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  1. That gives me something to go on. I'll look into it. Thanks for the reply!
  2. I have an Atari SC1224 color monitor, Goldstar version, that has a slight X pattern of darker pixels on the screen. I've attached pictures of it, but it stands out much more in person that it does in these photos. It shows up more pronounced on a darker, solid screen, like the desktop, than it does in a game or on a screen of text. Have any of you ever seen anything like this before? Any idea what may be causing it? Is it just age? Is there an easy fix for it? Thanks for any information anyone may be able to provide.
  3. I'm not sure about the software though. I would think it needs some kind of drivers.
  4. That looks like a 19-pin male connector. There is a 19-pin female hard drive port on the back of the ST.
  5. I just saw that! Maybe that was in cents, and the conversion didn't come over correctly.
  6. OK, thanks. I may pick one up if he ever starts making them again. Let's face it, the main thing I like doing with my STE is playing old games and tinkering. I know there are a few monochrome games, but not many. Most of the monochrome stuff is geared more towards business or productivity, and I'm doing productive stuff, I'm doing it on my modern PC, not my STE. For the few times I want to do something in monochrome, the image I'm getting will probably do me just fine. I am thinking it would be cool to find an old Practical Solutions Monitor Master though, just so I wouldn't have to keep swapping out cables all the time.
  7. Hopefully, not your issue, and I'd definitely check all the low hanging fruit first, like pulling and re-seating chips and all that, but it could be the floppy controller chip. Looking at your mobo revision number, that's a 1040STE, not a 1040ST, correct? Did STEs have the AJAX chip, or did they still have the WD1772? Either way, it could be the floppy controller chip, whichever your machine has. Do you have a Gotek drive? If you do, that would be a good way to narrow down the problem to the board or the drive. You've swapped drives, but without another machine to put those drives in to verify they're good, you may just be swapping out multiple bad drives and not realize it. Anyway, hopefully it's not the floppy controller, but it's always a possibility. If you don't have a Gotek, and were thinking you might want to get one, this would be a good time as it would help you troubleshoot this drive issue a little further. Ah, I see Zogging Hell just suggested the same thing. A day late and a dollar short; that's the story of my life!
  8. OK, thanks flashjazzcat. I think it's clear now. We order VBXE, or VBXL from Lotharek, we're all getting the same units, assuming no rev3 coming soon or anything. Then we could have any of the four types at any given time, depending on which core we flash to, and we can use the core flasher tool to do that with. OK, then, it doesn't seem like it would be hard at all to create an NTSC core, and that is just one of the available cores we could flash with. If the only thing different is the color palette, it seems like it would be easy to modify that core with every new revision as well. Of course, I realize me sitting here saying, "It doesn't seem like it would be hard" means absolutely nothing. It's always easy when we're asking someone else to do the work! And I understand why it wasn't done initially. It was created in Europe, Poland if I remember correctly, where they use machines with PAL color palettes. They just create what was "normal" to them and it didn't occur to them that it wouldn't look normal to us NTSC users. Anyway, it's another $100, but I'll probably add a VBXE to my 1088XEL build, just to give me more output options, I've already ordered Cool Novelties special-made Scart cable for it after all, and the added graphic capabilities are pretty cool, but I definitely hope to see an NTSC version of the cores eventually. I'd be willing to bet Lotharek would see more sales of it if one were available.
  9. Ok, so, if someone just orders a VBXE off Lotharek’s site today, they’re getting #1. Gotcha.
  10. You guys are discussing different cores, I'm assuming they're from different versions, but I only see two versions on Lotharek's store; the VBXL and the VBXE. So where do you get a GTIA-only core, and what are the other versions for? What is the "regular" core? How do you get them? In the VBXE files zip I see something about a 5200 core, but I don't that version for sale. Do you just buy the VBXE from Lotharek and then flash it to whichever core you want?
  11. Thank you very much mono for the detailed information. Unfortunately, without the base knowledge or experience to build on, it's still Greek to me, but hopefully someone with a broader knowledgebase and experience can take your information and make use of it to help us get closer to our dream of having flashable palette for the VBXE.
  12. Thanks for the reminder! I agree. I always heard RF output was horrible, even 30 years ago. I'm sure it hasn't gotten any better with age. I was thinking it was channels 3 & 4 or 2 & 3. It's been far too long for me to remember for sure. I had an ancient looking switch that probably came with my original 800 or maybe my old Vader style 2600, and I got nothing at all from 2, 3 or 4, even with fine tuning. The results in the pictures were from an old Nintendo RF switch, probably from an old SNES, but maybe from an old NES. I believe this was from channel 3. Anyway, as bad as it may have looked back in the day, I think modulator output would've looked better than this when everything was new. He thinks he can clean it up though, and still wants me to keep the monitor and ship just the external drive with Gotek installed and the 520STM. He paid my Buy It Now price of $250, which I really didn't expect anyone to even consider. No one had even bid on it yet and the starting was $100. I really didn't expect to get this much out of it even with the end of auction bidding war that usually goes on. I'd have been thrilled with $150+s&h. Like you said though, the customer is always right. I hope he's very happy with it. Heck, maybe he's a member here.
  13. I have no idea how the palette is generated, but about 10 posts back in this thread, Sikor posted a link to a VBXE palette manipulator tookl that runs in SpartaDOSX. I downloaded the zip and can't make heads or tails out of it, but it has a bunch of 768b .ACT files (Adobe Color Table). They each contain 256-color palette definition. Supposedly this tool will change the palette as long as the machine is running. Any changes are lost when it is rebooted. Still if someone knows anything about the makeup of these color table files, and how this tool temporarily modifies the VBXE palette, I would think that should give someone knowledgeable the information they need as far as how the default palette is generated and stored. Unfortunately, I am not that knowledgeable person. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/266456-ntsc-core-for-vbxe/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-4461197
  14. I have a buyer for a 520STM that I'm selling and he wants to confirm the modulator works. Why, I have no earthly idea, because I'm selling it with an SC1224 monitor, but that's beside the point. I need some sort of RF switch to connect to the antenna jack on the back on my TV right? Then I need to select low or high on the back of the ST, which corresponds to channels 3 or 4, and that's where I tune my TV, right? There's no other way to check this out without the RF switch right? I have a really old one that I believe was from an old Super Nintendo or maybe an original NES. I get nothing at all on channel 4. I get absolutely horrible low and medium resolution images on channel 3. I'm not sure if it's the modulator or the RF switch I'm using but, since I'm only getting output from one channel, I suspect that it's the ST's modulator. Any advice or information? Thanks.
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