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  1. eBay has had proxy bidding as far back as I remember. I usually bid the most I'm willing to pay for an item and if I'm immediately outbid it's time to move on.
  2. I am also interested. Most likely for 2 if possible.
  3. I never got any hits, either. Seems to be something not many have, and those that do aren't parting with it at any price. I emailed Lance at video61, since they seem to be the current owners of the rights and his reply was that they were looking to put it on a cart. I take that to mean "don't expect it any time soon".
  4. I've got P.T. on my ps4... digital hoarding at its finest. I wonder what it'll go for in a few years?
  5. A bit of a sleeper in the category, Rogue System has made something of a comeback. It's in early access, so don't go throwing your money at the screen if you're in to released titles. Looks to be going in an awesome direction if you're in to button porn and dealing with individual systems. A bit of a cross between Orbiter and Digital Combat Simulator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vziIgAtD66s
  6. Why would you start a listing without the photos and list of items? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 252092196557
  7. Looking for BBS Express! Professional, if anyone is willing to part with theirs.
  8. $10,000 bid for a crappy 2600 and some games. The description asked people to bid because it was for medical bills.
  9. Just a suggestion here, but what about torrents or bittorrent sync? They are at least less reliant on a single server like an FTP. It doesn't solve every problem, but it could help share the load of hosting. And if people keep seeding it avoids a single point of failure.
  10. Could be any number of things ranging from health issues to a severe case of "don'tgiveadamn".
  11. I think you've hit it on the head here. I used to do ebay sales for a living in a physical storefront several years back. Even as far back as the mid-2000's you couldn't win a "not as described" claim. Typically what we would have happen is a buyer would send an initial contact asking why something wasn't included, or why some scratch or dent was present. We'd point out where it was listed in the pictures and most likely in the description. Then the buyer would immediately escalate it to a "not as described" claim. It never mattered one bit to ebay or paypal what evidence we provided, we always lost. Even so, at the volume we were doing it was just a cost of doing business. What really cheesed me off were the actual "Bad Buyers" who would do the claim not as described, and provide a fake tracking number for the return shipment. You couldn't get ebay to believe that a tracking number that was for a shipment to a completely different city wasn't evidence that we had our item back.
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