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  1. I would like to attend but distance is definitely an issue...will be there,...in SPIRIT! :-)
  2. Hey All! :-) Thanks Ksarul! :-) That should work great! Sincerely,... Jt
  3. Hey there, again I found some posts in "AMS/SAMS Software list" thread...is this the NEWEST files? Thanks , in advance... Jt
  4. Hey there, All! :-) Where , in this thread , is the tools for testing the SAMS 1 Meg card? Also...are there "new" utilities for the SAMS-1M? All I found (on Whtech.com) is the version for the AEMS/AMS card (Version 2.0 - "Boot"; Version 1.1 - Assmb/Loader; Version 1.0 - Linker)...I tried the "AMSTEST" - Version ? and it said that I didn't even have a card installed!?! jt
  5. Hey All! Any word yet on if AND when we 're going to do this? Just wondered if anyone was going to do any "presentations' too, like at FW 18 ---> I would really like to learn more about my Gotek device and how it works Jt
  6. Hey All! Thanks again to all the folkes at the Fest West 2018 for a GREAT FREE EVENT! It was alot of fun and some really helpful information on some "Ti 99 Stuff", like TIPI and RXB 2018. Sorry we didn't stay to help clean up - we were worried about getting "caught up" in traffic. I hope we can be more helpful next year. Once again...Great Show! And, thanks especially to JediMatt for being kinda the "master-of-ceremonies" Jt (and Michelle)
  7. Hey All! :-) Happy Rasberry Pi Day!!! I would be willing to go to a local high school (Beaverton High School) and see if we could "borrow" a room,...though, it would more than likely have to be on a weekend. I am not sure that a "public" school can "legally" charge/rent for use-of-space, but, anyway; it MIGHT be a possibility. As a high school as a "meeting place" for the group, maybe closer to downtown Portland would be a better choice. When we were "PUNN", there was a place that was right off Capitol Hwy, in South Portland (Multnomah County). It was more "central" that Beaverton or Aloha or Lake Oswego (which were other locations we met. That place (off Capitol Hwy.) is some form of "educatioal community center" now. It offers classes to people of any age (I think) and has multiple "class rooms". I will check it out this week and see if we might be able to locate there.
  8. Hey All! :-) Ok. I thought so, when I saw his email addy... Thanks Greg ! Jt
  9. I would be interested on getting a "set" of these chips from you. Could you please contact me , thru email, at >[email protected]< to discuss this more ... Thanks... Jt
  10. Hey All! :-) First off , .. I didn't get anything but "Zeros" and "Dots" again, with the number-change in line 20. :-( Also, I should mention that , just out of curiosity , I tried different "C>" numbers with the CC FDC ...oddly enough, all the EVEN numbers I tried --->(C>1000, C>1200, C>1400...)upto C>1700 made the FDC turn on (Lit the LED). Does anybody have a reason why this would happen. I couldn't figure out , and, my only other IDEA is to try doing the (C>____) numbers WITH other cards, that would have CRU addresses in the realm of >1000 to >1700 in the PBox at the same time with the FDC, and, see if the FDC AND other cards "light up" at the same time? This might be dangerous, I am thinking...so I thought I would ask you guys if this IS or IS NOT a good idea? Sincerely,... Jt
  11. Hey there, All! :-) Good News. When I tried the CRU address >1000, The FDC card light came on, and, stayed on like the BEST Christmas tree lights I've ever seen!!! I tried the XB program again, too...and, still just "0"'s and "DOTS"....but, now, at least, I have something that tells me the card is , at the very least, being "seen" by the console. I have a socket, on one of the EPROMs that is in need of fixing. It is partially "cracked" on an edge, and, about 2-3 pins on the EPROM is , basically, NOT socketed. I tried a quick fix, with this, ...just using some scotch tape to try and make the "contact" between the EPROM pins and the socket, but, it looks as though I am going to have to REsolder the socket. Which brings me to a new topic: Why are there sockets in the CC FDC, and, further...why didn't they (Corcomp) socket ALL the ICs, instead of just socketing a few? Did they expect (some) of these ICs to fail? The sockets that I have on my FDC look as though they have ALWAYS been there, ...not because of modification. So is this the way the Corcomp FDCs came from the factory? Jt
  12. Hey again... Forgot to mention... The DIL switches are for "speed"/"seek rate" for the heads of the drives being used with the FDC. That's all they do, from what I understand. I have always wondered how come CorComp didn't put in more jumpers and switches for other areas, like CRU-picks, or, even for trying to do "power level" alternatives!?! Jt
  13. Hey All! :-) Well...you guessed it right, Stuart. The card is "Duff" (I am not sure exactly what that means, btw )...for the most part, I get only ONE "blink" when I try to access the CC FDC thru BASIC, xb, or even, a "cat"alog command. There was nothing but ZEROS, and, DOTS, when I tried that XB program, and, I will try the minimem "trick" again, but, I was wondering if I should go "bare minimum" on what is in the P-Box, when I try various other "DSR" viewing commands? Won't that "contaminate" the other cards...(ie. RS232, 32k, ect...). I really liked the XB command,...I have never seen a XB program with SOOOO MANY "CALL LOAD" FIGURES... I was reading a little in the Mini-Memory Flyer/Brochure about how to do "DSRLNK" commands...is there anyway to RE-write that XB program in ASM? Or, would the DSRLNK's be available for use, in XB? Still pretty new at this level (DSR) of coding/programming for the Ti99 , so please, bear with me and my ignorant questions. Jt
  14. Hey All! :-) Well...I tried both; The Mini-Memory "trick" and the XB "trick". Both worked!...for my "functional, no-problem-at-all" TI FDC... with the CC FDC, ...nothing worked. I tried the Mini-mem test first...didn't even light up the LED on the card , when I did "C1100 1"... With the XB, I just kept getting error notifications, every time I tried to run the program. So...I'm guessing it IS the circuitry of the CC FDC that is completely unuseable. I was truly wondering if anyone has seen this kind of "Mod" before, in a CC FDC ? Sincerely... Jt
  15. Hey again... Oh...btw... Does anyone have a list / schematic of the CC - FDC that show WHAT the capacitors, resistors, ICs, etc...are, since all of them seem to be " labelled on the card. Thanks,...in advance... Jt
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