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  1. I am sure most people will hard question my lack of Soul Calibur in my personal top ten lol
  2. not sure how many people here have a MiSTer but the GBC implementation alone makes it worth it IMO
  3. I do think some people would agree with my 10/10 assessment thought! I have always loved Varth and I can't advocate for it enough lol. If you've never played Varth...go play it!
  4. Chip Chan Kick is 100% an awesome game and more proof the PC-FX is worth collecting for. Maybe just ignore the FMV intro on this one though.....lol
  5. If you are at all familiar with the R-Type franchise and have never played Leo....try it! You will very quickly tell that something is "off" about the experience. That's not to say it isn't an awesome game (it is) but it definitely does not feel like an R-Type style game...because its not. It's a really interesting development story where Irem took the half finished game from Namco and converted it to an R-Type
  6. its basically a "run and shmup"...if that's a genre lol
  7. I know people either love or hate this game but I am firmly in the love camp...and now that its in English we even get the story! Anyone check the new translation out yet? I swear Dreamcast gets cool new stuff monthly at this point in time
  8. they probably lost the license to the anime sadly
  9. because you can neer have too much Sega in your life!
  10. all Mario jokes aside (although I swear its him) I've always genuinely enjoyed UN Squadron, especially considering it's from Capcom and has that CPS look and feel...but is that Mario???
  11. Granted IMO there are more games than just Zenki that justify making a PC-FX "worth it" but damn if Zenki isn't a shining example of what the PC-FX could really do with 32 bit 2D graphics and gameplay
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