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  1. But thing is when the guy sold his case, they got in the hands of collectors. He sold them for very cheap, and now that the collectors are clinging to them and aren't selling them, they are very hard to track down in the wild. People who missed that chance to buy a new one for cheap will have to spend a pretty penny to obtain any copy now.
  2. Hey man, sorry I had decided to wait and sale later and elsewhere other than on here. I actually sold this one this past month on ebay for quite a decent amount, but yet again these are truly rarer than many might think. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=141724473694
  3. Well they are two completely different types of games from different generations, so hard to compare. Of course Rayman is the bigger game with better graphics and all, but it doesn't seem near as rare as Espial. The people looking for Espial obviously know it is more of a collectors piece, this isn't a game for the casual gamer to buy. For these reasons as a trade I believe they do balance out. I also obviously don't expect someone on an Atari forum to willingly break their collection and trade their Rayman for this unless they do have a spare copy. To be quite honest and not from a sellers point, I was quite stunned by Espial when I first played it. I think it looks and plays very well for an atari 2600 game, it's definitely one of the best shooters in my Atari 2600 collection imho.
  4. Exactly, I didn't know what to expect when I messaged you guys before the other sales happened, so I couldn't find an accurate price range as to how much to sell it. But it's still pretty much in the same range though, as at 160$ I ship it also. In other words it ends up like at 150$+ 10$ shipping, don't believe I'm scamming anyone here Anyways no hard feelings for anyone, just trying to sell this and get myself a copy of Rayman. Played that game to death when younger, but still not enough for my taste.
  5. Atari 2600 x 3 Atari 7800 x 1 Atari Jaguar x 1 Atari 800xl x 1 Atari 400 x 1 Atari XEGS (not working ) x 1
  6. At that time I wasn't settled for 160, I didn't know how much to really sell it for so that's why I started the topic as a make an offer type sale. But now that I do have a better idea this is the price I am asking. He first came to me without saying he was interested in buying saying I that was expecting too much for it and that I should sell it for 110$ at the most. So it was weird to me that he later came out of the blue and offered me 135$ for it. But yes as I have previously said I should've replied to his offer, thanks for the tip.
  7. Hahaha I'm not hating on anybody! You were one of the first to offer me something, I just felt after a while that I should just wait to see if there are others that do sell that to better compare it to as most offers that I got were too low for my taste. Basically at 160$ shipped it is gone, I really want to buy that Rayman game so bad. Or if someone is willing to trade a copy of it I will trade.
  8. Thanks for the tips, I should have mentioned that I only accept Paypal as a payment also to avoid scammers. I am not expecting the max price at all, but I am also not expecting 135$ out of a game that I know can sell for a little more. Considering the recent auctions and that I don't have the manual, I am honestly looking at 160 for it. Hope this clears everything up, Thanks.
  9. This is the same one we had previously talked about. I believe the ones I have last shown are best reflective of the current value and demand as they both ended in august just a few days ago around the same time. There are people willing to spend over 200$ on the game at a buy it now price in the same shape as the one you have shown to me in a single day after it was posted. And the loose cart I have shown to you was sold higher than your offer, and that was as an auction. My cart is mint except for the missing manual, and the box is very straight. I am sorry for not giving you any response, as I did have other offers at the time that were better but they all kept showing me that single auction you have just sent again (at the time it was the only sold one), so I couldn't justify it's value and demand. So after waiting instead and seeing others go for auction, I have now gotten a better idea of how much some collectors are willing to pay for this.
  10. Well you had offered me 135, and quite frankly yes I do believe it is worth more. Check this out; http://www.ebay.ca/itm/281404932147?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Espial-Tigervision-Complete-in-Box-CIB-Atari-2600-Game-System-/141371513399?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item20ea661a37&_uhb=1 Yes the last one does have the manual but it sold in a day at a buy it now price, and the first one is cart only.
  11. Bump, was forgetting this. Make an offer, or would be willing to trade only for a complete nice copy of Rayman on Atari Jaguar.
  12. Bump, really want this!
  13. Bump, still looking! Can be cart only I don't mind!
  14. I have finally acquired an Atari Jaguar and I would like to get Rayman. Doesn't need to be boxed, but if it is at a reasonable price I wouldn't mind. Please PM me if you have anything, I'm from Quebec in Canada. Thanks!
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