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  1. Agreed. As a Christian myself, I've always found televangelists a little creepy, fake, and self-serving, but that's just me.
  2. Do you mean a real second edition, as in pretty much the same as the first edition with some additional material, or more like a volume 2? I was planning to pickup Breakout, but if you're already planning to do a second edition, there's probably no sense in me getting it. I'll just wait for the second edition.
  3. Where, and how, did you find an STe here in the U.S.?! I've been looking for the better part of a year and they seem to be more rare than hen's teeth over here, while they're all over the place in the U.K. Congrats on your good find. It looks like a nice, clean unit. Enjoy!
  4. I saw an ad for it, then forgot about it until I was watching Fear the Walking Dead last night. It came on again at midnight or 1am, so I DVRed it. I haven't watched it yet, but I'll get around to it eventually.
  5. If you own a Mac, and you won't consider running the software under Wine, then yes, you wasted your money.
  6. Exactly, and even though many may feel that $400 was too much for my Jaguar setup, looking at past auctions and what Jags in similar condition sold for, I felt $300 was a fair starting price. Anything beyond that was totally out of my control and was driven by those bidding on it. The buyer was happy, and I was extremely happy. It was a fair deal all the way around. Of course, those that lost, or those that didn't even bid because they felt it was priced too high probably don't think so, but, in the end, the buyer and myself are the only two that matter in that respect.
  7. I've been trying to contact someone at AtariMania to provide them with a version of an existing title that they don't have, but my emails keep getting bounced back with some sort of undeliverable error. I'm using the only email address I can find on their site, [email protected], and it appears to no longer be valid. Thanks.
  8. I agree with most everyone else on here. There's certainly nothing wrong with asking, but the price you want to pay really isn't a "good" price now. I finally pulled my like-new, complete-in-box, Jaguar out of storage and sold it to another AtariAge user a couple of weeks ago through ebay. I took stock of what I had and did my research and felt like $300 was a good starting price. I had several people making offers of $200, $250, $300, and telling me that those were "fair" offers, and, while they were fair offers, they weren't good offers for what I had. I knew what I had and the condition and what the average selling price for one like mine was and I wasn't going to end my auction for under my starting bid. Sure enough, I let my auction run the full ten days and, like most auctions, there was a bidding frenzy right at the end and it wound up going for $400. Now, that was quite a bit more than I was expecting to make, but I was more than pleased because the funds went to purchase most of the components for my Atari 1088XEL build. I don't feel I ripped off the buyer because it was an auction and they could've bowed out at any time. They were perfectly willing to pay what it went for. Had it gone for less, but at least my $300 starting bid, I would've been more than happy. I can certainly understand why people want to pay less, but those of us that sell for more aren't really gouging anyone. Like someone else mentioned, it's all supply and demand and what someone is willing to pay, and right now, for whatever reason, Jaguars are commanding a premium price. We'd be fools not to try and get as much as we can for an item we have for sale. Why would anyone willingly accept any less? I wish the original poster luck in finding one for something close to what they're wanting to pay. I wish all sellers luck in making as much as they possibly can on their items. That's the way the word works. Good luck to everyone!
  9. Well, true, I just meant more than your typical 48K or 64K machine. So, a 130xe or something upgraded.
  10. Actually, I asked about the four z4 titles. I knew for certain that the z5 and z6 games had never been released for the 8-bits. Still, if we could get an updated Z-Interpreter the will allow us to run the z4 and possibly the z5 titles, assuming your machine has enough extended memory, that would be awesome!
  11. You're probably onto something there. When I look at the box images on MobyGames, all four of those v4 titles show 128K of memory required on several versions of the game boxes. That would explain why none of those titles, and nothing later, made it to the 8-bit line. They could've possibly worked for the 130XE, but most publishers were going for the masses, not a very small slice of the Atari 8-bit ownership. Yes, it would be nice to see an Atari 8-bit version of Frotz. Many of the games that were put out on the 8-bits, even though several had numerous versions, very few had the final versions of the games, though I'm sure the changes were minor tweaks. Also, with our expanded memory "modern" 8-bits, I think we'd be able to run most titles from v3 up through v5, though I think the v6 graphic titles would still be beyond us.
  12. In addition to being a big Atari computer fan, 8-bit and 16-bit alike, I'm also a big fan of text adventures in general, since that's what got me into computers in the first place, and Infocom specifically. I have images of all of the Atari 8-bit versions of the Infocom games. I've located images of all 24 of the original version 3 Z-code games that were released for the 8-bit. As far as I knew, none of the version 4 Z-code games, A Mind Forever Voyaging, Bureaucracy, Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It, and Trinity were ever released for the Atari 8-bits, and definitely nothing beyond that. So, imagine my surprise when I was looking through Analog Issue #58, October 1987, when I saw that Steve Panak reviewed Bureaucracy. The Atari 8-bits are never specifically mentioned, but it does say 48K disk, which rules out the ST, and Analog wasn't in that habit of reviewing non-Atari related hardware or software. This leads me to wonder, if he was able to review a copy, why was it never released commercially? Has anyone ever ran into a copy? What about any of the other four version 4 games? Does anyone know anything about these?
  13. OK, it sounds like maybe you're talking about cards that get removed and inserted quite a bit, where mine rarely get removed. That culd explain why I've never seen any of the issues you describe, where I may have seen them had I used my cards differently. Thanks for clarifying.
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