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  1. It's been another good season! The Battle Network was extremely tight with four of the teams having some of the best offense in the league. Let's recap: Ghosts After a tough couple of previous seasons, they started slow this season only to explode in the second half. They had the best offense in the league overall, one of the best defenses, and had the best home record in the league at 4-1. They ended tied for best record in the league with the River Raiders at 7-3. Those two teams battled it out for the league championship. They ended up on the losing end of a tough game 1 of the championship series, and were completely shut down in game 2. Upmonsters The team previously called Snakes retooled their offense this year to try to break their pattern of mediocrity. It didn't work, however, and they ended 5-5 for their third straight season. Their offense and defense improved slightly this year, and except for a couple of bad games, they kept their games close. Mutants Last season's league champions fell back into their old ways, going from having one of the best offenses in the league to having one of the worst this year and being shutout six times. Even though they gave up twice the amount of runs this year as they did last year, they still had the best defense in the league. Beamriders The four time Action Network champions still can't get it together. Both offense and defense were weak, but slightly better than their dismal 2018 season. They had a decent home record but were blown out on the road, they were the only team without a road win. Smash They were sure smashed this season, their worst season since 2014 when the league started. Totally lacking firepower at the plate while having the worst defense in the league by a wide margin. River Raiders After falling short of the league championship last season, their mission was to claim it this year. Their offense and defense were both second in the league, and they did well late in games. Their three losses were all shutouts though, with two of them to good Bombers pitching and one that lasted 19 innings. They also had the league's best road record at 4-1 and won four of their last five games of the season. They claimed their second straight Battle Network title and completed their mission becoming league champions. Bombers They fell a little short of the Battle Network title this year, but had another positive season with both offense and defense ranking in the top three in the league. Spartans Another average season. The run scoring improved this year and they had a couple of high scoring games, but they gave up almost the same amount of runs as they scored. They ended up in a three-way tie for third place. Deadly Dogs After winning the league championship in 2017, they were overcooked and had a weak 2018. They were hot in the first half of this season but collapsed in the second half losing four out of their last five games. They improved both in runs scoring and runs allowed, but still ended up average and tied for third place. Armada Despite being one of the worst teams in the league offensively, they managed to have an average season and ended in a three-way tie for third place. They had one of the best defenses in the league, with most of their games being either close wins or close losses. Thanks for the support, fans! Final league standings ACTION NETWORK W L GB GHOSTS 7 3 - UPMONSTERS 5 5 2 MUTANTS 4 6 3 BEAMRIDERS 3 7 4 SMASH 3 7 4 BATTLE NETWORK W L GB RIVER RAIDERS 7 3 - BOMBERS 6 4 1 SPARTANS 5 5 2 DEADLY DOGS 5 5 2 ARMADA 5 5 2
  2. The River Raiders shut out the best offense in the league 1-0 to become league champions!
  3. Great first game! The River Raiders got a run in the 3rd and one in the 5th. The Ghosts got a run in the 6th and tied it 2-2 in the 8th! Both teams battled hard until the River Raiders scored two runs in the 12th to win 4-2! Game two is tomorrow at River Raiders Arena. The Raiders won game one last year and were shutout in games 2 and 3, so anything can happen!
  4. Live from Pac-Man Park, it's the 2019 Intellivision Baseball League Championship Series between the Ghosts and the River Raiders! This the closest championship series yet. Both teams come into the series with identical records at 7-3. The Ghosts have scored the most runs in the league this year with 23, followed by the River Raiders with 21. They are evenly matched defensively, giving up an average of only 1.3 runs per game. Both teams also have won their last four out of five games. It's been a hard road for the Ghosts to get here. They entered the league in 2016 and had a good first season, but had offensive problems in 2017 and 2018. Their offense struggled early this year, but then exploded in the second half scoring 18 runs in four games. They have a slight advantage in this series, winning four out of five games at home, and they have home field advantage. The River Raiders fell one game short of winning the league championship last year in a tight series against the Mutants. After an inconsistent start this year, they also got hot in the second half. While the Ghosts are better at home, the River Raiders have won four out of five road games. They're locked in to complete their mission this year. This series can go either way! First pitch is in less than a half hour. Follow along on twitter @intysports
  5. Despite the Upmonsters crushing a three run bomb in the 9th, they lose to the Bombers 4-3.
  6. The River Raiders beat the Smash 2-0 to be back-to-back Battle Network Champions! Raiders end the season with a four game win streak. They will battle the Ghosts for the league championship on Monday.
  7. The Mutants beat the Armada 1-0 in 10 innings. Battle Network is now between the River Raiders and Bombers. River Raiders clinch with a win tomorrow.
  8. The Ghosts burn the Deadly Dogs 5-1 to become the Action Network champions!
  9. It's the final week of the season, and it's inter-network week! The Spartans shoot down the Beamriders today 2-1.
  10. The Bombers shoot down the Armada 2-0 to stay in the race for the Battle Network! Here is the update on the championship races heading into the final week: The Ghosts have a one game lead on the Upmonsters. The Ghosts can clinch the Action Network with a win on Tuesday. If the Ghosts lose, then the Upmonsters can force a tie breaker with a win next Friday. There is a three way tie for second place in the Battle Network between the Deadly Dogs, Bombers and Armada. The River Raiders lead the network by one game. The River Raiders can take the Battle Network with a win on Thursday. Anything can happen, fans!
  11. Mutants beat the Smash today 3-1. That's the first road win of the season for the Mutants.
  12. The first throwback uniform game in league history was EPIC! The River Raiders scored a run in the 4th. The Spartans tied it 1-1 in the 7th, then took the lead 2-1 in the 8th. The River Raiders bunted the tying run home in the bottom of the 9th! Both teams battled it out until the River Raiders got a walk off single in the 18TH INNING to win 3-2!!! The Spartans are now out of the championship race.
  13. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Tomorrow's game between the Spartans and River Raiders will feature throwback uniforms from the original Major League Baseball game in 1980. This is the first uniform change since the teams started wearing their team colors on the field years ago. The Spartans will wear the red and orange away uniform, and the River Raiders will wear the blue and cyan home uniform. The game will start around 11:30 PT and will be on YouTube after the conclusion of the game.
  14. They had a slim chance. Actually the Ghosts win eliminates the Beamriders, Smash and Mutants. I forgot to mention that. Bombers and Spartans need to win this week to stay in the race.
  15. The Ghosts shoot down the Beamriders 3-0 and remain in 1st place, one game ahead of the Upmonsters into the final week.
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