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  1. New league website address: http://intysports.win
  2. The Ghosts got a run in the 3rd and were doing great until the Upmonsters tied it in the 7th. The Upmonsters won it 2-1 in the 15th inning with a walk off single.
  3. The Armada score a run in the 6th and beat the Spartans 1-0.
  4. The Smash blast a home run in the 4th inning while their pitching and defense shut down the Beamriders and win 1-0.
  5. The Deadly Dogs and Bombers had a tough defensive fight for 5 innings, then the Bombers broke through with a run in the 6th. The Dogs tied it in the 8th. Both teams battled hard until the Dogs got a walk off single in the 16th and win 2-1! Great defensive plays in this one!
  6. Great game today! Bombers scored a run in the 2nd, Armada tied it in the 3rd. Bombers took a 3-1 lead in the 5th with a home run. Armada almost tied it in the 9th but fell short. Bombers hold on to win 3-2. Check out the game crash at the end!
  7. Mutants score two runs in the 6th and beat the Ghosts 2-0.
  8. Spartans got some big hits and shot down the River Raiders 3-0.
  9. Today's game will start around 4:00 PT
  10. Smash get both a bunt RBI and crush a home run on their way to shut down the Upmonsters 3-0. Better video quality this season! https://youtu.be/ajtuAXsM0Zg
  11. Starting now! Follow live updates on twitter @intysports
  12. Opening day: Upmonsters @ Smash! First pitch is less than two hours away!
  13. I got it. Just convert it to HQ xvid avi and upload. Plays at 720.
  14. Yea I got the VirtualDub part done, my problem is encoding it to mp4 correctly.
  15. When I upload the raw videos captured from jzintv, the quality is really bad. Does anyone know of a way to upload them with decent quality?
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