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  1. True. I kind of forget the “heavy hitters” came late into the life cycle. https://youtu.be/WR2SN4mdMFc this one reminded me a lot of Dracula : the Undead on Lynx. Would love to see it on Jag. I still need to play Iron Soldier 2. Have only played number 1
  2. Even a straight port of a SNES Castlevania game would have been awesome. Was Atari just not trying to get Japanese companies (Capcom / Konami) on board or were they just not interested?
  3. now this I could def see on Jaguar. Atari could have paid for a translation and license and had a game shipping quickly. Plus visually it looks “Jag” like to me for a 2D game
  4. In the vein of Jaguar demo compilations, I tossed one together for M2. I wonder had we gotten Jag II what the power comparison would have been like
  5. Man Dactyl Joust looked legit. Wish there was longer gameplay footage of it. https://youtu.be/d8HcDg1V--4 totally could have gotten a Jac CD port of Dracula Unleashed too
  6. I doubt Jag could pull something with this many polygons off, but do these types of demos exist on Jaguar? I’ve never really seen 3D Model demos on the platform
  7. Would it have killed Konami to give Jaguar owners an entry in the Castlevania series. Obv this came out in 2001 but a straight port of the X68000 version to Jaguar should have been feasible. If it can do Bubsy, it can do Castlevania 😂
  8. i really wish Atari had released this on the Jag CD. Or even as a cart without the enhanced audio they had planned. It would have had a much larger audience than just being on the Lynx. have any lynx to jaguar conversions ever been done?
  9. when I decided to play this for my season about Dracula, I went in 100% blind. I knew the game existed but short of that I had zero expectations for it. was I ever wrong. Turned out one of my favorite games I played in 2019 was a Lynx point and click adventure game! I was super into the atmosphere, sound, story, gameplay...the whole package. Would have been super interesting had it actually come out on the Jag CD as an enhanced port, but I’m fine with the Lynx version
  10. Played this on the Master System, but it would have made a great port to the Lynx. Even the Jaguar with some enhanced graphics. Super fun game that I only ever encountered this year
  11. Also options. Any port would have been great
  12. While finishing up my CPS 2 stuff I kept thinking the Jag could have gotten a halfway decent port of a few of these. Sure the Saturn needed the 4MB ram cart to run some, but stuff like the D&D games I feel could have run on the Jaguar with little issue. So sad third party support was thin from big companies like Capcom. Even if they just hired third parties to do the ports, it couldnt have been that bad
  13. Even a port of any of the Darkstalkers games on Jaguar would have been awesome. If PS1 could handle a cut down animation port I don't see why Jag couldn't
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