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  1. As an experiment, I decided to whip up a port of the "Graphics Match" game from the TI-99/4A User's Reference Guide in JavaScript, using the p5.js JavaScript library. Here's what I came up with: https://zacharyfruhling.github.io/GraphicsMatch/ Enjoy! Zachary Fruhling
  2. Using TI99Dir to extract the program files did the trick. Thanks for the help, everyone!
  3. For the versions hosted on http://ftp.whtech.com/, what are the file names for the individual BASIC programs on the "Teach Yourself Basic" disks? I downloaded the two DSK files but I don't know how to find the individual file names to run them in Classic99. Thanks! Zachary
  4. Thanks, Opry99er! Hopefully someone has them handy to save you the trouble of transferring them. But I appreciate your taking the time to make the transfers and post them if no one has them handy already. I have fond memories of the Teach Yourself Basic disks and have always thought they were remarkably effective tutorials.
  5. Does anyone have the Classic99 disk images for the "Teach Yourself Basic" TI-99/4A disks? If memory serves there were two different disks with a total of 10 different parts to the "Teach Yourself Basic" series of programs. Thanks!
  6. I found some RGB color codes listed at this link, but they don't look quite right to me: http://briantw.com/ti-99/4a/TI%20RGB%20Values.Txt Does anyone know the RGB or hex codes used for the TI colors in the Classic99 emulator?
  7. Does anyone happen to have the precise RGB color codes for the standard TI-99/4A color palette? I am trying my hand at porting some of my old programs and want to keep a similar aesthetic. TI Color Codes: 2 - Black 3 - Medium Green 4 - Light Green 5 - Dark Blue 6 - Light Blue 7 - Dark Red 8 - Cyan 9 - Medium Red 10 - Light Red 11 - Dark Yellow 12 - Light Yellow 13 - Dark Green 14 - Magenta 15 - Gray 16 - White RGB Equivalents? ... Thanks! Zachary
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