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  1. It's funny. I worked as a bench tech for a couple of years, but didn't work with a lot of discrete components outside of the classroom and labs. I've been a bench hobbyist for the past several years. Still neither of these fixes had ever occurred to me. I'm usually pretty good at thinking out of the box, but both of these are really great ideas. Personally, the older I get, the shakier I get, so I think BillC's option would work better for me, assuming I had the clearance for the extra height, but both are really great ways to fix the problem.
  2. I've been thinking of picking up a can of that. I see they have several products. Which do you guys use? Deoxit D5? Deoxit Gold G5?
  3. Well, it looks like almost all the ones I have listed are good, but there are some additional screws needed that aren't used on an STE. It seems strange that they would use almost all metric screws, then use a 6-32 for the floppy stand-offs. Either way, an M3, 25mm is virtually identical and should work just fine. He'll just need to get those extra screws.
  4. I too have AT&T and Spectrum, but zero issues. It's just really strange how some of us have the same providers, though obviously in completely different parts of the country, but some have no issues whatsoever, and some have nothing but issues... I did message Lotharek. I'll let everyone know if I hear anything from him.
  5. Well, since I still have no issue accessing his site, I'll login and send him a message, just to make certain he is aware that his site is having issues with many users.
  6. I agree. I've been on numerous times since yesterday afternoon and have experienced no connectivity issues whatsoever, all the while, some people are talking about not being able to connect and certificate issues, etc. Actually, once I saw these posts, I kept logging in more and more, just so I could tell everyone that his site is still up. I'm not trying to deny that some people are experiencing problems, only that I have no exceptions created, for any site at all, and I've not had any trouble getting through to Lotharek's Lair. I've probably hit it 25-30 time all through Friday night into Saturday morning, then more Saturday afternoon. No security warnings anywhere in site. It does seem like a lot of the posts that I've seen from those having issues seem to be towards the west coast side of the U.S.
  7. That is really weird. I mean, I don't doubt that you guys are having issues. It just seems really strange how some of us are having issues getting to the site, and others of us are able to get there without any issues whatsoever. I use Firefox pretty much exclusively at home. I started to think that maybe it was a browser issue, but I had no trouble reaching his site using Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or IE. I can't explain it. All I know is that I've had no problem reaching his site whenever I've tried since yesterday evening, from work or home, using any browser that I've tried, with NordVPN on or off. It's all very, very strange. I hope it starts working soon for you guys.
  8. Really? That's funny, because in Post #10 he specifically said he's going to get a Sophia 2, 64K of RAM, an U1MB, and a SIDE cart. Even if he used a 1064, for external memory upgrade, the Sophia 2 and the U1MB kind of rule out keeping it stock, though both are reversible. For that matter, most 64KB upgrades are reversible as well. Regardless, @Mazzspeed mentions in at least a couple of posts that he wants to upgrade his machine. I think you're mixing up @x=usr(1536) posts. In at least two of them he mentions that he wishes Mazz would keep his machine stock and in another that he really wants to keep it stock if at all possible.
  9. No, I'm in southern Indiana, so it's clearly not a U.S. too Lotharek issue. Do you happen to use any sort of VPN by chance? Try temporarily disabling it, then try Lotharek's Lair again, just too see.
  10. Well, you've mentioned that's what you'd do, but @Mazzspeed had already mentioned he wants a Sophia2, an U1MB, and 64KB of RAM, so I'm pretty sure it's not starting stock. I can vouch for Lotharek's 64K SRAM upgrade too. It's really easy to install and looks a little cleaner with just the one wire to solder in. Either way, upgrading to 64K is a must before installing an U1MB unless you plan to wait for the external version to arrive.
  11. I'm glad your install was successful. Congratulations! As far as Lotharek's Lair being down, it must've been something temporary or something to do with your ISP or something. As luck would have it, I was on the site just an hour or so ago, checking into an old order, and I didn't have any issues. Just to make certain, I tried again before posting this. The site came up without a hitch. So, whatever it was that was going on seems to have corrected itself.
  12. Oh wow, that looks like it might have the mechanical keyboard. Sweet!
  13. I agree with @manterola. While the RetroTink does put out a beautiful image, I don't care for font smoothing "features". I prefer my Atari fonts to look like Atari fonts, just a sharper, clearer image overall. I'm sure that's a feature you can turn on or off though, right? @CMinus, those are beautiful images. There's definitely nothing to be displeased about. I'd definitely be happy with my purchase if I were you.
  14. Is it just,me, or do you guys see the ugly bunch of globbed together solder joints on the right, underside of the motherboard, about halfway down? Something about all those solder bridges doesn't look quite right.
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