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  1. Man I really got to start looking more closely before I post.
  2. Ok maybe I should have just come right out and asked. Does anyone here think that these games are worth what they sold for?
  3. Ok so I've followed an eBay auction for the past few days. 2 homebrew games titled : Ocean Depths & Varuna's Forces. Varuna's Forces immediately shot up over $100 and Ocean Depths stayed at $41 until the last minute. The ending price for Ocean Depths was $76 and Varuna's Forces $232. I was going to bid on Ocean Depths but was unsure if the games were worth what they were going for. I also observed that no site is currently selling either one due to a sell out and am unsure if they will return.
  4. Oh come on. That actually offended people. Once again there I go with a bad idea yet again. I'm terrible at this.
  5. Ooh Ooh how about this game............ Suck My "COCK-a-doodle-do" :Barnyard Fun (Rated E for everyone)
  6. Ok can we end this thread already? Until I become a developer I will keep my "BAD IDEAS" to myself. I want to thank the for all their constructive criticism though. It's been real helpful and encouraged me to push myself more. Thx
  7. I happen to have an eye out for all HOMEBREW games, mainly the Jag CD!!!!!
  8. Ok U got me. Obviously I did not think about the game being 5 discs long. But owell it was just a thought. Or a JOKE as u put it
  9. Nevermind. Have found multiple sites that sell homebrews.
  10. Just wondering if any developer has given much thought, if any, about porting the sequels of MYST to the JAG???? Idk I was just playing MYST on my Jag CD and was thinking how awesome it would be to have the whole set. But I'm sure somebody would have something about copyright crap to say about it.
  11. I totally have the Jag Bug!!!! I used 8/11/14 plain paper to print the covers. I bought half of those cases w/covers from someone on eBay. I think they used matte paper because the ones I've printed are very thin and dull compared to the others. I've looked at several stores for the matte in 8/11/14 and can't find any. I did find some on Amazon though for pretty cheap. But besides just collecting I would very much like to develop for the system. Although I don't have quite the skills required. On top of that I'm fixing to start planning out a schedule to follow Gaming Conventions in and around my area. This Jag bug just keeps embedding itself deep within my soul!!!!!!!
  12. Ok well I'm no developer but would very much like to own some if not all of the homebrews for Jaguar. If anyone knows a reliable source for PURCHASING them could you notify me. I stated in another forum that collecting for the Jaguar has drained my wallet but considering how outrageous the prices are on eBay. It would be nice to know that when the money is right I'll know who to talk to. I know this site has a couple homebrews for about $25 a piece but don't have a clue as where to score the other 20 or more from. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  13. I hear ya. Collecting this Jaguar stuff has significantly put a dent in my wallet. It's the only console I have other than the XBOX that my son has stolen from me. He had never heard of Atari but after watching me collect and playing most of the Jag games he's now on the same terms as me. He thinks the Jag is pretty sweet. He's 9 years old and I refuse to let him live a life that revolves around microsoft or sony until he understands where their ideas originated. But yeah I've been so focused on owning everything for the Jag that I haven't had the slightest chance to start another collection. I'd love to get the sega,32X, and cd collection jumping off but kinda hitting the bottom of my pockets.
  14. Quake!!!! Final Fantasy!!!! For the Jag that would be awesome
  15. You said you won't be able to get the Jag cd. I don't know your reasons but if it is because of the costs on the net I know where you can score a refurbished one with a warranty for about $149. The company is "Best Electronics". They're pretty well known to Atari collectors. I got my Jag cd console and several games and even a motherboard replacement for my Jag console from these guys. I highly recommend them. Just google "best electronics" and follow the link. You can look at all their merchandise but you'll want to email them or call them to place your order. Check them out and let me know what you think
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