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  1. here's mine: Dude, clean your system. And get a 32x.
  2. You're partially right on the modem part. It WAS released, just didn't sell well at all. Now, not all gennys that say high definition graphics can play those games. If when you first turn the system on it says "Produced by or under liscense from Sega enterprises LTD", then it can't. If it dowsn't say that, it can play the unliscensed games, and I might be interested in buying it from you.
  3. Yeah, the 1600 was the original Genny, bundled with Altered Beast and made in 1989. It also didn't have soem security settings built in, which allowed companies to make games without buying a license from sega.
  4. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5&category=3537
  5. Yeah, spotted a 7800 with box and 5 loose games at a flea market yesterday for 30 bucks, so i picked it up. It's in pretty damn good condition, even has the plastic cover over the metal on the case. So, what are some good games i should pick up for this thing?
  6. Here's a trick that usually gets mine working: when you turn on the system, instead of latching the cd lid, hold it shut to the point right before it latches.
  7. Would that happen to be a model MK-1600? genesii are cheap because they're so damn common. Just about everyone has one. Oh, and I have 7 Genesises. A MK1601, MK1602, Mk1631, MK1631 that doesn't work, MK1451, MK1461, and a Nomad.
  8. Did you get a genesis model 1 or 2? What version of the SCD, top loading or tray loading? Make sure you pick up Sonic CD, and the Lunar series.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...6&category=3537 Looks mint, but my god, that's a lot of money...
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