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  1. Classic issue. Devs wont make games until install base grows to X, people wont buy the console and get the install base to X without software
  2. I'd imagine the Jaguar, with proper coding, could handle it
  3. Capcom never really supported the Jag, which is weird. Why not toss a single game onto it? anyone ever play the Power Fighters? Would have made a great Jag port. 2D, fast paced game. I think it could handle it? If Jaguar could do Rayman this doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch
  4. Conan would have been great. And it's true, the beat em up void was definitely a bummer considering how big of a genre that was back then.
  5. AvP on Jaguar would have been awesome lol...dueling AvP games. How funny would it have been if the two best (subjective I know, but AvP was the reason I bought a Jaguar back in the day) games on the system were BOTH AvP lol
  6. Fun little video Took ten years of searching, some time in the SDK, and a lot of swearing in my office, but its real and it runs on M2 hardware and its now fully documented
  7. The 3DO D&D games would have made a great candidate to get ported to Jaguar. Similar hardware and has the same vibe and graphical style as Towers II
  8. Hell why couldn't Capcom gotten some ports from the CPS 2, or even the original CPS. Had enough RAM, processor was def fast enough. I'd love to see a SF or a Vampire Savior on the platform.
  9. the amount of work going into this project is STAGGERING. I am more than impressed!
  10. Thanks! Ill be sure to get in line on a pre-order. Wanted to do a season on the Jaguar but wanted to cover the CD hardware/software as well, and was not into buying actual CD hardware and crossing my fingers it worked. This’ll do nicely!
  11. Man I forgot I read about this. Where is the ordering link? Gotta get in on that even if its a year till delivery lol
  12. is that you madman? like NG.com madman?
  13. I've never owned a CD drive either. I am really hoping ODE devices will show up for the Jaguar soon. Sort of a combo flash cart + ODE like TerraOnion just released for the Sega CD / Mega CD. I think I heard someone was working on one for Jaguar but I can't remember where I read that?
  14. I wonder how hard a port would be? I mean obv beyond my skill set but I’ve never really thought much in regards to the Jaguar CD vs other cd based platforms when it came to fmv games. I mean then we could get “Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties” on the Jaguar. Think of the possibilities!?!?
  15. I am surprised Jaguar CD didn't end up as a "dumping ground" for quick FMV conversions though. Someone like Digital Pictures could have shoveled their entire line up onto Jag CD and called it a day. Must not have been enough money in it
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