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  1. this is how i got it when i bought it so and in the e-bay auction does it say anything about a manual no i think you need to reframe from saying you got ripped off
  2. atari jag lives sends out copies and not real atari jaguar merchandise
  3. jagpaul

    bsg on e-bay

    walter cry me a river
  4. jagpaul

    bsg on e-bay

    sauron the only asshole is you moderate this f u c k you
  5. jagpaul

    bsg on e-bay

    because i can afford it I'm greedy sauron isn't that a shrimp
  6. jagpaul

    bsg on e-bay

    walter you are so smart for your info i have currently 6 copies of bsg and 4 copies of bs
  7. jagpaul

    bsg on e-bay

    jagwarlord my offer to you still stands
  8. bid is at one dollar i wonder if thats a good deal
  9. hard case holder for your jaguar jag cd jag base system battlemorph cybermorph(nib) misslecommand(nib)ultra vortex(nib) checkered flag(nib) zero5 power drive ralley defender(nib)kasumi ninja iron soilder 1&2 myst cd black ice white noise cd battlesphere gold jugs cd and demo and hover strike cd. make me a offer
  10. did you buy it from punisher?
  11. jagpaul


    i have bsg for sell if interested let me know before i put these copies on e-bay
  12. jagpaul

    Phase Zero?

    how often do these come availible for sell? and how many were ever made?
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