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  1. Hi can someone give me an idea of this games rarity. I can find any info on it? I found this in the loft yesterday along with a lot of other titles. Many thanks Matt
  2. sorry I am getting a error 500 message when uploading pictures but the ebay item number is on the thread and all the pictures can be viewed there. my username on here is the same and my ebay
  3. Morning Guys Clearly from reading the thread some of you understand why I am a little bit annoyed. I have no interest in vintage gaming personally so I don't have any references. I have provided a youtube video stating my username and playing the game am not sure what more I can do apart from put some pictures up which I have now attached. As some of you have said this is a marketplace so I am looking to sell the game not get smart arse remark whilst I understand you all have to be careful I don't welcome this abuse. I am registered on a karting forum in the uk and there is one user than does nothing but argue with people and posts his smart arse remarks when people ask questions. guess what people now stop posting on the forum because they are feed up with it. Its does make thins site look very welcoming. I want to sell the game so if anyone is interested please do let me know. I have just sold hypnotic land and the buyer seems very happy
  4. I'm getting messages from people saying my email address doesn't work so just to confirm it is: [email protected]
  5. please see the link below a YouTube video of the game itself in fully work order. If you would like to test it before you buy please do get in contact with me. Email is at the top of the thread
  6. I'm on my way to collect a console so will hopefully be able to post a YouTube clip tonight
  7. Fair enough and i see your point.If this was said in the first post I would of had a problem, but silly pictures! I plan to pay over the odds later for a console just to test it because clearly the game will be worth more if I confirm it works. I will also post a YouTube video.
  8. I have only opened this account because of the game itself. I personally would like to sell it to someone who is going to really enjoy it but just like the karting forums we are registered with as soon as a genuine person has something special everyone treats you like a criminal. If you think I'm a scammed don't offer me anything and I will sell it to someone via eBay.
  9. I don't unfortunately apart from eBay. User name matt535. I found this at a car boot this morning believe it or not in with a box of other atari games. I have hypnotic land as well along with another games. I'm still pinching myself as well don't worry
  10. Afternoon all I was fortunate enough to stumble across a matterhorn cartridge this morning. At the time I had no idea what I had but after some research I have discover how rare they are. The item is untested as I haven't got a console to test it. I have tried to attached some pictures but it won't attach them for some reason so I can email them over upon request. To my knowledge all labels are present and is currently listed on ebay and already receiving offers. Honestly I feel the forum is a better place to sell it. If you wish to purchase the item please do email me to let me know what you would be prepared to offer. Mattcookeatyahoo.co.uk (replace at with @) sorry but it stops me getting spam. If you are local to esher,surrey or fancy a drive to test the game before you buy please do let me know Many thanks Matt
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