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  1. Thanks phaeron and 130XE for the input. I'm having some problems trying to get Altirra 2.40 to acknowledge an incoming Telnet session, this is perhaps due to my Putty configuration. Altirra just sits there with the msg, "Waiting for connection on port 9000" and Putty just terminates when I use: Host Name: <my IP addr> Port: 9000 Connection Type: Telnet All other Putty settings are default. I'm trying to push data from Altirra session through the simulated serial port via TCP/IP using Putty. Do I need some basic terminal code (OPEN, CLOSE etc) to go this direction? -ChromaBurst
  2. Hello there! I've been trying to confirm serial port operation with Altirra/x64 2.40 (800 OS-B NTSC / 48K). What I'd like to do ideally is redirect the screen print output (typically using POKE'ing X,Y cursor screen location) to the serial port. Failing that a method of just sending the same print screen data to the serial port. Before doing that of course (if possible!), I'd like to test the serial port emulation in Altirra using R: How is this configured to test the functionality with a terminal emulator such as Putty? -ChromaBurst
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