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  1. Really weird having a Burger Time cabinet with four joysticks. A1U really should've bundled some dual-joystick games together in one cab: Karate Champ Robotron2084 Smash TV
  2. To quote Seinfeld: "Yeah, they're limited to as many as they can sell."
  3. Unfortunately the SegaAge forum contents were also tossed into the NintendoAge archive on the new GoCollect forum, so I think SegaAge will eventually be going away. I haven't heard anyone talk about what's going to happen to SegaAge or the PS Collecting forums. Those forums might just wind up becoming abandoned.
  4. Just an FYI: a group of the NintendoAge moderators and members who weren't happy with the recent direction of NintendoAge pooled their resources and started a spiritual successor to the forum: Video Game Sage. It went live about two weeks ago.
  5. The Marvel cabinet is available for pre-order @ $400 exclusively through the Arcade1Up website: https://arcade1up.com/products/marvel-cabinet According to the webpage the cabinet is going to be limited to 8,000 units, so anyone who has expressed interested in owning this cabinet may want to pre-order now.
  6. Another recommendation to Uninvited. On the 16-bit systems, the easy answer is Clock Tower. That game is built around jump-scares.
  7. Not all the cabinets are getting the deep discounts, mainly the ones with the Atari arcade games. The Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat kits from what I've read have been selling pretty well. I doubt we'll see another Arcade1Up cabinet like Asteroids or Centipede. Speaking of which, I picked up an Asteroids cabinet from Walmart a week ago for that $75 discount price. Aside from the known issues like the spinner and control deck artwork, I noticed the one I bought has an issue with the bezel. The bezel plexiglas is full of heavy scratches, particle board dust, and scuff marks on the inside. It is almost like someone at the factory dropped the bezel, slid it across the floor, then installed it over the LCD screen without so much as a wipe down. For $75 I can't complain too much, but I'd have been extremely annoyed if I bought this at launch for the full $300.
  8. If you're planning on selling on Atariage, keep in mind a lot of member probably will own most, if not all, of the games you plan on selling. If your goal is to sell everything as a lot, the price-per-game is probably going to have to be $1-2 to get an interested buyer. You may want to start by parting out the carts individually, then selling the dirt-common carts as a lot auction on eBay.
  9. The sound quality issues and sprite re-use of the Sega Genesis version was because it was a rushed port. Capcom outsourced the Genesis port to a 3rd party developer while they worked on the SNES port. The original Genesis port had unique sprites and sounds, but suffered from poor controls and other gameplay issues. Capcom fired the 3rd party devs six months from the Genesis port launch, threw out all the coding they did, and started again from scratch using as much of the SNES port assets as they could. Nostalgia Nerd did a video on the history of that failed port:
  10. Nice, my friend owns one and loves it. The dpads on those kinda suck from what I hear but can be fixed with some modding.
  11. Last two weeks of thrift store finds. The black slab in the corner is a PS2 slim. About $60 total for everything, not too shabby.
  12. 13-20" is the ideal IMO, that's what 8/16-bit developers were designing their games for. Text boxes in Final Fantasy don't take up half the screen because kids had bad eyesight in the 80s.
  13. Thanks for the tip about Target. I stopped at the strip-mall near my workplace and I decided to duck into target quick to take a look. The video game clearance section didn't have any WiiU titles, but mixed in with the dozens of Madden '17s, I snagged these discounted gems:
  14. I've been buying up cheap Blu-Ray movies as I have been finding them. Just over the past year Blu-Rays have begun filling the local thrift store shelves in appreciable numbers. I have a self-imposed goal to pick up all the Marvel movies in Blu-Ray second hand. I also occasionally grab graphic novels when I find them. I have a tall stack of DC graphic novels on my reading backlog I picked up for $4-5 a pop. Fantastic savings considering they'd probably go twice or three times the amount online or through a local comics shop. I also keep an eye out for vintage RPGs, but those are tough to find. People hang onto their old D&D stuff, and when its donated its typically grabbed fast because of their resale value. My best find in this category was a stack of softcover Pathfinder splatbooks priced as magazines (30 cents a piece!). I paid $3 for a stack of books that would normally cost about $80 from a local game shop.
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