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  1. OK...Hans... Thanks for keeping me "in-the-loop"...I appreciate your work and consideration :-) JT
  2. Hey there, Hans! 🙂 Great work on the new f18a's!!! I would like to put my order in, if possible. I just found this thread, and so, hope you are still making them. Sincerely,... JT
  3. Hey...Vorticon! 🙂 Do you have the DOCs for Term80? I haven't been able to find them, in my collection. Jt P.S. Could you attach them to here, if you have them? Thanks
  4. Hey there! 🙂  I just got my TIPI/32K device (from Arcadeshopper) up and running, and, I think it's GREAT!

    I went on the ZOOM meeting that the Ti99ers have every weekend, and, found out that the 44-pin connector

    on the BACK of the TIPI/32K not only hooks up to a Speech Synthesizer but that you can hook up your

    fully loaded Peripheral Expansion Box too.  I just wanted to say that your "docs" on your website (https://github.com/jgparker/tipi/wiki/tipi-32k-installation)

    were very helpful in getting my TIPI/32K "up and running".


    I was wondering, though, if you might add that the standard TI99 "PEB" could also be connected , once of course, you either "disabled" the 32K (and, used 

    PEB's Memory Card) or, just connected "PEB" without a Memory card installed inside.


    I thought that might save you getting asked alot about using the "PEB" with the TIPI/32K.


    Thanks again for such an awesome device, and, I hope you have a Great 2021! 🙂



    1. J-Data


      Great idea.  I'll update the TIPI/32K Wiki to cover the PEB compatibility.  I haven't tried it myself as my PEB is in storage.  I've been a bit too busy to do much on this lately, but will get it updated.   

  5. I looked over the problem, and, tried some of what was suggested, in the article. No luck. The screen still "blanked" after starting to boot...I tried the "FKMS line" change without any effect. I tried the "CLI " boot, and, made sure that it wasn't trying to boot into a "Desktop" ...also no effect. I am really stumped by this. But, I am still able to "access" TIPI thru TI99 console, as well as, SSH. Hey ...can you send me the TIBBS. list that is on the Keep? I couldn't access it thru telnet Jt
  6. Ok. Sorry. Thought I had posted to this "thread" only.
  7. Where do I find Matt's ram test? Is it on his "Downloads" website?
  8. OK...new "development": I tried running AMS software (program called "AMSTEST4")... the "first" time it ran, it reported "160K" card but ended with no errors. The "second" time it ran, it reported "1024K" card and ended with no errors. So, ...could this "black screen boot" be from a faulty SAMS AMS 1 Meg(sidecar) card? It is the only thing that I have not "confirmed" as "fully-operational hardware".
  9. Hello ... I think this is the right "thread" to ask about this : Here is previous post---> I am having TIPI "software" issues. For one thing, I cannot get the "TIN_A" software (TI Monopoly , written for the SAMS AMS memory card) to "boot"... I think it is "reading" some of the files, but, I always get "I/O error 0" before it fully loads. Also, when this happens it always causes any other programs I try to run with the same "I/O error 0"!?! ALSO...I tried running the "Editor/Assembler" EDITOR ---> it loads and runs; I then try "Editor/Assembler" ASSEMBLER --->it fails with "I/O error 0" then; I try running EDITOR again--->it fails with (see above). Does anyone else have this/these problems with TIPI? >>post the Log file please in the support topic (from arcadeshopper) Tipi.log>> 2020-11-10 19:40:18,712 TipiService : INFO physical mode enabled 2020-11-10 19:40:18,713 TipiService : INFO TIPI Ready 2020-11-10 19:40:22,983 TipiService : INFO physical mode enabled 2020-11-10 19:40:22,984 TipiService : INFO TIPI Ready 2020-11-10 19:40:31,232 TipiDisk : INFO Opcode 5 LOAD - DSK1.EDIT1 2020-11-10 19:40:31,234 Pab : INFO opcode: Load, fileType: Sequential, mode: Update, dataType: Display, recordType: Fixed, recordLength: 0, recordNumber: 8448 2020-11-10 19:40:31,235 tinames.tinames: INFO DSK1.EDIT1 -> /home/tipi/tipi_disk/EDITASS1/EDIT1 2020-11-10 19:40:31,249 TipiDisk : INFO LOAD image size 6144 2020-11-10 19:40:32,272 TipiService : INFO Request completed. 2020-11-10 19:40:36,548 TipiService : INFO physical mode enabled 2020-11-10 19:40:36,548 TipiService : INFO TIPI Ready 2020-11-10 21:31:37,857 Pab : INFO opcode: Close, fileType: Sequential, mode: Update, dataType: Display, recordType: Fixed, recordLength: 0, recordNumber: 8448 2020-11-10 21:31:37,857 tinames.tinames: INFO DSK1.ASSM1 -> /home/tipi/tipi_disk/EDITASS1/ASSM1 2020-11-10 21:31:37,858 TipiDisk : ERROR responding with error: 0 NoneType: None 2020-11-10 21:31:37,858 TipiService : INFO Request completed. I know for a fact that ISN'T true. I have used MULTIPLE RasPI devices - (One 4B; One 3B; and One 3B+) and all of them have had issues with just THIS version of OS (2.5). I have run RASPIAN; RASBERRY OS; And two other (mainstream) Linux OS's on all of these ...not once was there a "black screen" on boot. And, as I've said (multiple posts) "IT RUNS FINE WITH TIPI VERSION 1.43". So please don't tell me it is a "hardware config issue"...it is a "software issue".
  10. Well...even with the TIPI updated to 2.12, I still get a "black screen" after a certain point of the RasPI booting. Everything is still working fine; The TIPI - The SAMS1Meg(Sidecar) - The RasPI 3b+. I looked at the "raspi-config" functions...The "screen blanking" is for the "xscreensaver" (which isn't even installed)...the "resolution" just makes the text bigger before it "blacks out". Don't know what else to try? But, since I am able to get "IP address", and, was able to "UPDATE" , I am not to worried about the "black screen". For all practical purposes, the TIPI (and peripherals) is running just fine 🙂
  11. I tried the "FCTN-U" ... didn't show "UPDATE COMPLETE" but rebooted and everything was fine. Now, at "2.12" 🙂
  12. Ok, Matt. I got my setup back at home (my apartment instead of G/f's) and sure enough...everything works on the RasPI - with - the TIPI and 1MSams(sidecar) - and TI 99 console EXCEPT the display on the RasPI. I will try going into "raspi-config" with SSH (Putty) and see if I can fix that. The next I need to try is the UPDATE process. But, even though, I received a IP-address on the TIPI, ...I did NOT receive an "Update" notice ...so, I will try the "FNCT U" process and see what happens. Thanks for checking this out for me Matt 🙂 Jt
  13. Well...something else has been found! With the TIPI 2.5 , ... I ran the "boot" as always; and, as always, the screen "blanked". But, I wasn't entirely sure that the OS wasn't still "working". So, remembering that old "trick" that seems to work with every OS, I pressed "CTRL" "ALT" and "DEL" at the same time (in other words, a "software" reboot)...and, sure enough, the OS rebooted!!! So, when I get back to my TI99console/TIPI , I will try using SSH to "login" to the OS and see what I can do, thru the "TIPI side". Thanks goes out to DGrissom for the helpful emails, and, setting up "PI" to work with "wireless"...thanks again Dave. 🙂
  14. I figured out the "raspi-config" setting for getting SSH. Now, "login" to PI without any problems.
  15. Well...it seems that my PI is working fine. I was able to "login" to the Raspberry PI OS "Lite" version (without the HDMI cutting out, like it does in the TIPI 2.5 version) and I was able to (then) hook up a keyboard and change the "PI" password. So, I don't know what else to try..I did have problems with SSH and "login" to the PI. I used an ethernet cable, and, (checking with the program "ifconfig" ) saw that the PI had generated a IP-Address. All of this I COULD NOT do with the TIPI 2.5 version. I don't have access to my TIPI and TI99 console right now, but, I am guessing that the RasPIOS "Lite" would make little difference "hook up" to my Ti99/TIPI!?! Any other ideas? I think I've tried just about everything with TIPI 2.5
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