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  1. part 1 had a ton of positive feedback and people asked for more so...why not! Through hole soldering, drag soldering and when to / why to / how to use flux. Hope these help more people get into soldering!
  2. Because if you own a MiSTer you need to play WonderSwan games...and if you don't own a MiSTer you should buy one...to play WonderSwan games!
  3. also an awesome game. I have a video scheduled for it once it comes up alphabetically
  4. I mean a B tier game from Capcom is still as good if not better than a lot of beat em up developers A tier material. Def not going to put up a fight (pun very much intended) against something like AvP, Final Fight or The Punisher...but Dynasty Wars is still fun in its own right
  5. I think my favorite part of Dreamcast is just how inventive and experimental Sega was when it came to making games on the console. Sure they made the games we'd expect of them but they also gave us so many new and unique games that would turn into franchises. Space Channel 5 is hands down my favorite game on the Dreamcast that "didnt fit the mold"
  6. an awesome game for sure but I do love light gun games
  7. yeah this was earlier than those games so you can def feel a generational difference
  8. If you've ever played Point Blank you will instantly understand Mach Breakers...except as opposed to a shooting light gun game it's a button mashing party game. Such an awesome game to play with friends but sadly a lesser known and rarely mentioned game. Go play it!
  9. yes it would have def been fun to have on Dreamcast
  10. Not sure who at Capcom thought it would be a good idea for the arcade boards to default to NOT being able to continue? What a dumb idea lol
  11. lol I never saw that commercial! Thanks for posting...pretty funny
  12. It's hard to believe this game is 30 years old as it certainly doesn't look like it or play like it. So impressive what Capcom was pulling off three decades ago
  13. lol that's ok. You don't have to agree. CV is definitely one of the most derisive RE games ever made. I love it but I could see how others aren't into it
  14. Imagine this with the fishing controller? Cast to lasso the animals, reel them in using the spinning reel. It would have been absolutely perfect. Such an absolute bummer this was cancelled for Dreamcast as it's as fun and weird as Crazy Taxi and it seems like so few people have ever played it
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