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  1. Yeah, Gavin, your results speak for themselves, obviously, but all the concerns and comments from the others have me convinced that your method isn't in my future. Besides, my board is working just fine and is in nowhere near the horrible condition of the boards you showed. A little isopropyl alcohol, a little elbow grease, and I should be fine. Thanks guys.
  2. There really wasn't a solution open to the 8-bit masses in the early to mid eighties, at least not one that a "normal" person could afford. Some of the already mentioned devices started appearing in the late eighties and early nineties, but by then, the masses had moved on to 16-bit computers, Macs and PCs, so I don't think they were as prevalent. I don't think we started to see much in the way of what we now think of as mass storage until the late nineties and early 2000s when the retro-computer enthusiasts started coming out of the woodwork. Now, that's not to say some of our older, die-hard 8-bit enthusiasts didn't put something together; I'm certain they did. I just don't think we had options that were all that common before the mid to late nineties.
  3. I'll have to admit, they do look nice and brand-new. And those two before pictures were nasty! Thanks for the suggestions. I may give it a go.
  4. Really?! Just spray and wash them off in a sink of soapy water? I'm assuming you don't completely dunk or submerge them. I've heard of others putting keyboards in the dishwasher and all kinds of things that would seem to go against common rules/knowledge for electronic equipment, but I'm not certain I'd be that brave.
  5. Oh, and I have just recently become the proud owner of an Ultimate Cartridge too, and I love it!
  6. Well, if you installed OS A it would essentially turn your machine into an Atari 400/800 and would allow you to run older titles that had trouble running on XL/XE machines without using a translator disk, so there's that. Same with any titles that would only run with XL/XE machines, but since you have an XL, it isn't all that big a deal. Honestly, I'm not aware of that many compatibility issues with cartridge titles, though I'm sure many other users on here could pipe in on the subject. I would think it would be much more helpful to be able to switch OSes to improve compatibility when using XEXes and ATR/ATXs.
  7. I'm looking for suggestions for what to use to cleanup my old 800XL's motherboard. It isn't bad, just 30 years of storage bad. I'd like to clean and shine it up like when it came off the assembly line new. When I worked as a bench tech repairing old IBM ProPrinter power supplies during college back in the late eighties, the company kept a huge vat of liquid freon that we used to clean up boards and solder joints. Obviously, I don't have a vat of that just lying around, and it isn't very environmentally friendly anyway, so what do we use these days? Anything more than just some isopropyl alcohol? Thanks.
  8. Well, I guess that would actually give me the best of both worlds. With the BOB-12391 SIO2PC, I'd get to use RespeQt, and I'd still have my AtariMax version that I could use with my 1088XEL and APE/ProSystem. It would just be external rather than built into the finished project in one case like everything else.
  9. One thing that occurred to me is to ask about the SIO2PC option. I see it listed but really don't know which version it is. Is this the generic/homemade SIO2PC or an AtariMax SIO2PC? Having already used an AtariMax version for a while, and being a big fan of Steven's Ape & ProSystem software, I'd much prefer the AtariMax version to the generic/homemade version. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  10. Thanks MacRorie. I may take you up on that when I get a little closer. I'll check with you then and then compare your prices to mine and we'll go from there. Thanks again for the offer.
  11. Sleepy & DrVenkman, thanks for your replies guys. That's what I was hoping to hear!
  12. I know I probably shouldn't, but I'm really wanting to start one of these 1088XEL projects later this year or next. I had a question about all of the add-ons for it, such as the Sophia DVI, or 1MB Ultimate Upgrades. Are these special versions made just for the 1088XEL project, or are these just the standard upgrades you'd purchase and put into any normal 8-bit? The reason I ask is that I'd like to start purchasing the components in batches so that I don't have to shell out so much all at once. Also, many of these upgrades are more expensive if ordered from the 1088XEL sellers as opposed to ordering them straight from the original manufacturers. Thanks.
  13. Personally, I wasn't overly worried with maximum capacity for my Ultimate Cart, since I only plan to use it for cartridge images and xex files. To that end, I knew my 32GB SD card would likely hold every single cartridge and xex image I could ever hope to find, several times over, as well as scanned images of the documentation for all of those titles if I choose to archive them on the same card. I bought a SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I card with Adapter, part number SDSQUAR-032G-GN6MA, to use with my Ultimate Cart, and it works flawlessly. I've had considerable luck with SanDisk media for years and I use them almost exclusively except for in my dashcam, where the manufacturer suggest not using them due to read/write speed issues. I use a Lexar 128GB SD card in that. Otherwise, I'm a SanDisk man for portable/removable media.
  14. That sounds really strange, especially coming from AtariMania. I would guess the games in question didn't come from there, and likely came from these "other" sites you mentioned. AtariMania prides themselves on having images of original disks, not cracked or fixed images. You could always load the images up in Altirra and try running them on a 130XE and an 800XL and compare them.
  15. Look here and download MSA Converter. http://msaconverter.free.fr/index-uk.html This will allow you to convert between various formats, including msa and st. This should allow you to get them into a format that will work with Flash Floppy.
  16. For those of you that are more experienced with cleaning and/or retrobrighting older Atari cases, do you remove your serial number label from the bottom of the machine, or tape/cover it off in some way to protect it during the process? If you have found a way to remove it for the process, what tricks to you use? I want to protect mine during the process. Removing it much the way a philatelist removes stamps from an envelope, then reapplying it later would be ideal, but I'm not sure that's really feasible. Thanks for any advice.
  17. OK, that definitely gives me something to think about then. I'm going with the Sophia rev.C DVI board for now, but I'll definitely consider a Side2 cartridge later. Thanks for the information.
  18. Well, that may be something to consider then. The only issue then would be that I wouldn't be able to use my Ultimate Care and my Side2 at the same time. Does the Side2 emulate other cartridges like my Ultimate Cart does? For example, can I use it to emulate Basic XE or Action! and still have access to all the other atrs on the card? How large capacity CF card can the Side2 take? I don't see that the Side2 accepts an SD card, so I assume you meant CF.
  19. I already have an Ultimate Cart, and I feel it is the best of the Multi SD Carts available. The only thing I see that the Side2 offers if HD access to a CF card, but I have no desire to have that. I'll look into it to see what else it offers that may interest me, but I really can't think of any need I have for it. Also, there seems to be some wasted redundancy between the Ultimate 1Mb and the Side2 if you have them both. For example, they both have the real time clock feature. If I have no desire for HD access, and I already have a great multicart, help me to understand why I would want the Side2. What does it offer? Thanks.
  20. Can someone clarify for me whether or not the Sophia rev.C DVI board outputs a 100% digital signal? I thought I'd read somewhere, or heard in one of the videos about it, that the signal is 100% digital. I know the fact that it uses DVI doesn't necessarily mean it's all digital as DVI can pass analog, digital, or both, but I was really sure that it did output a 100% digital signal. In another thread, someone told me to make certain the monitor or TV that I planned to use it on accepted a 15kHz signal on the DVI port, or on the HDMI port if I planned to use a DVI to HDMI converter. This made no sense to me if the signal was digital, so I thought I'd better research a little further before looking into purchasing. Thanks.
  21. I'm trying to get in touch with Simius to see if I can purchase one of his Sophia rev.C DVI boards, but I had a question about video inputs that are required from the monitor. Because of this thread, I assume it isn't as easy as plugging into a DVI port, or an HDMI port with a DVI to HDMI converter. Someone mentioned to me that I need to make certain the monitor is capable of accepting a 15kHz signal and that didn't make any sense to me. I know that's an issue with the analog signal when trying to connect an ST to a later VGA monitor, but I didn't think this was an issue with something like the Sophia. I thought I'd read that Sophia outputs a completely digital signal, so the horizontal frequency issue should be out the window, right? Or am I completely missing the boat on something?
  22. True, but I'd planned to use it with the menu software from the Atari side, rather than select from the device, most of the time anyway. Unless there's a reason not to do it that way. The SIO2SD was definitely the last my planned upgrades though. Yes, assuming I get my research done, and can get in touch with Simius, and he has any Sophias available at the moment, I think I'm leaning really strongly towards that upgrade for now. Then maybe the Ultimate 1Mb Upgrade later, then the SIO2SD this fall or winter. Then I'll be done.
  23. Yes, I have at least one NEC LCD monitor that I use with my STf that I could use with Sophia if 15kHz is required. I'm not 100% certain that is a requirement with the Sophia DVI mod though. I was fairly certain that the Sophia mod outputs a completely digital signal, so the 15kHz requirement would be out the window. Either that, or I've completely misunderstood the details, which is also completely possible. As far as needing to run different OSes or needing over 64kb, no I don't need that either. Heck, I may never "need" to do that. But, then again, I don't need any of this. These are all just wants. How many of us need any of this stuff? Actually, if I can get in touch with Simius, I'm really leaning towards the DVI upgrade. It looks like I need to research it a little more first though.
  24. I'm trying to decide what I want my next upgrade to be. I have three more that I'd like to do before I say I'm done. I want to buy one of Lotharek's new Sio2sd BIGGUS DICKUS devices, one of his Ultimate 1Mb Upgrades, and one of Simius's Sophia rev.C DVI boards. I want to buy something now, then I'm going to put off anymore upgrades until the fall, but I can't decide which one to buy now. I have my AtariMax SIO2PC-USB, so I can really get by without the SIO2SD right now, so I'm really leaning away from that one. That leaves the Ultimate 1Mb and the Sophia. What do you guys think? Which should I go for?
  25. OK, thanks for clarifying. I was just going off of what he had just said in the post just before my reply, when he said he was opening by right-clicking on the page images. For what it's worth, Microsoft Edge, the successor to IE, crappy though it is, displays the pages just fine, and brings up the window like I showed in an earlier post. It is beyond me why anyone would choose to use either of those two browsers though, but that's another issue altogether. Either way, I'm glad you were able to figure it out.
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