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  1. It's as dumb and as shallow as you'd expect it to be but thats kinda the point lol. I love having a ridiculous arcade light gun hunting game running on Dreamcast. Only thing missing is being at a bar
  2. I remember when previews for this came out and I wondered if an open world LEGO game would be worth checking out? But I bit the bullet and gave it a try...and it instantly became one of my fav Wii U games around. The entire world the game exists in is absolutely amazing to look at and honestly it feels "as accomplished" as GTA V as far as open worlds go
  3. I've read it is much harder without the gamepad mechanics wise
  4. I love the era when Sega tried to make an arcade game out of everyday jobs. Firefighter? Yep! EMT? Definitely! Safari Hunter? Wait what? This was slated to come on a compilation disc for Dreamcast of Sega's "job" games...which makes me wonder...is big game hunter a job? lol All jokes aside it's one of my fav Model 3 games and def one you should check out. Emulates perfectly with Supermodel Anyone ever play this one back in the day in arcades?
  5. https://youtu.be/-3XrOIcRv0M honestly I think I prefer X 1.5 to Isuka considering how fundamentally Arc changes the formula for Isuka but still an awesome game to check out
  6. I appreciate that Nintendo is bringing all the Wii U games to Switch, as really not many people probably played them back on the Wii U...but Pikmin 3 is def one of those games that loses something when you don't have the second screen
  7. I get it...The Simpson's and TMNT are huge franchises AND amazing games so of course they take the lions share of the credit when it comes to amazing Konami beat em ups but Violent Storm is AS GOOD as those two games and rarely if ever gets mentioned. Curious who else has played this?
  8. That would be awesome. Outside of Rayman Jaguar never had another "amazing" side scroller action game. Bubsy and Zool 2 were decent
  9. I was excited for their PC-Engine console coming but now that I've tested the MiSTer out I don't think I'll need any Analogue products moving forward. Love their case designs but not worth it to be for the plastic alone
  10. I'd have loved to see a straight Castlevania game on Jaguar
  11. 3DO is always a fun time. I've always enjoyed the console...sure it has some terrible games but what console doesnt?
  12. I do love the fact its enhanced for Series X too so I can replay it one day when I can actually find a damn Series X to buy lol But in all seriousness this has got to be one of the most visually and thematically stunning games I have ever played
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