Unless the DOSBox guys are working on that in secret or something. Doubtful.
  10. If you get a good CF to IDE adaptor, it is trivial to install windows to it. It appears like a normal hard drive to the system. Quality between CF cards varies though. Also, Win98 only supports partitions up to 64GB. (if you patch fdisk, you can go double that I've heard). The other thing I did to save on wear of the CF card, was install a 3rd party RAM drive, and put the swap file on that. Just to save on wear and tear of the CF card. Since my system had 512mb, that was more than Win98 needed, so I could spare 64mb. I'm not a fan of the VooDoo 3. There are some compatibility issues with some older titles. So, I find the best solution using dual voodoo 2s for 3dfx api specific games, and then use the nVidia for the D3D titles.
  11. I keep an old Win98se rig around to play the games that will only work properly on that generation of hard/soft|ware. Win9x is touchy and finding drivers and tweaking is somewhat time consuming, but once you got your build right, it is a hoot. For my retro PC needs, I've built an P3 Slot1 based system with Dual VooDoo 2's in SLI and an nVidia GeForce. I've found that combo will let me play the widest selection of games from the 90's through the early to mid 2K0's. Abit BX6 2.0 ATX motherboard in custom built system Intel 700 MHz Pentium III CPU 512 megabytes of PC 100 DIMMS (64 megabytes as RAM swap drive) nVidia GeForce 4000 MX Dual 3dfx Voodoo 2 PCI in SLI mode 32 gigabyte IDE HDD (CF Card) Sony DVD-ROM 31/2 Floppy 51/4 Floppy Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE 64 Gold ISA Dlink PCI 10/100 NIC Case: Antec Sonata III ATX PSU: SeaSonic 400W Fanless OS: Windows 98 se The system uses a CF card for the hard drive. I have two reasons for this. Silence, and ease of backing up. The rig is already fanless, but I like being able to take the CF card out, and make an image of it. That way if it burns out, or I screw up the OS in some way, it is trivial to restore it. More information about my rigs can be found on my website: http://www.laxdragon.com/stuff/puters/
  12. PS4 is officially my platform of choice for this console generation. I'm currently playing Wolfenstein and Watch_Dogs. The latter using up the majority of my game playing time. It is a great game if you are into the whole sandbox gameplay style. I rather enjoy the strategy of using cameras to plan my route of attack, or even avoid attacking entirely. The driving elements also work well. I give it a thumbs up!
  13. Looks fantastic. Very high quality sprite work. I'll be watching for this one.
  14. I use 2x 8-way Pelican video selectors. One is connected via S-video for the consoles that have that, and the other is connected via composite for the older consoles that didn't bother with s-video.
  15. I may be poking a bear here. Feeling cheap is how every original Atari joystick ever feels. Every Atari console I own, the first thing I usually want to do is find a 3d party joystick. I still often wonder why Atari never could get it right. Worst offender, that travesty of a 5200 joystick. *shudder*
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