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  1. Hey, thanks for the tip! I'm a little unfamiliar with SIO2PC...what is it exactly?
  2. I found that out the hard way. After stumbling across a copy of Threshold I was so excited to play it until it wouldn't go ito my 7800. I can't even tell why. And lucky me, the power adapter on my 2600jr. went out so I still can't play Threshold Other than that and some Imagic carts, I haven't had much of a problem.
  3. Personally I hate the original Xbox controllers. IMHO they would rank among the worst controllers ever made. My hands are too small for them and it's a real pain to play anything with them. The "S" controller is perfect for me though. As for the 5200 stick, I'm starting to like it the more I use it. Some games respond a little slow to it though, like Frogger II and Mario Bros. Other than that it's great. :wink:
  4. Here's one I found at a thrift store once. It's a handy cart holder, you just puch on of the buttons on top and the cart slides right out. I use it to store my Atari 7800 collection
  5. One of those games on the list I like is AutoDuel. Great game. Unfortunately, mine won't work as I accidentally overwrote Side B of the disk trying to save the game, so I have a working Side A and Side C, no Side B though. Anyway I could get the program online(not emulated). I love RPG's as well. I just wish that more were released for Atari systems, especially the Jag and the Lynx. I do have a couple of RPG's on my ST, but I don't remember the names though. I'll check and if I have The Eternal Dagger, I'll let you know :wink:
  6. Cool...I'll have to get $8 and get it sometime soon Thanks for the link!
  7. No my memory isn't playing tricks on me, and my friend didn't have an Atari 5200. I know that for sure, as the first time I'd ever played one was last week. It was 2600 Pitfall 2, and it did have a second level. The how or why is beyond me, but like I said, when I got my own P2 for the 2600, I seriously expected it to have a second level as well. That was before I'd learned that it shouldn't have a 2nd level on it. I don't know how to explain it either and unfortunately I can't really prove it since my friend got rid of it a long time ago. I wish I did have it, then I'd have an ultra-rare cart on my hands. Otherwise, there's no point in me making this up [/u]
  8. Discussion from the other thread "First Impression: 5200" has me wanting to find a copy of Pitfall 2 for the 5200 now. I've looked at a few sites though and not found one. I'd like to find a place that sells it first before going to eBay since, depending on the price, I may need a wait a little while (same reason as not being able to get another 5200 stick at the moment). Anyone know of a good place that sells 5200 games online?
  9. While it does sound crazy, I'm absolutely sure it was 2600 Pitfall 2. The reason being, when I started getting back into Atari when I was 16, one of the cartridges I wanted the most was Pitfall 2 as I wanted to get to the 2nd level to play it again. We'd made it there once, but not again. My friend had already sent his collection to the thrift store so I ordered Pitfall 2 from B&C. I didn't know at that time that there was only one level on it, so when I got it I played it till the end and when I got there, I expected my guy to jump up and down to open up the blue portal to the 2nd level but it didn't happen. I was so disappointed that I almost called B&C back to order a different Pitfall 2 for the 2600, thinking that I just got the watered down version by chance. I had expected it to have a second level since I'd played it before on the 2600(my friend didn't have a 5200 and didn't have 8-bit Pitfall 2) and we played it alot. I'm being as honest as I can be here...like I said, it may have been a very rare version of 2600 Pitfall 2, and it sucks that it's lost now to my knowledge...unless Activison made a few more of that kind that are floating around somewhere
  10. Actually an old friend of mine had a huge collection of 2600 games that we played when we were kids. One of our favorites was Pitfall 2. And I remember there being a second level on his cartridge, mine however, didn't have one. I'm guessing he had a very rare version of Pitfall 2 for the 2600, but it did have a 2nd level, that I'm sure of. It sucks that he got rid of his collection before I asked about it though. Now that I hear that the 5200 version is like that, I'll have to get it
  11. I do have one book on 6502 programming, but I don't understand it too much. I'd thought that it was only for the Atari 800, but I see how it can go beyond that. Maybe I'll have to get it out again...
  12. Well it's good to know that the 7800 isn't 'abandoned' and that there are a few working on some games for it. I wouldn't mind seeing an update to Dark Chambers or like I said Adventure 2. Like I've said many times however if I knew how to program, I'd make a game for any Atari system, probably 5200, 7800, or Lynx. Of course I may be able to take a programming class soon at school which would be good.
  13. What abou tany other releases? After looking at the 'In development' list I noticed that the 7800 has the least new games coming out for it. Is it due to difficulty in programming for it or the encryption, or just a lack of interest? I think that Adventure II would make a great game on the 7800 as well.
  14. Funny thing that Threshold was brought up. I found a copy the other weekend at a garage sale for $.10. I went home and couldn't play it though. Apparently my 2600jr. power adapter is shot and won't work any more, and the Threshold cartridge won't go into my 7800 without breaking it. Hopefully I'll be able to play it soon though. And it was nice to find such a rare game just lying around for $.10!
  15. Sure looks like a puzzle game to me...well, close enough. And it's good to hear about another Jag game in development (I hadn't heard that you were developing a Jag version). Good luck on that, keep us informed. I sure wish I knew how to program a Jag, then I'd start working on a game myself
  16. I always get pissed off whenever I see or hear about Tetrisphere for the n64, knowing that it was supposed to have been on the Jag. Anyways, I enjoy Flip Out. I've never played Zoop...Vid Grid is fun, too bad there's not a score to get or something. I wonder why Telegames never finished Ultimate Brain Games or released it while they were on their kick of releasing games like IS2 and such. I wonder if they'd be interesting in releasing a limited edition of UBG or not?
  17. Thanks for the info. As soon as I can get a controller, I'll be sure to play SD first Another question though. How many games utilized the 4 game ports on the 5200? I know that if there were any, they were few and far between.
  18. I had thought that my River Raid was fried as well yesterday, it wouldn't even show the title screen...I just used some hydrogen peroxide and some q-tips, cleaned the metal edge connector, now it works flawlessly. Of course I do have a few fried 2600 carts, and my pwr supply for my 2600jr. is now dead I also have a fried 2-port 5200...not sure when I'll ever get that fixed however.
  19. SD requires 2 joysticks then? Hmm, I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip however. Unfortunately I only have one joystick at the moment and I'm not sure where's a good source to get one. I'm afraid to go down to a thrift store and get one, as that most likely means it doesn't work. However they wouldn't even have one most likely. I'd really like to get another controller for my 5200 though. I also forgot to add Galaxian to my list of games. I think I also have Defender lying around somewhere. I'd love to get Montezuma's Revenge, I used to play that a lot as a kid for the 800 and I loved it. Joust is awesome, I have it now for every Atari system (except the Jag since Dactyl Joust was never released). :wink:
  20. Yesterday I finally was able to play the 5200 for the first time after fixing my controller myself. I've actually had both a 2-port and a 4-port 5200 for about three or four years now, but the 2-port is broken and I just recently got the special RF adapter and the joystick...had to fix the joystick though. In the long time I've had the 5200, I'd pick up any games i could find for it and so I was able to play for a while through my collection yesterday which was nice. I'm impressed with the 5200. It doesn't seem so much like the Atari 400/800 as I thought it would be. River Raid is cool although the control is a little sensitive...unfortunately I couldn't figure out Space Dungeon, it just fires constantly in one single diaganol direction and it wouldn't move to the right very well although on other games moving to the right was no problem. Anyways, Moon Patrol is also a fun little game and I enjoyed the version of 5200 Joust. Total I have: Mario Bros. Space Invaders joust River Raid Space Dungeon Super Cobra Frogger 2 Countermeasure (x2) Pole Position Jungle Hunt Ms. Pac-Man Qix Blue Print Star Raiders I can't remember if I'm missing something...but anyways, any suggestions for some other games to get?
  21. I just got VF yesterday...it's good to have if you're a collector and have always wanted to see what this game was going to be like. Well worth the $20. The Jag needed a game like this to back up AvP and Doom, I wonder if they planned on adding networking since you can switch between different team members (which you can actually do on the demo, I just didn't realize it until playing it for a little while and if you press B it seems like you're transported to another place where you're actually just switching to a different team member. You can have up to 4). I haven't found any enemies though and you have no gun It had the potential to be a great game. I do hope that someone can obtain the source to this game and finish it. It's really cool to watch the psych test videos of each team member. It's fun to have some psychotic killers on your side when fighting aliens
  22. That was looking to be a fine looking game, that's for sure. James had a lot planned for the game...stunts and a killer storyline. In some ways it dis seem somewhat loosely based on BI/WN but much better. James knew he could make a good game for the Jag, he just lacked the back up support of some good artists. As for his other projects, like Dark Guardian I think it was, I didn't hear anything about that until recently. I agree with you though, The Assassin was something to be excited about, and honestly I'm very disappointed that it never got any farther then a title screen and some pre-production stuff. Had he had the time and extra help it could have turned out to be one of the best Jag games released, IMO. I don't blame James for it though, I understood why he couldn't go on with it. But who knows, it could always be resurrected, perhaps after he's done with Native I just got VF in the mail yesterday. And since we're on the subject of unfinished games that would've been really killer, I'll mention VF. There's not a whole lot of gameplay, although you have at least one level of endless hallways with weird/warped textures and stairs. Had the game been finished I'm sure it would've looked great. The best way I can describe what they were trying to do was like a cross between the AvP engine and Doom. You can watch the psych test videos on all of the team members which is really entertaining. They went to a lot of effort in producing the FMV's and real-person videos for the game, it's just too bad they didn't get that far in the game's production. Very nice part that shows off some voxels though (not sure if it's real-time or not, but it could have been). I got Aircars too...it's basically Cybermorph but instead of colelcting pods you blow up buildings and die a lot more. Not as bad of a game as I thought it would be(definently not the best Jag game though).
  23. Very true. One thing I'd love to see on the Jaguar are some more RPG's. Towers 2 isn't bad, but more quality RPG's would be great. I like RPG's as they keep you involved in a storyline and can take forever I think I remember seeing that Daggerfall was at one time in development for the Jag CD, the prequel to Morrowind, which would be really cool on the JagCD as well. James sent me a lot of stuff on the Assassin...pre-production drawings and all. It was going to be very cool
  24. Doesn't the original BS have a version of Rocks on it? I can't remember if it did or not.
  25. Hopefully I can get mine 1 controller fixed soon. It only partially works, with the analog stick working fine, but my keypad doesn't work at all, nor does the fire buttons. Start, Reset, and Pause work however. I figure that it's a back flex circuit...I ordered one from B&C so hopefully it's the cure to my problem. I have several games that I'd love to play on the 5200 (like River Raid and Space Dungeon) but I have to wait util I can get this controller fixed Other than that I think it's a rather good controller, I was expecting it to be worse from what people usually say.
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