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  1. Although I've lived in Japan, my Japanese is non-existent. Can't really offer too much there other than what info I got directly for Square Enix (Taito), the Japan Mint, and the Bank of Japan who all indicated that it was a myth and there was no major impact on the economy.
  2. Yeah, I had nothing to do with the visuals, other than the pic of Nolan and I. Assuming it was to avoid any rights problems with Taito/Square Enix. Glad you guys enjoyed it!
  3. Hey folks, Thought this might be a good audience for an article I recently had published where I try and investigate the supposed coin "shortage" caused by the release of Space Invaders in 1978. If there's any folks heading to Ottawa Comiccon 2014, I'll actually be presenting a panel on it. Hoping to run into some fellow classic gamers! Enjoy, and let me know what you think. Thanks, https://www.academia.edu/3672374/Insert_Coin_to_Play_Space_Invaders_and_the_100_Yen_Myth
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