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  1. Thanks, I'll try burning using a different writer here to see if that makes a difference. Other: On the FZ-1 model, one of my favorite things is the CD music visualizer. Whenever I think of playing CDs and want to play CD music, I want to play it on an FZ-1.
  2. I can run just about any backup disc if I turn the 3DO on after it has been sitting for some time, but after 5min no matter what game I try it will begin stuttering and eventually lock up. I then need to wait some time to try again as otherwise if I power it down or eject the disc and try again it will always kick it back out and won't start like it does the first time. HOWEVER, I can always put in a music CD and it will play perfectly fine right after. I've tried two kinds of media and I'm burning them at 1x speed, the highly rated Taiyo Yuden kind and a Memorex. Only the Taiyo Yuden will actually work. Is this a sign that the laser mechanism is being over stressed by the CDRs? Or what might the diagnosis be? I'm an original 3DO system owner from 1994 and have purchased many boxed games legitimately from the stores during that time period. I'm just looking to play games off of CDRs right now. Thanks for your input.
  3. If I was you, I would just get the HD Retrovision Genesis cable as I believe it works directly with the 9 pin as is and will give you component output. I assume you are otherwise attempting to use a Genesis SCART cable with the 3DO for RGB is that right? As other Genesis cables would be just provide composite that the 3DO already has. I'm considering the RGB mod myself and am yet learning all about it and if difficult to install.
  4. As PM'd before, I am interested in as well and just posting here to show, thanks
  5. This is the single best Vectrex game, equal and exceeding arcade game quality play. I had this game on display once at an arcade expo and it was played constantly.
  6. Has anyone here used an NTSC Wii with the Ultimarc Wii AV adapter? I'm considering ordering one to connect to an arcade monitor. I'll be using an NTSC Wii and will be trying to force homebrew to output as PAL60 to enable the RGB output (otherwise NTSC Wiis do not natively output RGB). All Wii PAL/NTSC hardware is the same, it's just a software difference. Just looking for reviews/input before placing the order, thanks
  7. Various unique T-shirts. See many designs at http://www.ArcadeMade.com Get free shipping on two or more.
  8. Enjoy! Includes a walk around of the AtariAge booth, in addition to the console section, pinball and arcade machines. Giant Donkey Kong, Tron and Star Wars arcade machines are on display too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxMH...ature=youtu.be Video: FreePlay Florida Gaming Expo 2017
  9. Video Game T-Shirts & More Visit: http://www.ArcadeMade.com
  10. I think around $25 or so plus shipping. Might have been about $35 for one delivered from Italy. I've got the YASI Vectrex screen overlay, and then the wrap includes the art that goes around the bezel area as well as the sides. These are perfect for setting up on a counter when having people over. Would really like if a Star Castle one was made. I might have to design that myself.
  11. Many of you have likely seen these before, but here's one of my Vectrex consoles with a wrap. I've also got one with the VectorPilot wrap. Highly recommend picking one up for your Vectrex. Here is the site with more info if you want to do something similar: http://www.vectrexwraps.com/VectrexWraps/images/images.html
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