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  1. He was my age. Trust me, he WAS very young! It was a tragic passing too, for the Atari community.
  2. And you don't have to pick either. My XEL has UAV, Sophia C and VBXE. I wanted all the video options available so that I'd have plenty of options.
  3. The look pretty neat, but I wouldn't pay hard-earned money for them. Seems like a really stupid way to waste money to me, but to each their own.
  4. Definitely true, but they may be super disks, like mine. My old 8 & 16-bit disks have been moved around from one attic to another over the past thirty+ years, and I've had a success rate above 90% reading all of my old disks. You just never can tell.
  5. It depends on if you're just dragging the second disk image to A, or double-clicking it. I may be wrong, but I think, if you double-click on the disk image, it inserts it into drive A and reboots the machine. Therefore, it does the same thing that a real ST would do if you inserted disk #2 into drive A and booted, which is nothing, since it isn't bootable. It just opens the drive and shows the contents. You just need to boot with disk #1 in drive A then, when you're prompted for the second disk, press Pause, or alt-tab out, then drag disk #2 to drive A, then go back to the emulation screen and press whatever the program tells you to.
  6. I may or may not join today. Today is my wife's birthday and I have to go pickup her birthday cake. If I join, it might be a little later, and I definitely won't be able to join for three hours, but hopefully, I will be able to join for a little while. If not, I'll try to join the next one.
  7. I've never really ran games from an emulator, so I can't answer #2. As far as question #1, I'm sure there is an official key-stroke or something that I'm missing, but you can alt-tab out of this app just like you can with any Windows app and go back to the desktop. Whether or not this is official, this will take you out of the Atari desktop and into Windows. From there you can select and use other apps or make selections within the emulator. The Atari emulation will be paused while you do this. Clicking back inside the emulator, somewhere on the Atari screen will restart the emulation. As far as question #3, you have to alt-tab back out to Windows, go into the emulator options to where you setup the disk in Drive A and change to the second disk, then go back into the Atari emulation and press enter, or 1, or whatever key the software in question is telling you to press. If there are more disks, you would do the same thing for disk 3, disk 4, etc.
  8. I'm pretty sure the MPP 1000C was my very first modem. If not that exact model, I do know it was a 300 baud MPP joystick port modem.
  9. Yeah, that's why I was asking about the OP's past experience with STs in general. By the questions that were being asked, they seemed to be really inexperienced with STs at all, let alone ST emulators. At least that was my opinion.
  10. What's a decent going price for a CX-22? It seems like I see them typically going for around $50, at least lately.
  11. I've been considering picking up a trackball for my 8 & 16-bit Ataris. I'm trying to decide between the Atari Trak-Ball and a Wico Trackball. Are they both pretty good? Does one come more recommended than the other?
  12. st and stx files are floppy disk images. You can't run them from a hard disk image or hard disk folder. You need to move them up to the big A or B file box images to emulate those disks being installed in A or B disk drive, just like if you were using a real Atari ST. Now, some games may run from a hard drive, but you'd need to move the files from the disk image to the hard disk folder, just like you'd need to move the individual files from a diskette to a real hard drive if you were trying to do the same thing with a real Atari ST. What is your actual experience with a real Atari ST? Or is using an Atari ST emulator the only experience you've had so far? I'm just trying to determine your general level of experience with the ST line.
  13. No, there are no "official" cartridge images of these. Nothing like that was ever released. I'm not aware of Adventure International ever releasing anything on cartridge for the Atari 8-bits. Now, that being said, I saw some Atari 8-bit SAGA cartridges somewhere very recently, in the past week or so I believe. It may have been ebay. Regardless, you can rest assured that they're definitely home brews, like the M.U.L.E. cartridges I've see.
  14. I don't recognize those chips specifically, but you can download SysInfo from the link below. Run that on your STE and it will tell you how much RAM you have. Those are either 256KB SIMMS, in which case you have a 1MB STE, or they'll be 1MB SIMMS, giving you a 2.5MB STE. https://sites.google.com/site/stessential/system-tools/sysinfo
  15. You can watch the video above. It's a pretty good overview. But to answer your question, no, you don't have to do anything special, assuming your SD card is 32GB or less. If so, just make certain it's formatted to FAT32 and yes, it's drag and drop. I created directories and sub-directories to help me organize my files, but that was a personal choice, not a requirement. You can just dump everything straight onto the root if you want to. One thing to note, in the video, the reviewer states that UltimateCart is limited to a 4GB card, and this has never been true for me. Even if the docs say that officially, I've used 32GB SanDisk Ultra cards with my UltimateCart for the past 18 months and had no issues whatsoever. I think it has more to do with the way it's formatted. You can't format a card greater than 32GB as FAT32 by default. It takes a special app to do this. For this reason, any microSD card larger than 32GB typically comes formatted as exFAT, and I think that's where the problem comes in. All that being said, I think you need to seriously consider the AVGCart. I'm an UltimateCart owner and I love it. When I purchased it about 18 months ago, it was top of the line in terms of overall cartridge type compatibility. At that time, the AVGCart had just arrived and, while nice, it didn't offer compatibility with nearly as many cartridge types. Step ahead after 18 months of extensive development and updating and the AVGCart has definitely surpassed the UltimateCart in terms of overall features and cartridge type compatibility. I still love my UltimateCart, and probably won't be getting an AVGCart, but if I were making my purchasing decision today, it would definitely be the AVGCart, hands down. If you still decide to purchase the UltimateCart, I'm certain you'll be happy with it, and you can't do better than dealing with Marlin at The Brewing Academy, but you owe it to yourself to give the AVGCart a serious look if you haven't already purcahsed. The icing on the cake is that it's actually a little bit cheaper for the AVGCart with more features and better cartridge type compatibility. It's too bad that Marlin hasn't started selling those as well. Maybe he will eventually.
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