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  1. @AL: if you read before the post that Steve made obviously Byran was giving us crap so Steve said a few words. hehehe Makes me laugh just reading it. also, you have givin me all the proof I need. @MIKER: let them think what they like. We know Centron 3D for the 8-bit is completed and sitting on my shelf in my office. @AL: * The message on our website will not be removed. *. Many people visit our website everyday. Do I have to say more? Thanks AL, and have a great day. Pete
  2. @AL: I see you work in Admin, did you get my email? @STEPHEN: What does that actually mean? I have no idea. @RYBAGS: Your just pissed because YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH ! hehehehe Pete
  3. @AL: What's the matter, the truth hurts? That's exactly what happened. AtariAge users DID ruin it for everyone else and that is why I didn't release it. What I wrote on our website is the truth. You guys wanted the truth, their it is. Pete
  4. Centron 3D in a Retro Magazine, not bad... I may even release Centron 3D for the Atari 8-bit after all. Maybe after the Amiga port is done and depending on how much more crap I get from you guys. Pete
  5. @ STEVE - RPC-GAMES!: Steve, stop pissing these guys off and leave them alone. No more Atari now. Now get back to work slacker ! Pete Manager RPC-Games!
  6. Ravard, "you, guys - started" all; this, not us. YOU could be playing Centron 3D right now." " Something wrong with my punkutation? Steve
  7. Phoenix Maybe you should see a doctor Sounds like you need one. With the Amiga port, well..... look on our website. www.rpcgames.com.au Steve
  8. Tell me guys, do you really thing Pete will release Centron 3D when you keep on giving him the shits? So disappointed in you guys. You said we Love new software for our A8's, you say your sorry for all the bullshit you guys have said about us and yet you keep on going. So your sorry? Yeah right. I talked to Pete this morning about Centron 3D and he had that "scrap the whole thing look" on his face. I've seen it before, so if he does then congratulations to you guys. If Pete had seen that you guys are actually sorry then I guarantee you, you would be playing Centron 3D today. So keep going on with your bullshit and Pete will probably scrap it and port it over to the Amiga. It's up to you now. Steve
  9. Hi Guys, I'm starting to understand more on the Ste now. Thanks for that. Does the Ste have an 8 channel tracker like the Amiga? The Amiga has Octamed Pro which can play 8 samples at once but you can hear the drop in sound quality. I'm guessing 2 samples are mixed together on one channel in a sample buffer and then played out through one of the sound channels, that's why theirs 4 left channels and 4 right channels. Steve
  10. OK JOEY Z HERE !!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5aZJBLAu1E&feature=share&list=RDl5aZJBLAu1E Steve
  11. Nebulon, thanks for the Blitter info. I'll check it out. What's Stephen talking about? We haven't said anything about creating a game for the STe? Probably trying to start trouble again. Maybe he's a little short of a six pack or something Steve
  12. no no, not to me I couldn't give a rats ass about it, to Pete the Manager directly. [email protected] and he will act on your apology. I just hope he accepts your apology. Many people have apologized from here and we thank you all for doing so. Steve
  13. Hey tchidt909, no bullshit from you today? What's wrong r ya sick? Pete's waiting for an apology from you and Centron 3D will be released. Steve
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