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  1. That's awesome! Thanks Allan. I have most of Antic's PD offerings and have started trying to compile a complete collection of their retail software as well. This is definitely one I've wanted to acquire and play with, especially with the FujiNet.
  2. Not I, for sure. I despised those sticks with every fiber of my being. They were horrible! Of course, there are two camps when it comes to the 5200 controllers. I think it's pretty obvious which camp I fall into. As much as I despise them, I know there are just as many that love them.
  3. This book was never associated with the Pirate's Treasure Chest software.
  4. Awesome idea! I'm starting to like the idea of the 1090 more and more, and that's not necessarily a good thing. A new project, or set of projects, is the absolute last thing that I needed. Maybe in six or seven years when I finally pull the trigger and retire but Toyota keeps wanting to throw more money at me and I keep making excuses. Eventually, I'm just going to have to hang it up and take what time I have left for myself and my family, and we all know that we never really know how much time we have left anyway.
  5. Yes, I think that's why so many people were so excited when @candle announced he was working on a PBI port U1MB/SIDE 3 expansion.
  6. All very good points. I don't know that I'll ever build one or not, but I'm definitely interested in seeing where this project goes, especially if it goes off the rails and expands out beyond the original, officially planned for cards.
  7. Well, let's face it, there are newer, and likely much better versions of most everything the 1090 did or could have done. They probably do it better too. So, strictly speaking, there's really absolutely no need for the 1090 other than nostalgic reasons. At least none that I can think of. Still, nostalgia is a good enough reason for most, I'd say.
  8. I'm coming late to this party. I can't recall, was the 1090 64KB upgrade card supposed to bring an extra 64KB to the machine, or take the machine up to 64KB? The only reason I ask is that there were only two XL models with a PBI port and one of them already had 64KB.
  9. I'll look into that method. Luckily, I have three of each PCB coming!
  10. Would it maybe be better to use solder paste and a hot air rework station at lower airflow and heat, say 450 deg F or so?
  11. Still wouldn't be worth $900, in my humble opinion, but at least its's a fairly complete looking package. That auction mentioned earlier appears to be just the cartridge. No packaging, no documentation, nothing. Still a very insane BIN price, in my opinion.
  12. Yes, this is an insane price! From the admittedly limited research I was able to do, it looks like maybe $100 at the outside, but nowhere near that ridiculous asking price. Obviously, this is another one of those crazy ebay auctions that will not get even one bid. Definitely nothing even remotely close to that crazy price. Go look at the seller's other auctions. Lot's of rare and super-rare items. It's funny how sellers think that, if they add those words to the auction title, it'll add lots of money to the sale price. Let's see, if I add rare to the description I should make another $100, so it stands to reason that if I add super-rare, that should bring in another $250!
  13. Print to pdf would be nice. I know the FujiNet does it with real hardware. I'm really surprised that Altirra, with its myriad of options, features, and unbelievable number of built-in emulated devices, has no emulated printers. Of course, I'm not the developer and I'm not a coder, so that's easy for me to say I guess. Maybe one day.
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