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  1. Alien Resurrection on the PS1. It was the first game to use the twin-stick method of control that is universally standard now in first person games. Gamespot savaged the control scheme in their review: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-09-09-the-making-of-alien-resurrection-for-psone
  2. Tempest on that little thing looks shockingly good.
  3. I have the Golden Axe cabinet. Player one is tied to the far left side on TRODA, however you can play a one player game from any of the four controls and pick any character, so it really isn't that important.
  4. YMMV, but the last MyArcade Contra mini-cab at my local Target rung up for $14.99. I can't say if this price was specific to the store or this is another clearance price cut. The MyArcade Contra toys are no longer listed on the Target website and I can't find anything on Brickseek searching by the UPC.
  5. FYI, Target put the MyArcade Space Invaders mini arcade on clearance for $24.99. I couldn't find a listing for it on Target's website or brickseek, so I just went into some local Targets blind when I was passing by until I found one in stock.
  6. IIRC, Sega simply imported the PAL Sonic copies to the US to sell in stores in limited quantities. The carts themselves are identical; the difference lies in the clamshell boxes. The US SMS Sonic 1 clamshells have a US UPC sticker that covers the European UPC. That's the only way to know you have a US copy.
  7. I received a Q*Bert themed mailing from New Wave Toys in the mail today. No mention on their web site, but I assume that's the next mini-cabinet they're working on?
  8. What bugs me about that SF2 Projectorcade is it looks like it keeps the same control deck width as the A1U cabs. Given how cramped the cabs are with two players side-by-side, you'd think A1U would expand the width equal to a full-size cabinet.
  9. And of course one of his arcade examples @ 1:18 is a different button color order. Kind of undermines his whole point.
  10. I'm not sure if I can articulate how I good used to it. I just found motion inputs pretty easy to consistently pull off on the stick. I did go back and tried Guile since you mentioned charge motions. I did have some initial difficulty accidently back-flipping or booms not coming out due to how loose and floppy the stick is. Once I made a mental note to give the stick a tighter hold and bigger shove, I was able to consistently fire off booms and flash-kicks.
  11. I lucked into finding a MyArcade SF2:CE mini-cab over the weekend at my local Target. I play a lot of fighting games on an arcade stick, so I thought I'd weigh in with my thoughts. For a $50 desk novelty toy, the stick is surprisingly good. The stick's microswitches are responsive and I'm able to consistently input quarter-circle and DP motions without difficulty. The negatives are the stick has a very loose feel with a big dead zone. But all-in-all, you're probably not going to feel like you're fighting with the controls playing SF2 on this thing.
  12. If it wasn't for the black PS2 controller in the background of that box photo, I wouldn't have believed that product was from 2005. The photo and title font somehow gives that box a much more vintage vibe.
  13. Back in 2013 I stopped at my local Building #19 to browse one last time as the company was on it's last legs. As I was getting ready to leave, I noticed near the cash registers a large bin filled with new old stock Gameboy Color games. Dumped into the bin were dozens of copies of two games: Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets Yu Gi Oh: Dark Duel Stories all priced $17.99. I dismissed Harry Potter out of hand, but I briefly considered grabbing a few copies of Yu Gi Oh to sit on in case they grew in value. I ultimately decided not to bother, as if they were in a Building #19, they were probably excess stock no one could move. Since then I've checked the prices for new copies of that game and kicked myself as I watched the price climb to ~$300 a copy. But the real shock is the prices new copies now command since the pandemic started; the CCG collecting craze has made prices for new copies of this game go nuts: https://www.pricecharting.com/game/gameboy-color/yu-gi-oh-dark-duel-stories
  14. I'd like to point out how nice it is that A1U finally included a cabinet with custom riser artwork that doesn't clash with the side-art of the cabinet.
  15. I own one and Steam recognizes it as a generic USB controller. I also gave it a try on one of those "everything" controller adapter USB dongles they sell for the Switch, but I had no luck getting it to work on my Switch.
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