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  1. 2 new weird entries from one ebay post. Both 3 chip, but one with an impossibly high number that must be 01 or later, but the data digits are unreadable.
  2. I found this post while trying to figure out these numbers. I own 2, all the numbers are exactly the same except for the last. I have: 38 BL2 48 38 BL2 49 The Rev 3 board LittleJoe owns has a different chip. It's hard to read but looks like C101688-001 ATARI 1987 RP2A10 38 7CE 53 That 38 could be a 24. The E in 7CE could be a 1 or an L or I maybe. The 3 in 53 is also blurry.
  3. Lowest serial number I've seen (on ebay) of an Ireland model (short rainbow) 264 A1 000962 Also, I don't understand why the first 2 digits are the week number, because they are never in order... Ordered by serial numbers: Black models: 414 A10041349 414 A10043720 474 A1 057043 474 A1 071282 474 A1 073806 434 A1 076964 434 A1 081818 Short rainbow: 264 A1 000962 484 A1 001598 384 A10003226 154 A1 007545 164 AT 009609 284 A10013051 174 A1 018412 224 A1 069018 434 A1 086208 254 A1 095878 All models: 264 A1 000962 484 A1 001598 384 A10003226 154 A1 007545 164 AT 009609 284 A10013051 174 A1 018412 414 A10041349 414 A10043720 474 A1 057043 224 A1 069018 474 A1 071282 474 A1 073806 434 A1 076964 434 A1 081818 434 A1 086208 254 A1 095878
  4. Thank you for the speedy reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not expecting it to look so much like "81." I'm half convinced it's still a smudged "91" -- the 8s I've see had a larger circle on the bottom than the top. This has a smaller, squatter bottom, so that says "9" to me. But a 9 doesn't have an indent on the right side, so that says "8" to me, unless there was a very specific dead spot on the inkpad. Or the person stamping it sneezed violently? Could happen
  5. @The Mr. Video Could you do me a huge favor and double-check that number for me? A1 81 1979907 is a very interesting number: "A1 81" means January 1988, but "1979907" puts in in the range Dec 1989 to March 1999! Also, there is a chance this could be a super rare 1-chip! If you post a good photo of the entire bottom of the Atari I can check.
  6. Some more, plus I'm maintaining a list of just the last year or so here:
  7. The potential pool of 1-chips gets slightly smaller, looks more and more likely 2009309 was a fluke/repair/RMA.
  8. Found a highish number on ebay, probably the last 195xxxx I add.
  9. Another high serial # 3-chip, seems like my 2009309 is a fluke and there are less 1-chips than I thought Also, the stamped number is out of order again. I'm thinking those must be stamped at the time of shipping, and maybe the serial numbers are even put on the boxes first.
  10. New finding of interest: a 3-chip in between 1-chips. Starting to seem like my low # 1-chip is an outlier, perhaps a repair/refurb. This finding has been modified for a composite video output, so I guess they removed the RF shield, but the board appears to have the waffle pattern so I think it's a 3-chip.
  11. Added some notes, links to sources, and adjusted formatting of the table. Also saw what might be the lowest serial number yet on ebay
  12. Another out of order number: 3-chip, 8C 2005540 Also, I'm now editing the first post with all new info!
  13. Confirmation 96/95 2009309 is another out-of-order 1-chip. Looks like 96 from afar, 95 up close. But maybe that random blue line makes it look like a 5? Mathematically, 5 makes more sense as the serial number is halfway between a 93 and 97, but that's not many data points to go by.
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